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  1. Democracy and National Economic Performance in China
    The economic growth in China may lead to further democratization, as the accumulation of wealth causes the need for protecting it by means of democratic institutions.
  2. Political Parties in the Democratic World
    Party systems are important aspects of functional democracies and they are almost indispensable to any democracy because they serve as avenues of expression of the needs of the people.
  3. Representative Democracy and Its Crisis in Europe
    Representative democracy is believed to be an elementary principal. But the current representation system crisis in Europe augments from the oligarchy form of democracy.
  4. Political Culture: Failure of Democracy in Iraq
    This essay explains why the concepts of democracy would be extremely difficult to establish in Iraq. The essay explains the dynamics of ethnic composition of Iraq.
  5. How Wealth Inequality Affects Democracy in America?
    The purpose of this study is to explore how wealth inequality affects democracy in America and what the perceptions of that influence are.
  6. Democracy in America Between 1780 and 1830
    Early democracy was mostly seen in changes in the leadership of the United States since the different candidates who took leadership had different administration methods.
  7. Political Sciences: Building Global Democracy
    This author claims that the declaration of Montenegro an independent state in 2006 triggered other stateless territories to demand their sovereignty and separation.
  8. Plato’s “Republic” – What Is Democracy?
    An idealized version of a parliamentary government is the redefinition of democracy. Plato failed to see the possibility of transforming ordinary people into intelligent members of the electorate.
  9. Representative Democracy and Its Crisis
    Cases of crises associated with representative democracy include dictatorship, oligarchy, officials pursuing their own ambitions, and bribing of representatives.
  10. Democratic Leadership and Management Style
    The paper analyzes democratic leadership as the management style adopted by the author’s group, and approach to management indicated by the management style questionnaire.
  11. Industrial Revolution, Democracy and Equality
    The impact of the industrial revolution on society should not be understated. It transformed mostly agrarian economies into those oriented towards goods and services.
  12. Representative Democracy Crisis: Causes and Responses
    Representative democracy is believed to be an elementary principal. But the current representation system crisis in Europe augments from the oligarchy form of democracy.
  13. “Democracy in America” by Alexis de Tocqueville
    In the first volume of Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville focuses on the origins of the constitution of the United States which gives rise to the democracy.
  14. Democratic Communities and Third-Party Conflict Management
    “Democratic communities and third-party conflict management” notes that domestic political structures of states-neighbors influence the politics of disputants.
  15. The Concept of Democracy in Political Theory
    This paper includes a critical review of interdisciplinary research on the origins of democracy, its economic impact, and the concept of rights.
  16. The Arab Spring: New Patterns for Democracy
    Arab Spring is the name that is commonly used for protests and rebellions that take place against the government, which often lead to violence and loss of life.
  17. French Revolution as a Turning Point to Democracy
    The French Revolution is usually credited with overturning the monarchy characterized by royal absolutism and enforcing the Republic instead.
  18. Natural Resources and Democracy in Political Economy
    The researches present findings of the association between democracy and natural resources in the political economy. The works have theoretical and empirical underpinnings.
  19. Nigerian Democracy and National Economic Performance
    To showcase how democracy and economic performance can relate to each other, the case of Nigeria could serve as an example.
  20. Pauli Murray’s Contribution to American Democracy
    Pauli Murray’s contribution to the development of American and world democracy is significant and undeniable. She was an effective advocate for civil and gender rights.
  21. India and Brazil Democracy Analysis
    India and Brazil are two countries that are widely analyzed for their democratic practices. Their choice may be due to the reforms they have done over the years to become democratic nations.
  22. Roosevelt and Hitler: Democrat and Dictator
    The paper analyzes the views of Roosevelt and Hitler on the causes of problems they faced and the possible ways of resolving them.
  23. Jacksonian Democracy and Manifest Destiny
    Combining the qualities that might seem incompatible, Jackson became a powerful leader that could promote change in the political and economic environment of the time.
  24. Indian Democracy and National Economic Performance
    This work examines the impact of the political organization on the successful national economic performance of India that implies steady growth in all economic spheres.
  25. Wealth Inequality Effects on American Democracy
    There are indications that the legislators are quite unresponsive to the needs of the poor Americans. The impacts of wealth inequality on democracy are discussed in this paper.
  26. Russian Democracy and Political Stability
    Democracy in Russia is a widely disputed topic because the government exercises many anti-democratic practices to control the political situation in the country.
  27. The Problems of Democratic Transition and Consolidation
    The Problems of Democratic Transition and Consolidation: Southern Europe, South America, and Post-Communist Europe book by Linz and Stepan explore the issue of democratic transitions.
  28. US Democracy and Its Media Representation
    This paper unravels the relationship between the media and democracy and explores the nature of democracy in the US as depicted from news articles and the literature.

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  1. Democrats and Republicans in the New York State
    The state of New York is characterized by two strong political parties, namely the Democrats and the Republicans.
  2. Dream Act as an Institution of American Democracy
    This paper looks at the DREAM (Development, Relief, and Education for the Alien Minors) Act as an institution of American democracy and its role in making the US better.
  3. The Concept of Democracy as a Historical Fiasco
    There are a number of reasons to consider democracy the most ineffective method of running a country. The realities of a modern living deem the concept of democracy hopelessly outdated.
  4. South African Democracy and National Economic Performance
    In South Africa, the shift towards democracy has been characterized by a notable range of outcomes. The economic and social progress which has been achieved.
  5. Democratic Views on Pro-Immigration
    Immigration can occur in two forms – legal and illegal, and while the latter form is majorly opposed and fought against, the former is treated from several different perspectives.
  6. Democracy in the United States
    This paper will discuss democracy in the United States. It will determine how the United States exercises democracy and how it violates justice.
  7. Opioid Crisis Policy by Democrats and Republicans
    As soon as Democrats and Republicans refrain from confrontations, opportunities for addressing the opioid crisis in the United States will be open.
  8. Brazil’s Democracy and National Economic Performance
    Brazil’s economic performance was occurring simultaneously with political development and was affected significantly by the political regime.
  9. Direct Democracy from Rousseau’s Perspective
    This paper analyzes the notion of the social contract in a democratic society, defines aspects of inequality, and differentiates Rousseau’s vision of aristocracy and democracy.
  10. Federalism, Consociational Democracy, Government
    Though federalism and consociational democracy overlap in many aspects, some distinctive features that divide them into two distinct terms.
  11. Revolutionary Communism vs. Democratic Socialism
    Revolutionary communism and democratic socialism are examples of political ideologies that were byproducts of Marxism.
  12. Globalization and Democratization Relationship
    This paper explores the existing relationship between democracy and globalization. It focuses on democratization, globalization and their imperativeness.
  13. Australia’s Liberal Democratic System
    This paper studies how Australia’s Liberal Democratic system that is a keystone of social policy in the country, enhances and or limits the well-being of its citizens.
  14. Contemporary Democratic Ideals and Christian Tradition
    In the given paper, democracy will be regarded as the value-based ideal of social order that implies the presence of a particular worldview aligned with it.
  15. Sexism, Democracy, and Modernization
    The system of government and the implementation of a new ideology positively affect the rights of women, so between sexism, democracy, and modernization exist interdependence.
  16. Pro-Democratic Political Position in the US
    A certain political position makes a person more involved in the regulation of social, economical, and political processes in the country.
  17. Mass Culture and Democratization
    Mass culture is a topic viewed differently by various scholars. Key areas of study include the role of mass culture in the processes of modernization and democratization.
  18. Democratic Deficit in Global Governance
    A democratic system does not automatically mean the exercise of authority directly by citizens, but rather through its elected agents.
  19. Democratic Leadership Style and Responsibilities
    Democratic leadership style, which is also known as a participative style, is a leadership style that strives to involve employees in organizational management and decision making.
  20. American Democrat and German Dictator in 1933
    The new Chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler, and the new President of the US, Franklin D. Roosevelt, came to the power in quite a difficult time.
  21. Technologies and Equality for Democratic Society
    Education is a fundamental aspect of any democratic society or state. The fact is that ignorance and the lack of knowledge create the basis for speculations.
  22. Americans for Democratic Action
    This paper discusses Americans for Democratic Action, abbreviated as ADA. Representatives of ADA tend to focus on the importance of such values as liberty and justice.
  23. American Foreign Policy Exporting Democracy
    American foreign policy is designed to meet several international goals but the priority areas over the years have been national security and defense.
  24. Democratization in El Salvador
    El Salvador’s residents were fed with a false notion of democracy under the thin veneer of which the authoritarian government promoted rightist ideas.
  25. Democracy Principles in the United States
    This essay will provide four reasons as to why the US was not built on the principles of democracy and has not genuinely complied with them to date.
  26. Is the United States a Model Democracy?
    The US is a model democracy because it holds free, frequent, and inclusive elections, its citizens enjoy a wide range of individual freedoms and rights.
  27. Creating an Ideal State with Democratic Government
    The ideal country will accept the model of constitutional democracy because the constitution will play a significant role in stabilization and help overcome the political crisis.
  28. Special Interest Groups as a Threat to Democracy
    Special interest groups are smaller communities within larger ones that promote specific interests attributed to their members.

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  1. The Birth of the United States’ Democracy
    This paper discusses the theme of American democracy to understand its origins, why it was important, and who was involved in the process starting from 1776.
  2. American Democracy and Landmark Supreme Court Cases
    This essay ponders the key values of American democracy and describes landmark Supreme Court cases that have contributed to the formation of the political system.
  3. How South Africa Is Developing a Democracy
    The lack of democratization within South African society can be seen as the primary problem that has to be managed for democratic principles to be established within the republic.
  4. How Botswana Is Developing a Democracy
    To avoid the system of authoritarian rule, Botswana people will require reinforcing the influence of its Democratic Party and other political alliances.
  5. How Lebanon Is Developing a Democracy
    Lebanon has quite a history of fighting for democratic values. The civil war that took place in 1975 and lasted for 15 years left a huge mark on citizens’ economic well-being.
  6. How Russian Federation Is Developing a Democracy
    Almost 30 years after, the modern political regime in Russia cannot be referred to as a democratic one, as its leader is represented by only one political party.
  7. Belarus: Developing a Democracy
    Belarus is one of the states that requires political changes to ensure that its citizens are given indefeasible rights to which they are entitled according to the basic principles of democracy.
  8. Russian Federation: Political History and Democracy
    The present paper will outline the key events in the political history of the Russian Federation and the barriers faced by the country in achieving democracy.
  9. Russian Federation: Developing a Democracy
    As one of the advanced developing countries, Russian Federation also passes through the stage of democracy establishment.
  10. The Socratic Identification of Knowledge and Athenian Democracy
    It is clear that knowledge and wisdom are essential ingredients of life worth living because ignorance and the lack of understanding make life similar to animals.
  11. Political Environment: Democrats and Republicans
    The contemporary American political environment has been impacted by the dichotomous role of two leading political parties: the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.
  12. Democratic Republic vs. Socialist State
    This paper aims to examine and compare the Democratic Republic and the Socialist State and present a personal opinion regarding the two systems.
  13. Illiberal Democracy in Hungary and Turkey
    Today in Hungary and Turkey one can observe the process of establishment of the so-called illiberal democracy, although with different roots and manifestations.
  14. Dominican Republic Developing a Democracy
    The author presents the facts from the history of the Dominican Republic, the barriers to building democracy in the country, and solutions in this way.
  15. How Far Did General Chun Doo Hwan Prevent a Democratic Development in South Korea During the Late 1980s to Early 1990s?
    The paper examines the lengths to which the general went to ensure that his military rule continued and also examines how he subverted the democratic process.
  16. Gender Inequality in Democratic Welfare States
    This paper is claimed to evaluate the strategies of Liberal and Social Democratic political forces aimed at the alleviation of gender inequalities.
  17. Leadership and Democratic Action: Leadership Ability Analysis
    Analysis of the leadership style of leaders: Martin Luther King, Wayne Gretzky, Nelson Mandela, Adolf Hitler, Margaret Thatcher, and the consequences of their approach to leadership.
  18. Ancient Civilizations: Athenian Democracy vs Australian Democracy
    Athens was one of the very first known democracies. It comprises of the central city-state of Athens and the surrounding territory of Attica.
  19. Democracy: Advantages and Disadvantages
    Democracy has developed in a setting where people feel oppressed and generally being dictated upon or were unfair.
  20. Liberal Democracy and the Problem of Political Organization
    Liberal democracy cannot be the final solution to the political organization as it is limited by the Constitution and strict laws and regulations within the state.
  21. Leo Strauss and Friedrich Hayek on Democracy
    The analysis of the two philosophers, Leo Strauss and Friedrich August von Hayek and their beliefs and views on democracy has a common theme, which is described in the article.
  22. The Feasibility of Transforming Iraq into a Democratic Nation
    The essay explains the dynamics of ethnic composition of Iraq and how the cultural characteristics of Mideast societies make it difficult for them to adopt Western concepts.
  23. Democratic Capitalism and Individual Liberty
    Democratic capitalism is the economic and political system based on individuals’ potentials in an environment of cooperation and trust.
  24. Democracy in Islamic World
    The urgent problem of modern society nowadays is the state of democracy in Islamic countries that claims attention of politicians and common people all around the world.
  25. Athenian Democracy: A History of Rise and Fall
    The 5th-4th centuries BC were a period of the flourishing of polises. There were some outstanding statesman who contributed to the democratization.
  26. Democracy: Strengths and Weaknesses According to Thucydides and Plato
    The ancient Greek civilization handed the world a model of democracy that has been borrowed by many democratic societies globally up to the modern times.
  27. Republican and Democratic Parties Major Differences
    Many political ideologies exist in the U.S. ranging from far right-wing conservatism to far-leftist philosophy. Two major parties are Republican and Democratic.
  28. Majoritarian and Consensus Models of Democracy
    The scholars managed to work out concrete distinctions between two of these types, namely majoritarian and consensus democracy.

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  1. Democracy in The Lottery by Jackson
    Politics is an essential part of nowadays life. Politics are obligations of a state in regard to society and personality.
  2. Democracy in Nigeria: Democratic Structure, Executive-Legislative Structure, and Electoral System
    In this paper will analyse the internal democratic structure of Nigeria, its executive-legislative structure, its electoral system and the problems being faced by the country.
  3. “Promoting Democratic Governance and Preventing the Recurrence of Conflict: The Role of the United Nations Development Programme in Post-conflict Peace-Building”: Article Analysis
    Endorsement of democratic values and supporting policies of good governance have become trademark characteristics of the UN in the approaches adopted to deal with issues.
  4. Is Russia a Real Democracy?
    Thus, a difficult question of whether there is a democracy in Russia is considered with a negative response in most parameters when comparing with other developed countries.
  5. Challenges of Democracy Promotion in the United States
    The challenges of democracy in the United States center on promotion of democracy in all the government systems and departments.
  6. America Transformed Timelines and Democracy Growth
    This paper discusses America’s transformed timeline highlighting the changes in political parties and the significant events that marked the growth of democracy.
  7. Democratic Capitalism and Morality in America
    The problem of the level of the salary in the modern world remains core in economics in the condition of the free market.
  8. The Effects of Leftist Movement on Democracy in Latin America
    The paper is about the relationship between the adoption of neo-liberal policies and the social impact of economic development in geographically adjacent Latin American countries.
  9. Parliamentary and Presidential Democracy Discussion
    At the beginning of the 21st century, parliamentary and presidential democracies are the main forms of power in the world.
  10. Is Russia a Democracy?
    The essay states that Russian democracy is not a true democracy but an emerging democracy where people as yet have limited freedom and rights.
  11. Is the Labour Party Neo-Liberal or Social Democratic?
    The basis of the party is solely social democratic, and, in spite of the fact that some instances of liberalism could be traced in the principles of the party.
  12. Ethical Issues of American Democracy
    The American democracy is experiencing metamorphosis, and on the ethical perspective, some issues are emerging.
  13. How Democratic Is the American Constitution?
    This essay paper discuss deeply the American constitution, how democratic and anti-democratic it has been, and how it should be improved to be more democratic.
  14. Democracy and de Facto Powers
    The main objective is to examine the challenges and results in order to make “more changes to become a full-fledged democracy”.
  15. Ethnic Parties and Democratic Stability in Divided Societies
    Many professional on divided societies and governmental designing generally declare that serious society divisions create a major predicament for democracy.
  16. How Democracy Was Born?
    Since ancient times, democracy has been considered a favorable way of ruling which permits freedom and participation in state of affairs by all citizens.
  17. Democracy in America: Effects of Wealth Inequality
    The purpose of this study is to explore how wealth inequality affects democracy in America and what the perceptions of that influence are.
  18. Social Justice to Maintain Democracy in Australia
    This essay will look into the impact of social justice concepts in maintaining democracy in Australian society.
  19. “The Transparency of Democracy” Research by Friedman
    The research “The Transparency of Democracy” by Friedman used the ideas founded in Lefebvre’s invention of space to evaluate the powers involving cultural and spatial formation.
  20. Concept of Democracy in the Black Community
    The issue of sports and racism centers on the communal and biased implication associated with the issue of black athletic supremacy or the overall view of such presumed supremacy.
  21. Democracy: Principles and Critiques
    Having stemmed from the democratic principles, the ideas of diversity call for the promotion of tolerance and mutual respect.
  22. Concepts of Authoritarianism, Totalitarianism, Democracy
    Both authoritarian and totalitarian regimes are derived from an autocratic ideology, the doctrine that the government is resided in the hands of one individual or a group.
  23. E-Consultation: Enabling Democracy Between Elections
    Increasing public involvement in political issues is a major issue in democracy. Most countries in the world are democratic.
  24. The Democrat and the Dictator: Roosevelt’s and Hitler’s Speech
    The common ground for both Roosevelt and Hitler could be found in the fact that both of the leaders were reproaching the governmental leadership that existed at that time.
  25. Capitalism and Socialism, Democracy
    This kind of system is illustrated by having recognized equality rights and freedom both in a social setting and political locale.
  26. Digital Communication Systems and Its Impact on Democracy
    The contribution, which new media can make in the development of democracy, depends on the efforts of government and media groups to the large extent.
  27. Differences Between Presidential and Parliamentary Types of Democracy
    Using the American, British and Indian systems of democracies the essay explains the differences in the election process between the presidential and parliamentary governments.
  28. The Clayton County Library System: The Effectiveness of Workplace Democracy
    Diversity in the workplace helps in promoting democratic principles in several ways, for example, ensuring diversity in the workplace fosters the spirit of participation.
  29. G. Bush and B. Obama: Tools of Democracy, Public Policies, and Practices
    The use of tools of democracy provide a lot of alternatives through which the government may effectively influence the behavior of individuals for the benefit of the entire public.
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