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  1. Leaders Traits and the US Elections
    Based on popular theories of leadership, this essay dwells on this notion regardless of isolated exceptions. Tall personalities make better leaders than their short counterparts.
  2. American Ex-Presidents: the Election of Barack Obama
    The election of Barack Obama as the first African American president was a major event that transformed the country’s history. This paper offers arguments and discussions to support the thesis.
  3. Barack Obama Election: Events and Facts, That Defined the Occasion
    This paper will scrutinize the election of Barrack Obama by delving into the events and facts, which defined the occasion.
  4. The Vice Presidential Debate US Elections 2012
    The debate took place at The Central College in Danville- Kentucky. This was between Joe Biden of the Democratic Party and Ryan Paul of the Republican Party.
  5. Presidential Elections: Strengths and Weaknesses
    Mass media is one of the decisive factors in presidential elections affecting the outcome through three major areas: exit polls, presidential debates, and spots.
  6. Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s Elections
    The elections of the new president in the United States have never been more interesting and controversial as the current opposition of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
  7. Elections in ABC News, The Guardian, PolitiFact
    The media content analysis dealt with the upcoming election. The ABC News, The Guardian, and the PolitiFact were selected for this assignment.
  8. Elections: From the Fresh Start to the Steady Leadership
    A proper research subject here may be the attempts of George W. Bush to win the political elections of 2000 and 2004, especially the advertisements used at that time.
  9. The First Lady: US Campaigns and Elections
    Over centuries, the role of the First Lady has significantly evolved to reflect current political realities and expectations of the public.
  10. Party Platforms and Winning Elections
    According to the Republican Party’s policy, the party believes in freedom. It states that it is “a party of freedom”, with a vision of “free speech, labor and soil”.
  11. Electoral College or Game of Elections
    The Electoral College selects the president as opposed to a popular vote. This paper argues that the Electoral College has become more democratic contrary to recent criticism.
  12. Election Campaigns and Logical Fallacies
    The general direction of a country’s movement depends on the decision of voters. This paper aims to discuss three logical fallacies, an unfair election case and gerrymandering.
  13. Voters’ Characteristics in Presidential Elections
    The characteristics of voters involved in the presidential election campaigns are an important criterion for determining such indicators as prevailing age and race characteristics.
  14. 2020 Presidential Elections in the United States
    At the next US presidential election, as usual, the Americans will choose the president of the country along with his candidacy for the position of vice president.
  15. Election Ethics: Voting vs. Maintaining Neutrality
    In the Election Day Scenario, I believe that I ought to go to the polls and vote for Superior to be elected President.
  16. Marketing Techniques of Obama’s Election Campaign
    The purpose of this paper is to examine the marketing techniques of Obama’s election campaign as well as to define their positive and negative aspects.
  17. Campaigns, Elections, and Political Participation
    The question of the role of “big money” in American politics elicits widespread controversies that remain unresolved to date.
  18. Russian Cyberterrorism and the United States Election 2016
    The present paper attempts to contribute data to the discussion of the topic of the Russian electoral interference of 2016 by conducting a case study of that accident.
  19. American Government: Voting, Campaigns, and Elections
    The process of voting in the United States is complex, with several rules and outcomes. The modern voting system is not perfect due to weak voter registration and low turnout.
  20. John McCain vs. Barack Obama: Elections Campaign
    Never in the history of US Presidential elections has a campaign been more closely followed nationally as well as globally as that of the two contenders, John McCain and Barack Obama.

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  1. The Role of the Economy in the 2008 Election
    The year 2008 is a presidential election year. Many people believed there would be a significant shift in government.
  2. US Presidential Election Problems Analysis
    America needs leadership that will take its citizens in a direction that is of forgiveness, consultation, compassion, and peace to become a shining example for the aspirations of the world.
  3. The Agents Of Change: US Election
    Problems are part and parcel of every day life and in fact, it is rare to hear that any given individual has absolutely no problem.
  4. US Presidential Election of 1896
    The essay recounts the major developments during the presential elections of 1896 describes why it was the most exciting in the history of the United States.
  5. America’s 2000 Presidential Elections
    The 2000 presidential elections in America saw a heated contest between George W. Bush, who vied as a republican candidate and Al Gore, who was a democrat candidate.
  6. Kirkuk City and the 2010 Elections in Iraq
    Many politicians from Iraq have been head over heels campaign over Kirkuk, this is more so for the Kurds and the Arabs who want to control the city.
  7. Exercise Your Right to Vote in the Upcoming Election
    Voting is a right that has been given to every citizen; you can not afford to deny yourself this right by simply watching how people are voting and not participating in it.
  8. E-Consultation: Enabling Democracy Between Elections
    Increasing public involvement in political issues is a major issue in democracy. Most countries in the world are democratic.
  9. Unprecedented – The 2000 Presidential Election
    The film Unprecedented – The 2000 Presidential Election can be evaluated as a great piece of reliable information featuring a row of true historical details.
  10. Election of 1800 and Modern Presidential Election
    The essay will explain why the election of 1800 is considered “dirty,” and how the actions of the statesmen of that time are compared with that of contemporary politicians.
  11. Role of Economics in the Upcoming Elections
    The variety of topics to be considered by the voters is unprecedented, and the polarized views of society make the outcome even more unpredictable.
  12. The Activity of Citizens During Elections
    The activity of citizens during elections is a topical and discussed issue in developed countries. Speaking about the activity of voters in the USA recently, it’s, on average lower.
  13. Politics in the United States: Elections
    This paper tells about voting as a democratic process that allows citizens to elect leaders whose manifestos resonate with their goals.

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  1. Lobbyists and Their Role in Presidential Elections
  2. Free Zambia and Kenya Elections Analysis
  3. Macroeconomic Policy and Elections: Theories and Challenges
  4. Information Warfare Attack Vectors and the Influence Upon Democratic Elections
  5. Socio-cultural Influences and Elections in Russia
  6. Internal Processes Governing Party Positions in Elections
  7. Elections and Market Provision of Information
  8. Presidential Elections and Democratic Party
  9. Elections, Ideology, and Turnover in the U.S. Federal Government
  10. Mexican Americans and Presidential Elections
  11. Have Village Elections Democratized Rural China?
  12. Elections, Voting Rules, and Paradoxical Outcomes
  13. Should Social Network Structure Be Taken Into Account in Elections?
  14. Political Parties Should Have Restrictions During Elections
  15. Elections, Fraud, and Election Monitoring in the Shadow of Revolution
  16. Social Norms and the Paradox of Elections’ Turnout
  17. Interpreting the Predictive Uncertainty of Elections
  18. Elections and Political Risk: New Evidence From Political Prediction Markets in Taiwan
  19. Has Immigration Affected Spanish Presidential Elections Results?
  20. Elections and Subjective Living Conditions in Sub-saharan Africa
  21. Free and Open Elections Are the Cornerstone to Any Democracy
  22. Incumbency and Parliamentary Elections in India
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