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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Public Relations

  1. Public Relations and Photography
    Public relations are usually related to broadcasting, publicizing, photography, and promoting. The experts require time and talent to advance relations with mass media.
  2. Lululemon Athletica Company’s Public Relations
    This essay examines the public relations efforts of the yoga wear company, Lululemon Athletica. This follows the public comments made by the company’s leadership.
  3. Alibaba Group’s Public Relations and Responsibility
    Alibaba Group also pays attention to the development of such two fields as the marketing and corporate social responsibility or the corporate citizenship.
  4. Hospital’s Image Recovery and Public Relations
    In the long-term perspective, it will be significant to concentrate on the employees’ performance and the conditions to recreate the image of the hospital.
  5. Chess Girls DC Organization’s Public Relations
    The key challenge encountered by Chess Girls DC is the lack of constant funding that creates a shortage of coaches and equipment for appropriate training.
  6. The 2008 Beijing Olympics: Public Relations Issues
    Advertisement China did during and at the close of the Olympics was a life-changing that was able to convince the entire world that things were not as earlier thought.
  7. Corporate Communications and Public Relations
    Corporate communications involve both internal and external information that the company’s management addresses to its employees, target audiences, and partners.
  8. ABC Company’s Public Relations: Strategic Plan
    The strategic public relations plan seeks to help ABC Company to develop a close relationship with various strategic stakeholders.
  9. What Is Public Relations?
    As a PR professional, I expect to play an active role in monitoring public opinion over specific issues that affect the organization or client that I represent.
  10. Healthcare Marketing and Public Relations
    This paper discusses the marketing strategy of health care, including dealing with the negative reviews and managing long-term mutually beneficial relations.
  11. Public Relations in the Hair and Beauty Sector
    The PR element is in everything that every employee in the enterprise does, because any activity affects the real or perceived quality of the service purchased by the client.
  12. Race and Gender in Public Relations Field
    This capstone paper examines the impact of race and gender diversity on building careers in the sphere of public relations.
  13. Race and Gender in Public Relations
    The project evaluates the role of gender and race diversity in the field of public relations by exploring the experience of women and black people in building their careers.
  14. DM Public Relations’ Business Proposal to Agency-net
    DM Public Relations will assist Agency-net in emphasizing the Strategic Thinking Process. This is not the same as strategic planning.
  15. Optus Company: Organizational Public Relations Problem
    This report presents an analysis of the organizational PR problem of the company “Optus” based on media articles that followed particular “crisis” situations providing recommendations on managing those issues.
  16. Role of Public Relations Staff in a Sports Organization
    This paper highlights this very function and role of a PR staff in managing a crisis in a sports organization through his skills in effective communication and modern media management.
  17. Commercial Law: Sprod v Public Relations Oriented Security
    In Sprod v Public Relations Oriented Security, the plaintiff was found lying in a pool of blood at the northern side of the Great Western Highway at St Marys.
  18. Coca-Cola Light: Public Relations and Marketing
    Coca-Cola Light is a sugar-free, low caloricity beverage. Marketing communications have meaning to the extent that a predisposition him to see, hear, or read them.
  19. What Is the Role of Rhetoric in Public Relations Practice?
    In public relations, rhetoric helps PR managers and administrators to appeal to the emotions of the target audience and their internal feelings.
  20. Effective Public Relations in the Fashion Industry
    The influence of public relations on other aspects of marketing, as well as on the perception and attitude of potential buyers to the promoted product.
  21. Larry Summers’s Public Relations Advisor: Case Study
    This paper will analyze and discuss the final decision on whether to fire or hire Summers, which rests with the Harvard Board.
  22. Sea Shepherd: Public Relations Proposal
    The proposal suggests the alternatives the Sea Shepherd organization can adopt in responding to future accusations or when effectively wants to communicate to its publics.
  23. Public Relations Theories and Models
    The four models are based on the mode of communication, such as one-way or two-way communication and the effective use of feedback.
  24. Public Relations in Organizations: Article Response
    Communication affects all aspects of an organization including management, public relations, marketing and political communication, technical communication.
  25. Role of Women in Public Relations
    Public relations attract a significant number of women since it is necessary for specialists to work well in teams and empathize with and listen to their clients.

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  1. The Public Relations Practices of Tesla Motors
  2. Public Relations and Other Corporate Functions
  3. The Public Relations Industry
  4. Science, Technology, and Public Relations
  5. Public Relations Ethics Code Ethical
  6. Southeast Asia Tourism and Public Relations Problems
  7. New Media and Public Relations Practice
  8. Health Care Public Relations
  9. Public Relations Professionals Are Strategic Communicators
  10. Difference Between Marketing and Public Relations
  11. Hypothetical Public Relations Campaign
  12. Education and Public Relations Within the United States
  13. Big Business Affects Public Relations Ethics
  14. Global Public Relations and Multicultural World
  15. The Public Relations Firm of the Lake Anna Nuclear Power Plant
  16. Grunig and Hunt’s Four Models of Public Relations
  17. DIX and Eaton Public Relations Firm
  18. Toyota Solara Public Relations Plan
  19. Relationship Between Politics and Public Relations
  20. The Burson-marsteller Public Relations Scandal
  21. Public Relations and Relationship Marketing
  22. The Subjectivity and Objectivity of Public Relations
  23. Crisis Management and Public Relations Strategies
  24. Public Relations and University Entrepreneurship
  25. The Role and Importance of Public Relations at Non-Governmental Organizations
  26. Global Public Relations Trends
  27. The Many Different Functions in the Field of Public Relations
  28. Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations
  29. Advertising and Public Relations in America
  30. Effective Internal Public Relations

💡 Simple Public Relations Essay Ideas

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  1. The Role and Importance of Public Relations in the University Environment
  2. Journalism, Advertising, and Public Relations
  3. The Relationship Between Public Relations Professionals and Journalism
  4. The Differences Between Public Relations and Marketing
  5. Understanding the Activities, Methods, and Importance of Public Relations
  6. The Role and Importance of Public Relations in a Company
  7. Successful and Unsuccessful Spin Doctoring Case in Public Relations
  8. Toyota’s Accelerator and Public Relations Crisis
  9. Propaganda and the Public Relations Industry
  10. Internal Public Relations Action Plan
  11. Public Relations Between Healthcare Organization Crisis
  12. Advertising and Public Relations in the United States
  13. Public Relations and the European Constitution for Greece
  14. Historical and Contemporary Figures in Public Relations
  15. Public Relations and Professionalism
  16. Internal Public Relations Action Plan at Burt’s Bees Inc.
  17. Effective Public Relations for Your Business World
  18. Social Media and Public Relations
  19. Science and Public Relations
  20. Public Relations Contemporary Approaches
  21. Connection Between Public Relations and Public Option
  22. International and Intercultural Public Relations
  23. The Demand for Public Relations Specialists
  24. Public Relations Campaign for New York Animal Rescue Shelter
  25. The Societal and Organizational Functions of Public Relations
  26. Public Relations and Organizational Listening
  27. Skills Needed for the Public Relations Profession
  28. Transmedia Marketing and Re-invention of Public Relations
  29. The Public Relations Practitioner as Cultural Intermediary
  30. Media and Public Relations Campaigns
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