Safety AT ERM is not only a set of five key elements that define our Health and Safety program – it is also a tagline and mantra that supports our continued journey towards zero harm. Collectively these elements will help our entire staff to both understand and articulate the most important aspects of our overall Health and Safety program. They also help us, as an organization, remain focused as we look to identify opportunities to improve upon our performance.

These five key elements are:

  • Active Leadership;
  • Training and Competency;
  • Emphasizing Positive Safety;
  • Risk Management; and
  • Maintaining Balance. 

The Safety AT ERM score is included in every Business Unit Managing Partner's balanced scorecard. This score includes an evaluation of nearly all aspects of our overall program, including our safety management system self-assessment scoring.

We can calculate a global Safety AT ERM score based on a weighted average (hours worked) of each business unit’s score. For FY20, we adopted a global target score of 65, which is the same target given to each of our business units.