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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Infrastructure

  1. Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure Systems
    Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure System curbs the traffic problems in the roads. It designs new concepts for road infrastructure that offers communication services for drivers.
  2. Public Key Infrastructure
    This paper addresses public key infrastructure and its relation to the concept of trust when using public keys.
  3. New York City’s Sociology and Infrastructure
    The city of New York is among the most developed cities in US and globally. Informal and formal units have a role to play in the development of city and solutions to problems.
  4. Road Network Infrastructure: Public Private Partnership
    This paper looks at PPPs in the context of road construction and renovation project in Indonesia, which is meant to improve the transport infrastructure in the country.
  5. Green Infrastructure in Water Management
    This paper evaluates the utility of water management in urban areas from the aspect of perception and interpretation of green infrastructure in water management.
  6. Protection of Critical Infrastructure and Key Assets
    The physical infrastructure strategy is a commitment of the government to protect physical assets that are of high value and great importance to the community, from terrorism.
  7. Disney and Information Technology Infrastructure Library
    This paper provides information about Disney’s experience with ITIL implementations, such as reasons for it, results achieved, possible challenges, and reasons for success.
  8. China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
    China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is an organization intended to support infrastructural development in the region. The US and Japan voiced their disproval of the endeavor.
  9. The Growth of the American Infrastructure
    The presented article outlines various effects of the intensified infrastructure growth over the last twenty years had on the sociocultural system of the United States.
  10. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank’s Initiative
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the implications of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank’s initiative and analyze three global connections with regard to the project.
  11. South Korean Transportation Infrastructure
    South Korea is high on the list of economies with effective logistical infrastructure, with ports and airports allowing travelling to a variety of destinations worldwide.
  12. Healthcare Informatics: Infrastructure Evaluation
    Public hospitals infrastructure is the base that supports the planning, delivery, and evaluation of health activities and practices.
  13. Pavement and Bridge Infrastructure: Performance Indicators
    Evaluations based on performance measures lead to the development of reasonable alternatives for improving “roads, highways, or bridges that require repair.
  14. Infrastructure and Nation Building in Canada
    This paper reviews the yearbook of communication of Canada of 1915 and discusses observations in the relation of infrastructure and nation-building.
  15. The US Federal Infrastructure Funding
    In the annual address to Congress, the US president, Donald Trump, recalled his promise to restore the country’s infrastructure. The work reviews US Federal Infrastructure Funding.
  16. Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources
    In this research it will be discussed the necessary authorities and resources to make mandatory or necessary security changes in the transportation industry.
  17. Energy Infrastructure Management in the United States
    Energy assets in the US are predisposed to various vulnerabilities. Threats facing energy assets include natural disasters, danger related to industrial and technological issues.
  18. Rating System for Infrastructure Projects in Nigeria
    This study assesses the adoption of a sustainable building rating system for the execution of infrastructure projects in the Nigerian Construction Industry.
  19. Congestion in Urban Setting Public Infrastructure
    Congestion in urban leads to the decrease in speed of how services are offered, overlapping of vehicles which can consequently cause accidents.
  20. Urban Infrastructure: Transport Appraisal
    Chapter number fourteen, called “Transport Appraisal” from the book by Cowie, is focused on exploring the structure of investment in the transportation system and its financing.
  21. Infrastructure as a Service by Amazon
    The demand for cloud computing is proliferating due to its cost-efficiency, scalability, and simple management.
  22. Cybersecurity for Amazon Web Services Infrastructure
    This paper gives a detailed description of the best strategies and initiatives to maintain the security of data and services that reside on Amazon Web Services infrastructure.
  23. Homeland Security-Protecting Critical Infrastructures
    Post 11th September 2001 attacks on the twin towers of World Trade Center; the FBI has faced a brunt of a lot of criticism from the public and media alike.
  24. Critical Infrastructure: Major Vulnerabilities
    The essay examines the vulnerabilities in the U.S. critical infrastructure that require more significant mitigation efforts.
  25. New Jersey’s Way to Benefit From Its Infrastructure
    New Jersey like every other state, places a lot of importance on their infrastructure. The state realizes that an effective infrastructure is vital to their economy, environment and health.
  26. Infrastructure Help Professionalism: Special Education
    In special education, several factors may determine the efficiency of professionalism, including leadership and infrastructure

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  1. Assessing Spatial Equity and Efficiency Impacts of Transport Infrastructure Projects
  2. Contracting for Infrastructure Projects as Credence Goods
  3. British Infrastructure Policy and the Gradual Return of the State
  4. Customer Service, Infrastructure, and Finances
  5. Cross-border Transport Infrastructure and Aid Policies
  6. Access Regulation and Geographic Deployment of a New Generation Infrastructure
  7. Assessing Health Care Infrastructure at the Regional Level: A Statistical Approach
  8. Critical Networked Infrastructure Protection From Adversaries
  9. Analysis of the Relationship Between the Level of Competition and Prices for Large Transport Infrastructure Facilities
  10. Capability for Infrastructure Asset Capacity Management
  11. Bhutan’s Business Infrastructure Policy and Industrial Parks
  12. Contract Stability and Private Infrastructure Investment
  13. Estimating the Welfare Effects of Digital Infrastructure
  14. Analyzing the Direct Link Between Infrastructure and Economic Prosperity
  15. Assignment Complexities and Challenges of Health Care It Infrastructure
  16. Enterprise Software and Business Infrastructure Business
  17. China and Infrastructure Projects
  18. Critical Information Infrastructure Systems Worldwide
  19. Developing Britain’s Port Infrastructure: Markets, Policy, and Location
  20. Attracting Foreign Direct Investment in Infrastructure
  21. Access Regulation and the Timing of Infrastructure Investment
  22. Agglomeration Economies and Urban Public Infrastructure
  23. Climate Change and Stormwater Infrastructure
  24. Capital Switching, Infrastructure, and the Ecological Fix
  25. Building Asia’s Infrastructure: Issues and Options
  26. Decentralizing and Financing Infrastructure
  27. Converged Infrastructure Solutions and Services Market
  28. Carbon Pricing Revenues Could Close Infrastructure Access Gaps
  29. Chinese Minority and Infrastructure Development
  30. Angola Regulatory System and Infrastructure

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  1. America Isn’t Ready for Real Digital Protection of Its Infrastructure
  2. Capability Building for Infrastructure Delivery
  3. Competitiveness, Infrastructure, and Business in Japan
  4. Corporate Infrastructure and Intranet Usage
  5. Civil Infrastructure Security and Operational Safety
  6. Biodiversity and Green Infrastructure in Urban Planning
  7. Decentralized and Centralized Infrastructure
  8. Cyber Attacks and Its Effects on Critical Infrastructure
  9. Building and Infrastructure Development Across the Globe
  10. Bangladesh Infrastructure Finance Fund
  11. Discounting Transport Infrastructure Investments
  12. Agricultural Production and the Development of the Infrastructure
  13. Antifragility and the Development of Urban Water Infrastructure
  14. Aid for Trade, Infrastructure, and Growth
  15. Building Infrastructure Projects Like Highways
  16. China’s Growth Story: The Role of Physical and Social Infrastructure
  17. Economics Behind ICT Infrastructure Management
  18. Accounting Infrastructure and Economic Development
  19. Australia Should Not Adopt High-Speed Rail as a National Infrastructure
  20. Agglomeration and Cross-border Infrastructure
  21. Brazil’s Banking Infrastructure and Business Structures
  22. Asian Infrastructure Challenges: Issues of Institutional Capacity
  23. Analyzing United States Infrastructure Cyber Readiness
  24. Economic and Social Infrastructure
  25. Cooperative Institutions for Metropolitan Infrastructure Development
  26. Augmented Reality for Enabling Smart Nuclear Infrastructure
  27. Critical Infrastructure: Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
  28. Cultural Infrastructure and Regional Economic Well-being in Germany
  29. Assessing Infrastructure Interdependencies: The Challenge of Risk Analysis for Complex Adaptive Systems
  30. China’s Developing Infrastructure: The Impact of Globalisation
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