52 Human Trafficking Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Human Trafficking

  1. “The War on Human Trafficking: U.S. Policy Assessed” by Anthony M. DeStefano
    “The War on Human Trafficking: U.S. Policy Assessed” by Anthony M. DeStefano is an overview of American government’s efforts to combat the human trafficking.
  2. Child Exploitation as a Form of Human Trafficking
    This is a qualitative review of child trafficking. It examines the background of the problem, provides a literature review, and an analysis of the theories and policies.
  3. Human Trafficking and Public Service Announcements
    Public Service Announcements project will attempt to educate youth, especially young females, about safety rules to reduct human trafficking on local and national levels.
  4. Human Trafficking from Perspectives of Deontology, Utilitarianism and Egoism
    This paper provides insight into human trafficking using deontology, utilitarianism, and the perspective of egoism to show if it is ethical to abduct people for forced labour.
  5. Human Trafficking: Current State and Counteracts
    Human trafficking involves transportation of people inside their countries and abroad to be sexually exploited and become source of cheap unskilled labor in the developed states.
  6. Human Trafficking – Modern-Day Slavery
    Modern-day slavery is one of the outcomes of globalization; it affects millions of people and brings immense revenue to the criminals.
  7. Human Trafficking and Illegal Immigration
    Human trafficking is a problem which seems to be concealed and even ignored in the United States’ society because of a lack of the appropriate discussion.
  8. What is Human Trafficking?
    This paper will set out to define human trafficking and highlight some of the factors why it continues to occur today. The paper will discuss the effects of human trafficking.
  9. Human Trafficking Problem in Society
    Human trafficking is defined as the process through which human beings are recruited, transferred or received through forceful means with the intention of exploiting them.
  10. The Most Shocking Aspects of Human Trafficking
    The issue of human trafficking can be discussed as challenging because there are opinions that this problem cannot be overcome or addressed effectively.
  11. Human Trafficking as a Modern-Day Slavery Problem
    The paper discusses the anti-trafficking measures of international organizations, such as UN, UNICEF, and UNESCO. The laws enacted by these organizations are further mentioned.
  12. Human Trafficking in the USA
    Human trafficking has been defined as the transportation, transfer or recruitment of human beings, by use of deception, abduction, coercion, and fraud.
  13. Human Trafficking and Unethical Business in the US
    Over the years, human trafficking in the United States has been ranked as one of the significant challenges facing the federal government.
  14. Human Trafficking: Risk and Causes
    The main purpose of the paper is to discover the prevalence, causes, and health risks associated with human trafficking.
  15. Human Trafficking and Its Signs in Patients
    The problem of human trafficking is a health hazard for the victims. Places in which human trafficking occur vary depending on the purpose of this modern day slavery.
  16. Human Trafficking in Florida Law
    Human trafficking is defined by Florida law as modern-day slavery manifested in the form of exploitative labor, transportation, and harboring of individuals.

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  1. Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking and Poverty
    Be it through the sexual enslavement of girls or trafficking of males for forced labor, slavery has had a tremendous impact on modern society.
  2. Human Trafficking: National and International Challenges
    Social workers must respond to any humanitarian crisis domestically and abroad. The international issue of human trafficking and its impact requires the attention of social workers
  3. The Problem of Human Trafficking in America
    The human trafficking business thrives because judges are unable to prosecute traffickers. The nature of the crime requires that women who are victims be witnesses and give testimony in courts.
  4. Human Trafficking and Ethical Behavior Breaches
    Ethical theories such as deontology and utilitarianism guide human beings to condone specific actions such as human trafficking because they are unacceptable.
  5. Human Trafficking and Psychological Impacts
    Human trafficking amounts to a crime against humanity. The perpetrators of the felony infringe on the rights of their victims.
  6. The Role of Technology in Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation
    Human trafficking and sexual exploitation are significant problems in contemporary society that constitute a violation of human rights.
  7. Christian Foundations in Government: Human Trafficking
    Human trafficking or trafficking in human beings is defined as the movement of people without their consent, usually by force for the intention of sexual or labor exploitation.
  8. Human Trafficking and Health Care Professional
    Preventing human trafficking by healthcare professionals largely depends on the government to develop registration purposely meant to make trafficking of people illegal.
  9. Human Trafficking: Term Definition
    In January 2009, a raid by Brazil police led to a rescue of more than 4,500 slaves who had been entrapped in ranches and plantations in remote areas of the country.
  10. Human Trafficking as Violation of Human Rights
    Human trafficking is a heinous issue that is very serious and dangerous for our society. It is widely known that human trafficking has become an expanding issue across the world.
  11. Human Trafficking: A Threat to All
    This essay analyzes the three mentioned types of human trafficking, proving that they are a threat to all of humanity, as it creates inequality and dependency on certain people.
  12. The Case of Veronica: Human Trafficking
    This paper discusses the severe problem of human trafficking, as it adversely affects millions of individuals regardless of their gender, age, and nationality.
  13. Human Trafficking: International Human Rights
    International human rights law defines human trafficking as the violation of an individual’s right to liberty through appropriation of their legal personality, labor and humanity.
  14. Human Trafficking: Ethical Issues
    Human trafficking is mainly regarded as a crime when deontological perspective or social contract and utilitarian theories are applied.
  15. Nursing Code of Ethics in the Human Trafficking Victim Treatment
    When nurses face the settings in which their patients are the victims of severe public health issues, it is their explicit responsibility to take action.
  16. Human Trafficking and Legal Aspects
    In the present paper, the components of human trafficking, threatened populations, and legal aspects are presented and analyzed in detail.

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  1. Women’s Rights Organizations and Human Trafficking
  2. Human Trafficking and the Child Welfare Population in Florida
  3. The Link Between Human Trafficking and Cambodia
  4. Human Trafficking, Modern Day Slavery, and Economic Exploitation
  5. Illegal Adoption and Human Trafficking Impact on the US
  6. The Violent and Perverse System of Human Trafficking
  7. Human Trafficking Throughout South Africa
  8. The Differences and Similarities Between Human Trafficking and Slavery
  9. Human Trafficking From Latin America to Canada
  10. The Trafficking and Forms of Human Trafficking
  11. Islamic Law and Human Trafficking in Saudi Arabia
  12. Human Trafficking and the Trade of Human Sex Trafficking
  13. Medical Care for Human Trafficking Victims
  14. The Human Trafficking and the Saga of 53 Indian Nationals
  15. Human Trafficking Throughout the United States
  16. The Horrors and Statistics on Human Trafficking in the United States
  17. Human Trafficking and Its Effects on the Criminal Justice System
  18. Connections Between Human Trafficking and Environmental Destruction
  19. The Human Trafficking Aspect of the Military-Industrial
  20. Human Trafficking Has Increased Greatly With Globalization
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