62 Monopoly Essay Topics

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๐Ÿ† Best Essay Topics on Monopoly

  1. Monopoly and Monopolistic Competition
    This paper compares monopoly and monopolistic competition as two main types of imperfect markets, it highlights their similarities and differences.
  2. Death of Monopolies – Economics
    The paper explains how developments in technology erode monopoly power and gives two similar examples: ruining of AT&T and United States Postal Services (USPS) monopolies.
  3. Monopolistic Competition in Public Utilities
    The major objective of this paper is to analyze monopolistic competition in public utilities among energy companies based in California.
  4. Monopoly Drugs Versus Generic Drugs
    When a pharmaceutical company creates a new drug it may apply for and be granted a patent that is a legal protection that shelters an invention from being used, copied, or traded without permission.
  5. Vue Cinemas Company Monopolistic Strategy
    The strategy adopted by Vue Cinemas to acquire Ster Century posed a potential threat to ticket prices because the company would gain monopoly power to control the pricing.
  6. Microsoft Company’s Monopolistic Pricing
    This case study review focuses on how Microsoft as a monopolistic firm restricts output with the view of charging higher prices and maximizing profits.
  7. Monopoly Company in Managerial Economics
    This paper demonstrates a single-price monopolyโ€™s output and price decisions by resolving a fictional case involving the production and subsequent selling of a GT7 sports car.
  8. Perfect and Monopolistic Competition in Markets
    The egg market is a perfectly competitive market. In this regard, the producers of eggs as well as consumers are price-takers rather than price-setters.
  9. Microsoft’s Strategies to Leverage Its Monopoly Position
    Microsoft has succeeded in creating a monopoly in the operating systems market with its Windows operating system. Running an operating system requires very many software programs.
  10. Monopolies and Workers Exploitation in the Industrial Age
    This paper identifies the business tycoons and the labor conditions in the Industrial Age, and how the federal government participated in improving the working conditions.
  11. The Media Monopoly: An Overview
    Monopolizing media insinuates the danger in most sectors of the economy because it hinders the natural flow of competition and leads to costly but cheap quality of news.
  12. History Of The Monopoly Board Game
    The traditional monopoly game pieces, originally from wood changed to tin until it settled on the now familiar plastic made pieces.
  13. Monopoly: Types, Elements, Effects
    This paper discusses monopoly, its elements and types, theory of monopoly, demand curve under monopoly, effects of monopoly, monopolies and political situations.
  14. Business and Economics: Monopolist, the Demand Curve
    The demand curve here is downward sloping unlike perfect competition which as a perfectly elastic demand curve.
  15. Monopoly, Its Definition and Characteristics
    Monopolies derive a significant part of their market power from the barriers of entry; this ensures that they keep at bay any potential competition.
  16. Monopolistic Competition and Market Structure
    Monopolistic competition is a market structure where products are differentiated and a large number of producers compete with each other to satisfy the unlimited customer base.
  17. Monopoly: Characteristics, Advantages, Disadvantages
    Monopolies exist in all market structures. Several factors might contribute to their existence. Monopolies have their own merits and limitations depending on the sector they serve.
  18. Competitive and Monopolistic Markets
    In a perfectly competitive market, there are many buyers and sellers who dictate the price of goods and services unlike in a monopolistic market.
  19. Oligopoly and Monopolistic Competition
    This essay presents the definitions of monopolistic competition and oligopoly and their comparison with the ideal model of competition.
  20. Competition Within Political Monopoly Theory
    The article bases the discussion on the claim that monopoly makes sense on the foundation of the political monopoly theory.
  21. Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly
    Monopolistic competition and oligopoly are the two most common types of market structures. The article examines an industry in which multiple sellers compete with each other.
  22. Perfect and Monopolistic Competition
    Perfect competition is a market structure with a number of sellers who offer similar goods. Monopolistic competition is structured with not entirely identical products.

๐ŸŽ“ Most Interesting Monopoly Research Titles

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  1. Durable Goods Monopoly and Forward Markets
  2. Monopoly, Plant, and Union Effects on Worker Wages
  3. The Symbiosis Between the Government and Industry That Led to the US Monopoly
  4. Vertically Differentiated Monopoly With a Positional Good
  5. The Monopoly and Monopoly Market Structure
  6. The Pacific Railroad and Its Monopoly in California
  7. Loyalty Rewards and Monopoly Pricing
  8. Foreign Monopoly and Tax Holidays
  9. Monopoly Over the Legitimate Use of Force vs Terrorism
  10. The Rise and Fall of the Sand Monopoly in Colonial Hong Kong
  11. Money Wage Rigidity, Monopoly Power and Hysteresis
  12. Durable Good Monopoly and Best-Price Provisions
  13. Monopoly, Social Welfare, and Multi-Product Quality
  14. Informational Structure and Efficiency in Monopoly
  15. Trade Liberalization and Domestic Monopoly: A Welfare Analysis
  16. Monopoly, Product Diversity, and Welfare
  17. Free Entry and the Sustainability of Natural Monopoly
  18. The Network Industry, Monopoly Regulation, and Social Optimum
  19. Uncertain Innovation and the Persistence of Monopoly
  20. Export Instability, Monopoly Power, and Welfare

๐Ÿ’ก Simple Monopoly Essay Ideas

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  1. The Salt Tax and Salt Monopoly
  2. Domestic Monopoly and Redundant Tariff Protection
  3. Competition, Monopoly Maintenance, and Consumer Switching Costs
  4. Monopoly Profit Maximization: Success and Economic Principles
  5. The Stateโ€™s Enforcement Monopoly and the Private Protection of Property
  6. London and Amsterdam Monopoly Rights in the Financial Market
  7. Complementarity Between Product and Process Innovation in a Monopoly Setting
  8. Monopoly Pricing With Social Learning
  9. Dynamic Monopoly With Relational Incentives
  10. Welfare Optimised Network Access: A Monopoly Supplying an Oligopoly
  11. The Contrast Between Perfect Competition and a Monopoly
  12. Upstream Monopoly and Downstream Information Sharing
  13. Monopoly Rents and Price Fixing in Betting Markets
  14. Market Structure and Monopoly Profits: A Dynamic Theory
  15. Externalities, Monopoly, and the Objective Function of the Firm
  16. Wages and Productivity Growth in a Dynamic Monopoly
  17. Monopoly Pricing and Regulatory Oversight
  18. Trade-Ins and Introductory Offers in a Monopoly
  19. Dynamic Monopoly With Demand Delay
  20. Monopoly and Product Diversity: The Role of Retailer Countervailing Power
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