61 Petroleum Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Petroleum

  1. British Petroleum: Corruption Involving Ethics
    Economists rate BP previously referred to as British Petroleum as the third-largest oil company in the world. Its locality in London. It merged with Amoco and changed its name to BP.
  2. Petroleum Products Problem in the USA
    America’s overdependence on petroleum products is a reason for the sluggish economy. Government officials must eliminate the country’s overdependence on petroleum products.
  3. British Petroleum Company Risk Assessment
    The issues related to climate change have attracted a lot of attention and have become a part of the agenda of socially responsible companies. British Petroleum is one of such companies.
  4. British Petroleum Company: Organization’ Social Performance
    British Petroleum is a multinational company that deals with gas, crude oil, and petroleum products. BP is the second-largest oil and gas producer in the U.S.
  5. Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
    It is obvious that the dominant strategy for the OPEC countries consists in increasing their production and decreasing their prices.
  6. British Petroleum’s Risks due to Climate Changes
    BP incurs a risk of physical damage to its assets by such climate extreme events as hurricanes, droughts, extreme cold, and hot temperatures, and floods.
  7. British Petroleum Company’s SWOT and PESTLE Analysis
    British Petroleum (BP), headquartered in St. James’s, City of Westminster, London, is ranked number three among the largest energy companies in the world.
  8. Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company
    This paper discusses the implementation of creative idea generation sessions, contest organization, and evaluation as essential tools for development and sustainability in Orpic.
  9. The British Petroleum and the BTC Pipeline
    The approach that BP used in social, environmental, and economic development was positive because the motive was to bring social development in the host communities.
  10. British Petroleum Company’s Executive Retirement Issues
    The main problem of British Petroleum’s management is that it is putting profits before public and employee interests.
  11. Omani Oil and Petroleum Company: The Decision About Which Markets to Enter
    This report focuses on how Omani Oil and Petroleum Company can make a successful entry into a specific foreign market to help achieve sustainable growth in this industry.
  12. Reducing Accident Rate of Excavation and Maintenance in Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company
    Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company is one of Oman’s largest natural resource extraction companies.
  13. British Petroleum Company’s Marketing Plan
    This paper presents a marketing plan for the company and proceeds by first performing a situational analysis of the energy sector.
  14. Petroleum Exporting Countries Organization
    The paper explores the history of OPEC as the petroleum suppliers organization represents this alliance as the political power and provides the models of its further development.
  15. Motivation at Norsk Petroleum
    Norsk Petroleum, a leading gas and petroleum company, pays a special attention to motivation and organizational culture, job satisfaction high productivity.
  16. The Organization of Petroleum Producing Countries Cartel
    The essay first provides a basic definition of what a cartel is and then gives a short description of the constituent members of the OPEC cartel.
  17. British Petroleum Company’s Strengths and Weaknesses
    The current status of British Petroleum is of a multinational oil company. This is one of the three largest companies in the World.
  18. Oil Spill Crisis as a Result of the British Petroleum
    Oil Spill Crisis was reported that about eleven workers died in the explosion that took place on 20th of April.
  19. The British Petroleum Company Plc: Corporate Governance
    Corporate governance and business ethics allow an organization to address the issues that affect an organization.
  20. The British Petroleum Company: Target Markets
    BP plc operates in every part of its home country, the United Kingdom. BP’s target markets largely overlap with those of Royal Dutch Shell.
  21. Petroleum Trading and Risk Management
    Petroleum and gas producers’ choice to hedge utilizing varieties of hedging activities needs to be executed based on individual cases.

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  1. Petroleum Price Elasticity, Income Effects, and OPEC’s Pricing Policy
  2. Domestic Petroleum Price Smoothing in Developing and Transition Countries
  3. Short and Long-Run Adjustments in U.S. Petroleum Consumption
  4. Optimal Failure Rates and Penalty-Bonus Policies in the Offshore Petroleum Sector
  5. Petroleum Products Price Fluctuations and Economic Growth in Cameroon
  6. Norwegian Petroleum Wealth and Universal Ownership
  7. Petroleum Mergers and Competition in the Northeast United States
  8. The Growing Concerns Over America’s Depletion of Its Petroleum Reserves
  9. Earth and How Our Petroleum Use Is Destroying It
  10. Petroleum Engineering and Its Effect on the Human Resources and Services
  11. China’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve: A Drop in the Bucket
  12. Market Power, International CO2 Taxation, and Petroleum Wealth
  13. Bioremediation and Petroleum Hydrocarbons
  14. Gas Chromatography and Petroleum Industry
  15. Petroleum Products Are More Expensive in Europe Than the US
  16. Prospects for the World Petroleum Market and Implications for Canadian Policy
  17. China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation
  18. Petroleum Industry and the Petrochemical Industry
  19. America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserves
  20. Brazilian Upstream Petroleum Regulation

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  1. Petroleum Production and the Norwegian Economy – Some Recent Issues
  2. Oil Refinery and Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
  3. Detailed Information About China National Petroleum Corporation
  4. Petroleum Prices, Exchange Rates, and Domestic Inflation in Developing Nations
  5. Integrity Systems and the Petroleum Industry
  6. Oil and Price Dynamics in International Petroleum Markets
  7. Petroleum Refining and the Indirect Byproduct Effect of Biofuels
  8. Ethical Issues Concerning Hydraulic Fracturing in the Petroleum Industry
  9. Project Finance for the International Petroleum Industry
  10. Domestic Demand for Petroleum Products in Mena Countries
  11. Petroleum Industry’s Economic Contribution to North Dakota in 2015
  12. Forecasting Crude Oil Spot Price Using OECD Petroleum Inventory Levels
  13. The Onshore and Offshore Petroleum Resource of Australia
  14. Petroleum and Vector Mathematical Form
  15. Environmental Conservation Aluminum Old Tires and Petroleum
  16. Petroleum Engineering Has Had on Our Country and Globally
  17. The Petroleum Industry’s Response to an Endangered Species Listing
  18. Petroleum and Its Effects on the Petrochemical Industry
  19. Tax Harmonization for Petroleum Products in the European Commission
  20. Hybrid Technology Over Petroleum Usage
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