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Natural Growth in Europe

Europe has suffered the risk of economic stagnation as a result of a meager birth rate. Italy has been hit the worst among the European countries. The number of newborns has dropped drastically over the last few years, causing a shrink of the country’s population. This demographic mess of an...

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Plato’s and Aristotle’s Approaches to Metaphysics Comparison

Plato’s and Plato’s and Aristotle’s attitudes to the nature of reality are regarded as the opposite ones. According to Plato, the knowledge of life is based on learning the common inextricable idea that exists separately from the material world. Aristotle, a disciple of Plato, understands the vision and the material...

“Song of the Humming Bird” by Graciela Limon Review

This essay will review the book of Graciela Limon ‘Song of the Hummingbird’, which describes the story of the Aztecs’ fall told from the perspective of a Huitzitzilin, a Hummingbird. The main point of the book is in uncovering the similarities and differences of Christian and pagan culture. Moreover, it...

Nursing. “Asleep on the Job” Article by Gamble

Introduction The article under critique is titled “Asleep on the job: Can night shift napping provide more excellent safety for staff and patients?”, written by Jennifer Gamble and Paula Foran. The article discusses that those nurses attending night duties have the highest risk of fatigue and impairment in their thinking....

Solution Description to the Problem of Predicting Fluid Responsiveness

Introduction Inappropriate fluid administration can lead to negative effects on patients’ health, and much attention should be paid to using effective fluid therapy oriented to preventing fluid overload. Still, the prediction of patients’ fluid responsiveness is a challenging task, and the problem of determining the amount of fluid to administer...

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The Issues of Aging Population

Over the past few decades, the birth rate in the world has been steadily declining while life expectancy has been growing. The aging population is one of four global demographic trends, along with population growth, international migration, and urbanization, which have a long-term impact on the development of the world....

Social Media for Patient Choice of Healthcare Provider

Abstract Social media influenced communication greatly. People across the world are in a position to interact and learn from one another. Social media has also become part of most companies marketing strategies. One advantage of using social media as a marketing tool is that it promotes interaction between stakeholders in...

The Bradley Case Recent Legislative Laws

Introduction The recent case of Dr. Bradley came as a horror to many. It is hard to believe that an individual in such a highly respectable profession would choose to dedicate his life to defiling innocent infants. It raised eyebrows as to what medical professional bodies are for if they...

Spirituality as a Coping Mechanism for Chronic Illness

Introduction It is universally accepted that healthcare, including management of chronic illness, entails more than physical treatment of the sick. Healthcare relational models indicate that adequate care for the sick involves making sure that all the patient’s lifestyle relationships are taken care of. In other words, such issues as “biological,...

Data Mining for Predictive Social Network Analysis

Introduction Efficient data mining requires the use of sources corresponding to the spirit of the times. In the present-day world, such sources are related to the ones that appear due to technological progress. For this paper, Twitter is appraised as a mine of information that reflects the opinions of people...

“Apple iPhone Again Best Tech Seller of the Year…” by Graham

Summary This analysis paper’s central core is the assertion that the forced need to stay at home was the deciding factor that brought Apple back to its leadership position in 2020 (Graham, 2020). Jefferson provides numerical data showing its sales growth and notes key marketing milestones related to the release...

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Race Relations in America in Faulkner’s Intruder in the Dust and Ellison’s Invisible Man

Introduction Racism has been a delicate and sensitive topic in the history of America as a nation. It continues to become a contentious issue even in modern times. Human beings decided to classify themselves according to clans, ethnic communities, countries, and race. Cultural stereotypes have been formed, and various people...

“Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling” Book by McMinn

Summary Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling by Mark McMinn is a book that reflects the professional experience and the wisdom of the author as both a teacher and practitioner. Combining the Scripture with the context within which counseling takes place in a rather complicated assignment that requires a...

Psychosocial Keys to African American Achievement

The scholarly work answers the problem by using quantitative methods for assessing if psychological variables affect the achievement of high-performing African American students. The researchers utilized rigorous methods for data collection and Pearson’s correlation analysis, explanatory factor analysis, and multiple regression analysis to assess the correlations between the variables. Additionally,...

Costs Involved in Warehousing, Impacts and Their Trade-offs in the Aviation

Costs incurred in the warehousing of aviation and aerospace materials and parts include handling and storage charges, and operational and general administrative expenses. Handling costs are related to moving the materials either in or out of the warehouse. Storage expenses comprise all the costs associated with occupying a facility and...

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Career: Interviewing the Professional

Introduction Choosing a career after graduation is one of the most important life choices since this decision can affect not only career prospects and personal well-being but also the general perception of the world. In this regard, the assessment of the desired position should be comprehensive and objective, and as...

Electoral System in the USA and Its Fairness

The US electoral system and its correctness and fairness is an undoubtedly essential and relevant state topic associated withnational implications. In particular, in modern society, the electoral college system is continuously discussed in terms of its modernity and efficiency, while arguments repeatedly arise in favor or against its abolition or...

Theory’s Role in Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Abstract There is a place for theory in all the three approaches to research namely mixed, quantitative, and qualitative methods. In a qualitative approach, a concept is used to offer the probabilities and clarifications among parameters being studied. The theory forms a bridge among the variables. On the other hand,...

Benefits of Measures against the Spread of Coronavirus

COVID-19 is an infectious viral disease spreading rapidly around the world at a higher rate than other Coronaviruses including MERS-CoV or SARS. Although the rate of people with the risk of death is only about 4.4%, many people are showing symptoms that require medical interventions including breathing support (Cowling &...

Sports and Race: The Road Towards the “Transracial Ideal”

Racial attitudes have always played a significant part in the way sports events are discussed and athletes are perceived in society. For the last decade, these perceptions have been gradually changing, and the concept of “transracial ideal” has emerged, which refers to people who are regarded as role models equally...

Ideal Tragic Hero: “Oedipus the King” by Sophocles

Introduction The tale of King Oedipus has become one of the best-known Greek tragedies, mostly due to the controversial nature of the fate that Oedipus meets. However, stepping away from the specified controversy and considering character development, one will have to point out that Oedipus is the perfect tragic hero....

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Case Study Assignment. Marvin Verses Marvin Case

Marvin verses Marvin case was a milestone case ruled by the US courts in the year 1976 (Ihara & Hertz, 2008). The plaintiff Michele Triola brought the case to court after the dissolution of their relationship with Marvin Lee. Before the case was brought to court, Triola together with her...

Environment and Tourism in the Caribbean

The Environment and Tourism in the Caribbean Mainly, Caribbean ecological resources are basic and natural, including sand, sun, and the sea. Apart from the sun, the resources are subject to damage and depletion, as threats can arise from both within and outside the region. Typically, the magnitude of damage caused...

Creating an Advertising Website for a Jewelry Company

Executive Summary Webster’s Jewellers is a jewelry company founded in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Its reputation and economic success allowed opening a store in the northern part of the city, in addition to the downtown location. At the same time, in order to promote the new Webster’s North, it would...

Abuse and Neglect: Orientation Project

Introduction Child abuse and neglect is serious issue as children are highly vulnerable and do not have means for self-defense or sufficient independence to avoid abusers (CDC, 2012). The prevalence of the problem is rather high (Nies & McEwen, 2013). The United States federal Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act...


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