62 Fear Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Fear

  1. Social Anxiety Disorder: The Fear of Making Mistakes
    People with social anxiety disorder experience high levels of nervousness and self-consciousness that arise from the fear of being judged and criticized.
  2. How Local Television News Viewing Relates to Fear of Crime?
    The hypothesis was that “people watching more television would perceive their world in ways that reflect the recurrent messages from the media”.
  3. Cybercrime and the Culture of Fear
    Sexual exploitation and other offenses against children remain tragic—in spite of their frequency—and those numbers have been diminishing since the advent of the internet.
  4. Fear of Communism and Islam
    Joseph McCarthy was famous for his anti-communist rhetoric that resulted in the emergence of a trend called McCarthyism.
  5. Truman’s Speech on Fear of Communism and Islam
    The speech was a direct attack on President Truman’s foreign policy, which McCarthy claimed was treasonous because it allowed communist sympathizers to run the State Department.
  6. Fear of Flying: Phobia Definition
    The fear of flying is a highly prevalent phobia whose negative effects include distress and other life interferences.
  7. Fear of the Unknown
    I chose to deviate from my regular routine of a kid on Saturday morning to watch cartoons and instead went outside to play.
  8. Fear Appeal in Anti-Drug Abuse Public Campaign
    The problem of prescription drug abuse has become a crucial concern for Florida residents. The public campaign proposes raising awareness about the dangers of prescription drugs.
  9. Fear Appeal in the Stop Bullying Public Campaign
    In the video “Stop bullying,” the subject matter is presented shockingly. The 47-second clip shows a high school girl receiving an aggressive text message from her peers.
  10. Kierkegaard’s Philosophy in “Fear and Trembling”
    Kierkegaard claims about absolute choice, which on being a realization of freedom, means a choice of not this or that, but self in the eternal meaning.
  11. Love and fear of the Modern Boss
    The article poses the age old question as to which is a more apt leadership style: autocratic or a more benevolent and democratic approach.
  12. America’s Fear during the Cold War
    Despite great strides in progress the average American feared that one day Russian Nukes would come raining from the skies and end civilization.
  13. “Sharing Jesus Without Fear” by William Fay
    William Fay has done remarkable work as an evangelist, seeking out to reach the masses to invite and arouse their interest in the words of the Gospel.
  14. “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury: The Roots of Fear
    Bradbury brings the corrupt and evil society built on the fear of the unknown due to the inferiority complex by anti-intellectual youths who feel threatened by the elite members.
  15. Defining Fear and Courage
    Fear presents itself in numerous ways including social-economic, physical, phobia, status quo political, etc. Courage will always present itself when one has examined his causes of fear.
  16. Love vs Fear: The Song of Roland and Hamlet
    Being loved is better than being feared since love-based actions result in healthier things; being happy, peace and security are some of the consequences of love.
  17. Naturalism, Transcendentalism, Social Anxiety and Fear
    This essay will argue that the disregard towards nature and consumerism is the central conflict in The Space Merchants by applying and examining Emerson’s concepts of naturalism.
  18. Fear of Victims to Report Crime
    Living in the society comprises not only the complex of advantages which can be considered with the government’s protection and provision of rights.
  19. Terror Fear Factor Analysis
    The paper discusses that the media presents the public with extensive exposure of terror infusing footage, in order to achieve sensationalism and provide exclusive coverage.
  20. “Sherlock Holmes and the House of Fear” by Neill
    The movie Sherlock Holmes and The House of Fear was directed by the famous director of the 20th century Roy William Neill.
  21. Opportunities to Overcome Your Fear
    This paper presents facing fears and addressing them as needed makes people stronger and helps them to become better versions of themselves.
  22. Fear of Sex in American Society
    The following evidence supports cultural fear of sex: abstinence education, attitude towards homosexuality, and regulations outlawing sexual pleasure.

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  1. Cognitive Approach Therapy People Fear Syndrome
  2. Medieval Religious Culture and Fear
  3. Fear, Propaganda and Technology in 1984
  4. Nazi Propaganda, Fear, and the Indoctrination of Children
  5. Child Care and the Parent Fear and Met Their Baby Needs
  6. Fear and Citizen Coordination Against Dictatorship
  7. Fear and Loathing Postmodernism
  8. Dealing With America’s Fear of Aging and Death
  9. Prejudice and Fear: Causes for a Communication Breakdown
  10. Blurred Gender Lines and Elizabethan Fear of Femininity
  11. Living With the Extreme Fear Created by Anxiety Disorders
  12. Shock Advertising: Manipulation of Fear, Shame and Guilt
  13. Fear and Self Preservation Within the Face of the Unknown
  14. Pavlovian Conditioning Fear Stimulus-Response
  15. Public Speaking America’s Number One Fear
  16. Fear and Its Effects on the Brain
  17. Pain and Panic: The Demons Behind Biological Fear
  18. Childhood Mental Health Coping With Anxiety and Fear
  19. Quelling Your Investment Fear
  20. Bilateral Alternating Auditory Stimulations Facilitate Fear Extinction and Retrieval

💡 Simple Fear Essay Ideas

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  1. Anorexia Nervosa: The Fear of Being Obese
  2. Fear and Perceived Likelihood of Victimization in Traditional and Cyber Settings
  3. Emotion, Fear, and Superstition in the New Zealand Stockmarket
  4. Cortical Excitability Dynamics During Fear Processing
  5. Parents’ Fear and Safeguarding of Children From the Adults
  6. Fear Makes People either Attack or Retreat
  7. Relationship Among Depression, Fear, and Suicide
  8. Age and Gender Differences in Fear of Crime
  9. The Impact of Fear and Anxiety on Risk-Taking Behavior and Sociability
  10. Fear, Sovereignty, and the Right to Die
  11. America and the Fear of Communism
  12. Fear, Violence, and Race Relations in Post-reconstruction South
  13. Beyond Fear and Addiction Six Steps to Healing
  14. Fear and Its Effect on the Human Spirit
  15. Atoms, Germs, and Fear Make a Deadly Cocktail
  16. Fear of the Worst Day Ever for America on 9/11
  17. Fear Promoting Lies Mass Hysteria
  18. Differences Between Fear and Anxiety
  19. Acute but Not Permanent Effects of Propranolol on Fear Memory Expression in Humans
  20. Anxiety, Fear, Phobias, and Stress Therapy
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