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  1. Climate Change: Concept and Theories
    Climate change has become a concern of scientists rather recently. There are numerous theories as to the reasons for this process, but there are still no particular answers.
  2. Tree Planting and Climate Change
    Climate change has serious effects on the environment and the existence of living organisms.Tree planting is an effective strategy of ameliorating climate change.
  3. Solar System Geology, Climate, and Composition
    This paper discusses the process of plate tectonics, ways humans have altered the planet, and composition of the solar System.
  4. Climate Change Impacts
    It is doubtless that global change has become one the challenges, which encompasses a wide range of human life, including social and economical aspects of human life.
  5. The Issue of Global Climate Change and the Use of Global Ethic
    Modern technologies such as “the use of satellites have made it easier for scientists to analyze climate on a global scale”.
  6. The United States Policy on Climate Change
    This paper will draw attention to the key issues in the U.S. policy for climate and come up with recommendations on the same.
  7. Climate Change and International Trade
    The relationship between climate change and international trade has been on a great verge of developing a new critical issue. This was so evident at the Conference of Parties Climate Conference.
  8. Climate Change and Global Warming
    Global warming is a subject that has elicited a heated debate for a long time. This debate is commonplace among scholars and policy makers.
  9. How the Solar System Is Formed?
    Luckily, the naturally occurring processes of geology concentrate on the minerals and metals that become valuable in human daily activities and convert them into forms that are useful of us.
  10. Climate and Weather Concepts
    The concepts of climate and weather are closely related to each other; the key distinction between the two is that climate is attributed to a particular region and season, whereas weather is not.
  11. Humans Contribution to Global Climate Change
    The impacts of global climate change are rising sea levels, shrinking polar ice, warmer winters, and retreating glaciers. Human activity is a cause of the problem.
  12. Climate Change: When Nature Is in Agony
    The issue of climate changes not new; it has already been on the agenda of the world ecologists in 1990s, and in 2010s, the issue seems to have gained a new significance.
  13. Climate Change, Human Activities and Remedies
    Human beings are the worst enemies of the environment. The Kyoto Protocol and the concept of green buildings are the two major interventions to climatic change and global warming.
  14. Multinational Corporations and Climate Change
    The current essay revolves around the topic of climate change and economic activities. In the essay, the author focuses on MNCs and their role in environmental conservation.
  15. Global Climate Stabilization: Bryan Mignone Views
    Choosing Reduction Goals Compatible with Global Climate Stabilization is an article by Bryan Mignone. It establishes the main environmental challenges facing the global community.
  16. The Climate Change Problem
    Climate change is one of the most pressing environmental concerns of the 21st century. There are a number of reasons for the climate change, according to climatologists.
  17. Climate Change and Its Evidence
    The review of common claims about global warming made it possible to say that in spite of some skeptical opinions, it might be really happening.
  18. Rules and Positive Climate in Classroom Management
    It is important to state that clearly formulated group norms and rules are important to guarantee the development of the effective atmosphere in classrooms.
  19. Fun at Work, Organizational Culture and Climate
    This research examines the perception of the business leaders, and their attitude towards organizational culture, and whether they were encouraging fun at work.
  20. Energy Crisis and Climate Change
    The global community needs to adopt an energy efficient behavior and invest in the exploration of sustainable energy resources.

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  1. Climate Change: Changing Patterns of Malaria Disease
    The existing research reveals that inter-annual and inter-decade climate variation has a greater influence on the history of vector-borne maladies.
  2. Paris Agreement: Climate Change Deal
    The Paris Agreement was realized on November 4th when about 55 countries responsible for about 55% of the global emission acted swiftly and ratified the landmark agreement.
  3. British Petroleum’s Risks due to Climate Changes
    BP incurs a risk of physical damage to its assets by such climate extreme events as hurricanes, droughts, extreme cold, and hot temperatures, and floods.
  4. Global Climate Change and Health Concerns
    The purpose of this paper is to elucidate the most critical points of concern and provide an overview of their spread according to geographic regions.
  5. The Effects of Climate on the Ways of Life
    The current state of the environment is classified as disturbing. Various pieces of evidence prove that the climate change is a real problem facing the today’s society.
  6. Climate Change: Changing Patterns of Malaria
    This paper analyzes the impacts of climate change on human health particularly with the case of malaria in Central and Southern Africa influenced by climate change.
  7. Climate Change as a Threat to Pension Fund
    This report considers the relationship that the change in climate has with the pension fund. It finds out whether climate change is a material threat to the pension fund.
  8. Trump Presidency: Immigration and Climate Change
    Donald Trump was elected the President of the United States on November 8, 2016. Trump has repeatedly changed his views on various elements of the political agenda.
  9. Climate Change Affecting Global Public Health
    Climate change leads to the destruction of a range of habitats, the drop in the amount of drinkable water, the rise in air pollution, the reduction in the amount of food, etc.
  10. Climate Change Policies and Regulation
    The current changes in climate patterns have attracted attention from researchers and institutions as they endeavor to formulate and implement policies.
  11. Napa Valley Wine Industry and Climate Change
    The current competitive landscape of the Napa Valley is formed from a multitude of stakeholders of varying sizes. The work studies climate change and the Napa Valley wine industry.
  12. Climate Change and Human Heath
    Climate change has been rated among the top issues which have continued to draw much concern and interest in modern study and research.
  13. Moral Leadership and Work Climate
    Moral leadership moves beyond a leader’s basic call of ensuring the performance of tasks. It seeks to define the ‘how’ of the process.
  14. Remote Sensing Applications to Climate Change
    Remote sensing is defined as the measurement of information and area property on the Earth’ surface by means of satellites and aircrafts.
  15. Climate Changes Impact on Agriculture and Livestock
    The project evaluates the influences of climate changes on agriculture and livestock in different areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  16. Impact of Climate Change on Intermodal Transportation
    This research paper shows that intermodal transportation can reduce its emissions and still be viable through a variety of solutions that can be used in tandem.
  17. Climate Change and Social Responsibility in the UAE
    The UAE is rapidly developing for several decades already, which has a positive influence on the well-being of the population.
  18. Climate Change Initiative in Canada
    This work considers climate change initiative, in particular, reducing gas emissions as the way of managing energy- and climate-change-related issues in Canada.
  19. Climate Change as Political Leaders’ Primary Concern
    The main purpose is to show the effects of climate change, introduce the significance of the problem, and discuss what strategies leaders can implement to minimize its impact.
  20. Climate Change and Related Issues in Canada
    The essay argues that modern sources of scientific knowledge about climate change can drastically change people’s attitudes to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

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  1. Climate Change Impacts Florida’s Biodiversity
    The ecological system of Florida contains several distinct life forms with rarest species as compared to other ecosystems.
  2. Global Warming Leads Climate Change
    This paper aims to research scholarly literature in order to prove that the human race is largely responsible for global warming and climate change rather than considering it to be a natural course of existence.
  3. Climate Change Factors and Impacts on Blue Crab Populations
    This paper examines scientific articles and other materials related to climate change critically and identifies the effects that climate change may have had on the Chesapeake Bay blue crab population.
  4. Organizational Climate and Nursing Care Practices
    The Caring Nurse-Patient Interaction Short Scale (CNPISS) was the method used to measure Caring Practices in the Roch, Dubois, and Clarke (2014) study.
  5. Respiratory Diseases Caused by Climate Change
    Respiratory diseases caused by climate change, such as asthma, strike children, pregnant women, the elderly, communities of color, and people living below the poverty level.
  6. Health Issues Caused by Climate Change
    The elevation of temperature changes the weather patterns and causes intensive snowstorms, heatwaves, floods, droughts, rising sea levels, and wildfires.
  7. The Climate Tragedy and Adaptation to Disasters
    The idea of people’s adaptation to the potential disaster is considered in the context of a human trait to accept any threat.
  8. Ecofeminism: Women Against Climate Change
    Ecofeminism is one of the essential trends of coherent society that includes many ideas and concepts prevalent in the modern world.
  9. Climate Change and Impact on Human Health
    In this paper, two academic articles that discuss the problem of climate change and its impact on human health will be reviewed.
  10. Weather and Climate Change: Physical Equations
    The topics of weather and climate are increasingly addressed at international meetings and summits and cause concern not only among environmentalists but also ordinary citizens.
  11. Hospital Climate and Nurses’ Caring Practices
    The findings of the study “Organizational Climate and Hospital Nurses’ Caring Practices” could affect key aspects of care, especially more engagement in relational care.
  12. Women’s Activism Sources Around Climate Change
    The given project introduces the following research question: What are the main sources of women’s activism around climate change?
  13. Solving the Climate Problem for Next 50 Years.
    Today the biggest threat to climate is carbon emulsions and heavy costs related to the use of technology will prevent third-world countries to benefit from it.
  14. Climate Change and Its Potential Impact on Agriculture and Food Supply
    The global food supply chain has been greatly affected by the impact of global climate change. There are, however, benefits as well as drawbacks to crop production.
  15. Climate of San Francisko’s Region
    In this essay, the author describes the climate of the San Francisco region and the main factors that affect it.
  16. Global Warming: Do Human Activities Threaten to Change Climate?
    The greenhouse gases that cause global warming can only be present in the atmosphere if they are emitted and their emission can only come out of the activities of human beings.
  17. Climate Change as a Challenge to Australia
    Climate change is characterised by changes in the weather conditions brought about by emissions from industries as well as emissions from agriculture.
  18. Climate Change Skepticism in Relation to Global Warming
    The researcher has used the most appropriate research design that enables her to take a closer look at climate change skepticism.
  19. Environmental Health Theory and Climate Change
    In the environmental health theory, there is a view on how environmental health, human ecology, and health affect the public.
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