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🏆 Best Essay Topics on LGBT

  1. Gay Marriage Should not be Legal
    Due to media popularization of gay rights, opposition of gay rights to marriage is normally equated to intolerance.
  2. Relationships: Different Views on Gay Marriage
    Gay marriage is a topical issue caused by different perceptions and understanding of human nature and interpersonal relations. The approaches towards gay marriage are liberal and conservative.
  3. Supreme Court Justice: Homosexual Marriages
    The question of homosexual relations and untraditional marriages remains to be open for a long period of time. It is hard to make all people choose the same position and stick to it all the time.
  4. Homosexuality in Canada
    Homosexuality can be explained in three main dimensions: biological, behavioral and psychodynamic dimensions of homosexual orientations.
  5. For and Against of Gay Marriage
    Same-sex marriages is a union that takes place between two people who belong to the same social gender or similar biological sex.
  6. Homosexuality From a Christian Point of View
    In the Old Testament, every person knew that homosexuality was an abominable sin, hated and disgusting even to mention.
  7. Morals Metaphysics: Criminal Punishment and Gay Basics
    It is not wrong to punish a criminal primarily as a means to reform the criminal. Execution is not the only just penalty for murder as two wrongs do not make a right.
  8. The Gay Human Rights: Harvey Milk Contributions
    Harvey Milk and his contribution in the struggle to preserve gay human rights are discussed from a theoretical perspective. This paper provides an in-depth understanding of gay human rights.
  9. Addressing HIV Prevalence among Gay Men
    This discussion outlines the strategic measures at the community level to address increased prevalence of HIV cases among Caucasian, African American and Latino gay men.
  10. Sidesteps Broad Gay Marriage Ruling
    The article, “Sidesteps Broad Gay Marriage Ruling,” by Peralta Eyder, explores the controversial 2013 ruling against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) by the US Supreme Court.
  11. Conflict Theories: Gay Marriages and Feminism
    Conflict theories purport that, families can take different structures and do not view change as a clash or dysfunctional. This theory has been a catalyst for gay marriages and feminism.
  12. “The Construction of Homosexuality” a Book by David Greenberg
    The book, The Construction of Homosexuality by David Greenberg presents the reflection of the author on historical timeline of the struggle by homosexuals to get their rights.
  13. The LGBT Community Theoretical Framework
    The main aim of this paper is to address the mobilization of resources as one of the frameworks that explain social movements. The LGBT framework emphasizes the importance of collectiveness.
  14. The Health Problems that LGBT People Face
    Health Policy and Advocacy is a core nursing essential that most pertain to the issue of LGBTQ health promotion. The essential’s rationale is to advance social justice values.
  15. Transgender Community’s Treatment in Healthcare
    This paper discusses the transgender community and the discrimination that affects them every day, especially in healthcare, and how we can help stop it.
  16. Gay Marriage and Ethical Theories
    Despite being supported by some ethical theories, gay marriages are not good for the marriage institution and should not be supported.
  17. Successful Struggle of Canadian LGBT Community
    The Canadian LGBT community has managed to achieve its ultimate goal: official recognition of their rights, including the right to legal marriage in 2005.
  18. Transgender Discrimination in Health Care
    This paper investigates the discrimination that transgender persons are subjected to in the health care setting in more detail.
  19. Problems of Transgender Patients in Health Care
    A number of transgender patients admit cases of discrimination from the health care workers. From 30% to 60% of the representatives of this group face biased attitude.
  20. Healthcare Needs of the LGBT Community
    Pinning down how long the problem of meeting LGBT members’ healthcare needs has been around is rather problematic because of the social controversy around the subject matter.
  21. Transgender, Its History and Development
    Transgender is not a new concept and people have discussed the issues associated with it since the 19th century.
  22. Transgender People in Healthcare Facilities
    Gender nonconforming and transgender people face discrimination in almost every sphere of human activity. It has a negative impact on the access of these groups to primary care.
  23. Transgender and Problems with Healthcare Services
    Transgender individuals find it difficult to approach physicians because it is difficult for them to reach needed treatment.

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  1. The Problem of Addressing HIV in Gay Populations
    The challenges are presented by men’s unawareness of their infection, discrimination and stigma problem, and undiagnosed sexually transmitted diseases.
  2. Epidemics of HIV in Gay Men
    Given that epidemics of HIV in gay men are on the rise in most countries, it is essential to diagnose the disease early.
  3. Transgender Disorders and Homosexuality
    There is a lot of evidence of both the genetic mechanisms’ and surroundings’ influence on people’s sexual preferences. However, the environment is more responsible for such choice.
  4. Transgender-Associated Stigma in Healthcare
    Transgender individuals are people who assume a gender definition of identity that differs from gender assigned to them at birth.
  5. Discrimination Faced by Transgender Patients
    Contemporary hospitals are not designed for transgender people, therefore, they can have many troubles there ranging from the unfriendly environment of a hospital and doctors.
  6. Challenges of Transgender Patients
    Transgender patients have to face a certain amount of resistance and discrimination in society regularly, this group of people has to deal with certain challenges in the health care arena.
  7. Transgender Issues in Cis- and Trans-Made Movies
    This paper discusses the implications of transgender and transsexual experience from the outside and from within, particularly how they are represented and how the public sees it.
  8. Challenges to Transgender Patients
    Despite the recent attention to the issues of transgender people, the level of discrimination against them is still incredibly high.
  9. Healthcare Disparities in the LGBT Community
    Apart from the disparities representatives of the LGBT community face in everyday life, they also deal with some major challenges as to their access to appropriate health care services.
  10. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender in Hospital
    The paper discusses the cultural competency concept since it appears to be of critical importance for the profound understanding of the problems of the LGBT community.
  11. Transgender Patients and Nursing Health Management
    There is a growing recognition today among health care providers and researchers that patients’ transgenderism may become a factor in their care.
  12. LGBT Community in Chicago
    Chicago is considered to be a major center for the LGBT community. The city has a long history of the movement, dating back to the early 1920s.
  13. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Patients’ Therapy
    The current quality of managing the needs of the representatives of the LGBT community needs a significant improvement.
  14. Capitalism and Gay Identity by D’Emilio and Berube
    In this paper, the author will review the link between gay identity and capitalism from the perspective of two essays written by D’Emilio and Berube.
  15. Transgender Patients and Challenges in Health Care
    The community remains predominantly marginalized, with policies and laws denying them recognition of their gender, making accessing health care very challenging.
  16. LGBT Rights in Canada
    Canada’s progress toward legal equality of LGBT community testifies to the deep belief of its citizens in the fundamental values of democracy and freedom.
  17. Lesbian and Gay Patients’ Medical Care and Education
    If all the specialists work jointly, there will be a chance to reduce the indicators of the infection and achieve positive results in fighting against HIV among gay men.
  18. Marriage Equality: LGBT Couples’ Constitutional Issues
    This essay explores the constitutional issue of marriage equality for married same-sex partners that still face discrimination, as shows the example of the case of Pavan v. Smith.
  19. Healthcare Challenges of Transgender Patients
    Transgender individuals have health problems common for the whole population and frequently face challenges in healthcare settings related to inadequate healthcare.
  20. Transgender Patients’ Challenges and the Impact of Discrimination on Transgender Community
    It is worth noting that the concept of transgenderism implies a state of internal imbalance between the real and desired gender of an individual.
  21. Reducing HIV Amongst Gay and Bisexual Men in Florida
    There are many misconceptions regarding the passage of HIV among men with different sexual preferences.
  22. LGBT Community Portrayals in Traditional News
    The research identifies how the LGBT community is portrayed by traditional news and finds out if any signs of discrimination or unfair treatment are demonstrated.
  23. LGBT Healthcare Disparity: Theoretical Framework
    The paper prepares research on LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) healthcare disparities and presents a literature review and theoretical framework.

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  1. The Spreading of HIV Across the Gay Men
    A thorough study of the age distribution of the HIV-positive gay men population would be the first step to determining an effective prevention strategy.
  2. Transgender Healthcare Barriers in the United States
    This paper examines central barriers to high-quality health care and includes practices employed to address the issue and some recommendations.
  3. Transgender Care and Health Care Professionals
    Despite the adoption of policies aimed at limiting discrimination, transgender people still face daily challenges in the aspects of employment, education, and healthcare access.
  4. Transgender Patients and Health Care Challenges
    One of the challenges encountered by transgender patients refers to the lack of adequate access to healthcare services.
  5. Homosexuality as a Genetic Characteristic
    The debate about whether homosexuality is an inherent or social parameter can be deemed as one of the most thoroughly discussed issues in the contemporary society.
  6. Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Children
    This paper discusses the issues a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner should be aware of when interacting with transgender and gender non-conforming children and adolescents.
  7. Homosexuality as Percieved in American Society
    This paper will examine the independent variables of religious affiliation, race, and gender that have an impact on the attitude towards same-sex marriage in the US.
  8. Transgender Patients Problem and the Consequences of Discrimination
    Transgender patients come across different forms of harassment and do not have the same access to services as other people do.
  9. Healthcare System: Transgender Patients Discrimination
    According to the statistics, almost 1 million Americans identifies themselves as transgender, making it a numerous population subgroup that is likely to expand in the future.
  10. Gay-Friendly High Schools in Chicago
    Chicago officials have advocated for the creation of “gay-friendly high schools” for students who feel that schooling with pro-heterosexual students threats their safety.
  11. Homosexuality and Adolescence Development
    This report discusses issues related to transgender disorders and homosexuality and considers social, cognitive, and physical development in adolescence.
  12. Economic Justice: LGBTQ Individuals
    Economic justice cannot be achieved by using force. Until we learn to understand and accept LGBT people, no punishments of their offenders can secure their economic position.
  13. Media Shapes History: Gay Liberation Movement
    By the late 20th and early 21st centuries, the portrayal of gay and queer folk in the US had vastly improved. This, in turn, had a positive effect on the Gay Liberation Movement.
  14. Transgender Community and Heterosexism in Language
    The term “transgender” became commonly used only by the end of the 20th century. Not all transgenders commenced using this and preferred to pass as a different gender.
  15. Gay Community and Heterosexism in Language
    When speaking of gay people, they were often referred to as homosexual in the past. “Gay” is probably the only identity label that gay individuals reclaimed these days.
  16. The Issue of Transgender Discrimination
    Despite numerous attempts to eliminate biased attitude, transgender people still face different challenges that deteriorate results of treatment.
  17. Transgender Women Athletes in Professional Sports
    The inclusivity and legal recognition suggest that transgender athletes are welcome to participate in competitive sport given they meet the established requirements.
  18. Transgender Children’s Issues in Society
    The topic of transgender children in society proves to be divisive and is widely discussed by parents, teachers, clinicians, and politicians.
  19. Transgender Bias in News Coverage
    In the context of increasing LGBTQ activism and recognition, transgenderism faces the greatest controversy and public backlash.
  20. Managing the Problem of HIV Among Gay Men at the Community Level
    Since there are noticeable disparities in the degree of HIV contraction among gay men belonging to different ethnicities, a detailed analysis of the factors to which the vulnerable groups are exposed must be due.
  21. HIV Among Caucasian, African American, and Latino Homosexual Men
    Creating awareness at the community level would play a significant role in reducing the number of new HIV infections among Caucasian, African American, and Latino homosexual men.
  22. Gay and Single-Parent Families: Functionalist View
    The application of the functionalist perspective helps to resolve some problems by outlining the importance of issues and their contribution to the evolution of communities.
  23. Health Problems of the LGBT Community in the United States
    It is possible to state with certainty that the health problems of the LGBT community in the United States are various.
  24. Transgender People and Healthcare Barriers
    This essay aims to explain the barriers that prevent transgender people from receiving quality care and suggest improvements that can be implemented in current medical institutions.

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  1. Transgender Care by Healthcare Professionals
    Transgender patients require healthcare professionals who are conversant with their experiences and who can treat them with utmost respect and dignity.
  2. Transgender People’s Challenges Within Healthcare
    This paper aims to discuss the challenges in healthcare that the transgender community faces and how the challenges affect their overall health outcome.
  3. Gender Non-Conforming or Transgender Children Care
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the challenges to be aware of when working with gender non-conforming or transgender children and adolescents.
  4. Gay Marriages Legality Discussion
    Gay marriage is a union that is characterized by the joining together between spouses of similar sex and which is acknowledged legally like the vows of a conventional marriage.
  5. Should Gay and Lesbian Couples Be Allowed to Adopt?
    To protect the institution of marriage, gay couples should not be allowed to adopt children. Many religious institutions view marriage as the union between man and woman.
  6. Gay and Lesbian Literature in the United States
    The paper is dedicated to the problem of gay and lesbian discrimination within the communities of people living in different countries.
  7. Controversy on Gay Marriage in the U.S.
    The paper explores the question of the legalization of gay marriage and provides arguments on the positive sides of that for American society.
  8. The Issues of Gay Parents
    Scholars have noted a few differences in the characters of children brought up in same sex- marriages and those brought up in conventional ones.
  9. Gay Marriages Legalization: Arguments Against
    Proponents of same-sex marriages argue that legalization would grant same-sex marriages equal rights and benefits with heterosexual marriages.
  10. Gay Marriages in the Media: Different Opinions About the Question
    Gay marriages are rather common affairs in modern world. Many countries began to think about legalization of same-sex marriages.
  11. The Issue of the Gay-Marriage Movement in the United States
    Gay people should have the right to marry because constitution is aimed to protect social and sexual rights of all people and all citizens of the USA.
  12. Should Homosexuals Have Children?
    One of the controversies on homosexuality includes the debate on whether same sex couples should be allowed to adopt children or acquire a family.
  13. Gay and Poverty Marriage
    The institution of family and the issues of marriage play a crucial role in society today. Marriage status determines relations between spouses and their relations with the state.
  14. Cultural Satire in John Gay’s Beggar’s Opera
    The Beggar’s Opera is the first of a new form of opera that was developed by John Gay in the early 1700s as a reaction against the superficiality of the popular Italian opera and its effects upon his culture.
  15. Gay Rights and ACT UP Struggle
    ACT UP struggle shows that gay men deprived human rights and have to fight against oppression and discrimination so they should be protected by the state from negative social image.
  16. Homosexual Rights on a Historical Timeline
    Homosexuals are people, they have rights and should be able to live without discrimination and prejudice. Heterosexuals or homosexuals should be treated with respect as equals.
  17. Gays in the Military: Current Situation and Problems
    While much effort is being put in to allow the marriage of persons of the same sex, this has not affected the military, since homosexuals are barred from taking up in the military.
  18. LGBT Minority in Higher Education
    This paper has, as its main objective, the need to show that in contemporary American society, the LGBT minority has witnessed increased attention.
  19. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Gays in the Us Military
    Homosexuals in the military have always had to hide their sexual orientation to prevent discrimination, incrimination, or even discharge from service.
  20. Media Representation of Gay and Lesbian Parented
    It is alleged that the media often fails to represent the normal privacy and individuality of a heterosexual family.
  21. Canadian LGBT Progress Overview and Analysis
    The LGBT progress in Canada is particularly relevant to Canadian Studies. One of the primary issues of these studies is exploring the matters of identity.

❓ LGBT Research Questions

  1. How to Get Others to Be More Open-Minded About LGBT People?
  2. Which Iconic LGBT TV Character Are You Most Like?
  3. How to Respond to Homophobic and Transphobic Attitudes Against LGBT People?
  4. How to Respond to Rumors That Someone Is LGBT?
  5. Does Bumble Work for LGBT?
  6. How to Help LGBT Colleagues?
  7. How to Respond to Heterosexual Friends or Coworkers Who Feel Negatively About a Person Who Is LGBT People?
  8. What Should Say to Someone Who Is Afraid of Contracting HIV or Aids From LGBT People?
  9. Are LGBT People More at Risk From COVID-19?
  10. How to Respond to Heterosexual Friends or Coworkers Who Feel Negatively About a Person Who Is LGBT People?
  11. What Is the Difference Between Bisexual and Transgender LGBT People?
  12. What Is the Nature of Same-Sex Relationships in an LGBT Family?
  13. How Do People Know if They Are LGBT?
  14. How Can I Tell if Someone I Know Is LGBT?
  15. Why Should Healthcare Professionals Consider LGBT Communities?
  16. Can LGBT People Change Their Sexual Orientation?
  17. How to Respond to People Who Object to LGBT People for Religious Reasons?
  18. What Is the Connection Between Bullying and LGBT Youth?
  19. How to Respond When Someone Tells a Homophobic Joke Against LGBT People?
  20. Why Are People LGBT?
  21. How to Make Your Work More LGBT Friendly?
  22. How to Become an LGBT Ally 2022?
  23. Can LGBT People Be Good Parents?
  24. Why Is It Important to Celebrate LGBT?
  25. How Can I Become Myself More Approachable to People Who Are LGBT People?
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