62 Muslim Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Muslim

  1. Religious Studies: the Muslims Questions
    Muslims in several parts of the world continue to experience cold relations with other members of the society with each side having negating stereotypes of the other.
  2. 9/11 Terrorist Attacks and Its Effect on Muslims
    On September 11 2011, Islamic extremists crashed four airplanes into strategic locations in the USA. The present paper discusses the consequences of this historical event on Muslims.
  3. Sociology: Muslim and Western Women
    This discussion compares the lives of Muslim and western women in the social, political and economics scenes. Muslim women have a special place in society.
  4. Identities of the American Muslim Women
    This paper attempts to examine how the identity of the Muslim women in the US is constructed in order to address the literature gap created by the studies that only focused on discrimination.
  5. “Infidel” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Muslim Women’s Rights
    Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Infidel can be seen as a means to enhance Islamophobia. However, the novel can be used as a powerful tool for fighting for women’s rights.
  6. Muslim Culture in the “Islam in America” Movie
    This discussion gives a detailed reflection of the movie “Islam in America” to support arguments that Islam is a religious faith of peace.
  7. “Muslims and Social Change in the Atlantic Beach” by Sean Foley
    Sean Foley in his work tries to bring out the impact of the Muslim in transforming and shaping social and political reform in the Atlantic beach.
  8. Islamic Culture and American Muslims
    The US has had longstanding stable relationships with Islam nations. However, the relations deteriorated after the 9/11 attacks.
  9. Muslim Faith and Healthcare Relationship
    This paper discusses the relationship between the Muslim faith and health care. Cultural backgrounds have a significant effect on a person’s attitudes toward health care.
  10. The Extent of American Muslim Participation in Politics
    When examining the rate of political participation of genders within the American Muslim population, it can be seen that 67 percent of males participated as compared to only 32 percent of females.
  11. History of Islam: The World with Only 100 Muslims
    The history of Islam started from one single person that was Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) that came up bringing Islam as the last religion with a revealed book Quran.
  12. Muslim Holidays in the United States Schools
    Eid-Ul-Adha and Eid-Ul-Fitr are the two most important holidays of the Islamic religion and there is a large concentration of Muslim immigrants in New York.
  13. Islam and Muslims’ Life in Xinjiang Province, China
    In order to restore peace in Xinjiang’s autonomy, the government must respect Muslims and provide them with equal economic and social opportunities.
  14. War on Terror Impact on Muslims & Their Responses
    The war on terror has been transformed into a war on Muslims. The Muslims living in the US have lived in constant fear and panic.
  15. Five Percents of the Muslim Religion
    The basic faith of Muslim religion is same, i.e. to believe in one God Allah and His prophets as messengers. Different Muslim sects evolve from followers of different Imams.
  16. The Condition of Muslim Women.
    The condition of Muslim women in any part of the world is a controversial issue. It is very ill-fated that Women in Islam suffer as a result of religious beliefs and practices.
  17. Muslim Brotherhood: From Socio-Religion to a Political Party
    This research proposal outlines various methods imposed by Muslim Brotherhood in transforming themselves from a socio-religion organization to a political party.
  18. A Christian-Muslim: Is It Possible?
    On strict literal ground neither of the faiths fit in exactly on the other. This can be achieved when analysis are made beyond the doctrines into mainstream practices.
  19. The Impact of Media and Mosques on Political Participation of the Muslim Community
    This research attempts to establish the connection between religious institutions and how media shape Muslim minorities’ views on political participation in the Western world.
  20. Geography: France and Its Muslims Article by Stephenie Giry
    In the article “France and Its Muslims,” the author Stephenie Giry is trying to highlight the issue of integration in Europe.
  21. Muslims and Mathematics
    One of the prominent Muslim scholars is a mathematician, geographer, and astronomer Muhammad al-Khwarizmi. He came from a clan of Zoroastrian priests and was considered a magician.
  22. Aspects of Muslim Food Culture
    Islam has many rules related to food. One of the most significant rules in Islam is the restriction on the consumption of pork.

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  1. Differences Between Muslim and Non-Muslim Communities
  2. British Rule and the Muslim Revolution
  3. Educating Tolerance and Promoting Muslim Inclusivity
  4. Communist Party and Its Muslim Minorities
  5. Homegrown Muslim Radicalization and Terrorism
  6. The Meaning and Significance of Hajj for a Muslim
  7. Divorce Under Hindu and Muslim Law
  8. Key Issues That Impact British Muslim Identity Today
  9. Khimar Wear for Muslim Women
  10. Christian and Muslim Views of Trade
  11. Political Parties and the Muslim Republics
  12. Christian and Muslim Views on the 14Th Century Plague, Known as Black Death
  13. Being Muslim and September 11
  14. Muslim Invasion for the Development of Western Europe
  15. Baha’i and Muslim Faith
  16. Muslim American Faces Much Discrimination
  17. Marriage Process and Celebrations in the Muslim Culture
  18. Employment and Discrimination Experiences of Muslim Women
  19. Euthanasia and Muslim Beliefs
  20. Male and Female Roles in Muslim Countries

📌 Easy Muslim Essay Topics

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  1. Europeans and Muslim Lands
  2. Hindu Muslim Violence and India
  3. Global Civilization and Muslim Contributions
  4. Christian and Muslim Religious Tolerance
  5. Muslim Diabetics and the Impact of Fasting During Ramadan
  6. France Bans the Muslim Burqa and Veil
  7. American and Muslim Slave Trade
  8. Contemporary Muslim Turkey and the Religion Theory of Karl Marx
  9. Burma Thailand Relations and Muslim Immigrants
  10. Anti Arab and Anti Muslim Stereotyping
  11. Ethnic Tensions Between the Uyghur Muslim and Han Migration
  12. Iqbal Quran and Muslim Unity
  13. Firm Internationalisation Within the Muslim World
  14. Health Culture Muslim Societies
  15. French Public Schools and Veil Wearing Muslim Women
  16. Investment Vehicles for Emerging Muslim Economy
  17. Muslim Americans and the Impact of September 11th
  18. American Freedoms for the Muslim World
  19. Kerala: First Indian Muslim Woman Imam to Lead Jummah Prayers
  20. Motivation for Education and Work Among Young Muslim Women
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