54 Ocean Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Ocean

  1. Oceans and Their Systems
    An ocean gyre can be defined as a system of ocean currents, which exist in a constant rotating movement. The cause of the ocean gyre is wind movements.
  2. Will California Really Fall into the Ocean?
    The paper discusses if it is possible that California fall into the ocean due to the influence of some forces in the near future.
  3. What Lurks in the Depth of the Ocean?
    A range of technological advances and solutions for economic issues pose a tangible threat to environment, and oceans are by far the most vulnerable element of the latter.
  4. Ocean Research vs. Outer Space Exploration
    Both the study of the outer space and the research of the processes that take place on Earth, particularly, in the ocean, are crucial for facilitating the safety of the humankind.
  5. Iron Seeding Oceans: Global Warming Solution
    The principle behind iron seeding is the reduction of carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. One of the major raw materials needed in photosynthesis is carbon dioxide.
  6. Geologic Time and the World Ocean: Diving a Bit Deeper
    Studying the history of the Earth’s climate means analyzing the archaeological traces that the previous eras have left; and nowhere is the search for these traces is as efficient as it is in the ocean.
  7. The WWF’s Environmental Advertisement on Marine and Ocean Pollution
    Visual image can also make a convincing point, and this is particularly applicable to social and environmental advertising.
  8. Environmental Issues: Plastics in the Ocean
    The circular economy encourages recycling and reuse and this approach could be used effectively to mitigate the problem of plastic marine pollution in the long term.
  9. Blue Ocean Strategy and Framework
    Blue ocean strategy represents a policy that challenges organizations to distance themselves from the violent competition through the establishment of uncharted markets.
  10. Hong Kong Ocean Park’s Resource-Based Management
    The main idea of the resource-based view within the context of the Hong Kong Ocean Park case study is to emphasize the role of assessing the company’s own resources.
  11. Ocean Transport Capitalizing Interest Costs
    Ocean transport plans to convert its container ship to passenger-container ship via borrowing of funds. The intended use of the modified ship is not intended to be sold.
  12. Comparative History of the Red Sea Trans-Saharan and Indian Ocean Slave Trades
    In the period that spanned the four last decades of the 15th century, the merchants took slaves from East Africa, North Africa, and some parts of Europe, such as South Italy.
  13. West Indian Ocean Coelacanth (Latimeria Chalumnae)
    Latimeria Chalumnae is an exception – a living fossil and a fish that is closer to tetrapods, including humans, rather than to the ray-finned fish, from an evolutionary standpoint.
  14. Five Oceans of the Earth
    There are five oceans on the surface of the earth, including the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, and the Southern Ocean.

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  1. Silk Road and Indian Ocean Trade
  2. Shark Hunting: The Loss of an Apex Predator and the Corruption of the Ocean Ecosystem
  3. Australi the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean
  4. Global Warming and Its Effects on the Ocean
  5. Coral the Most Important Part of Ocean Ecosystem
  6. Climate Change and Ocean Temperature
  7. Jersey Shore Ocean Pollution
  8. How Does Ocean Pollution Impact Earth?
  9. Economic, Technological, and Social Aspects of Ocean
  10. How Dangerous the Ocean Can Be?
  11. Human Overpopulation, Ocean Acidification, and Pollution
  12. Ocean Floor’s Hydrothermal Vents
  13. Ocean Dumping & Marine Pollution
  14. Microbial Respiration, the Engine of Ocean Deoxygenation
  15. Novel Ocean Energy Permanent Magnet Linear Generator Buoy
  16. Objects Deep Beneath the Surface of the Ocean Are
  17. Horizontal and Vertical Ocean Currents
  18. Cruising Across the Indian Ocean
  19. Ocean Acidification May Change How Sharks Behave
  20. 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake & Sanaysay

💡 Simple Ocean Essay Ideas

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  1. Acidification and the Ocean’s Changing Climate
  2. Sahara and the Indian Ocean
  3. Ocean Carbon Sinks and International Climate Policy
  4. Ocean Ecosystem-Based Management Mandates and Implementation in the North Atlantic
  5. Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami
  6. High-Frequency Ocean Carbon Chemistry Observation
  7. Earths Dynamic Ocean and Atmosphere
  8. Ocean Acidification: Negative Impacts on Shellfish
  9. Ocean Global Warming Impacts on the South America Climate
  10. Future Vision for Autonomous Ocean Observations
  11. The Pacific Ocean and Land Bridge Theory
  12. Cuttlefish and Squid Jets of the Ocean
  13. Porter’s Five Forces Model Versus a Blue Ocean Strategy
  14. Ocean Tidal Power: Obtaining Electricity From Low and High Tides
  15. National Science Foundation Funds Is Called Ocean
  16. Coral Reef Ecosystems Under Climate Change and Ocean Acidification
  17. Bacterial Biogeography Across the Amazon River-Ocean Continuum
  18. Human Impact Upon the Environment: Ocean Pollution and Marine Life
  19. Deep Water Ocean North Atlantic
  20. Multivariate Modeling and Analysis of Regional Ocean Freight Rates
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