88 Social Problems Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Social Problems

  1. Social Problems of People with Disabilities
    People living with disabilities go through several challenges in life because society is yet to appreciate their presence.
  2. Social Problem of Inequality
    Studies of social inequality included non-urban areas and social inequality factors that had not been included in previous studies.
  3. Oppression as a Social Problem
    The paper defines oppression in terms of marginalization, exploitation, powerlessness, cultural imperialism and violence: the key facets of oppression according to Iris Young.
  4. Social Problem Analysis: Social Inequality in Education
    This paper encompasses the persistent issue of social inequality that we can witness as a routine practice every day. This topic analysis social inequality in educational institutions.
  5. Texting and Driving: Social Problems
    Texting and driving refers to the act of receiving, reading and sending text messages while operating a motor vehicle, which is a hazardous practice that causes many fatalities.
  6. Meth Epidemic as a Social Problem: Film Analysis
    Drug consumption has become a major social problem for many states in the US as many drug users and addicts consider meth as their top choice.
  7. World Poverty as a Global Social Problem
    Poverty and the key methods helping to reduce it attract the attention of numerous researchers in different areas of expertise.
  8. Social Problems in Wilson’s “Fences” Play
    People who have been subjected to social oppression have a good chance of developing mental health problems in the future.
  9. Poverty as a Social Problem
    Society often perceives poverty as an individualistic issue, believing that it is a consequence of bad decisions.
  10. Global Warming: Solving a Social Problem
    Global warming may be a cause of the cooling in some parts of the world. Global warming can slow down ocean heat transport which becomes the reason for cooling in some regions.
  11. Rawls vs. Nozick on Social Problems and Criminal Justice
    The essay reflects on the articles of Rawls and Nozick to compare their key points and determine whose theory is most applicable to social problems and criminal justice.
  12. American Modern Social Problem
    The United States is not renowned to having one of the best systems of health care worldwide, rather the U .S. is known for its best system in emergency care worldwide.
  13. American Social Problems: Family and Education
    The family and education are major socializing agents in society and to be particular the United States of America.
  14. Substance Abuse: The Cause of Social Problems
    Substance abuse is a contributing factor to social problems but cannot be said to be the one that is most responsible.
  15. Migration as a Social Problem
    The essay takes a look at migration as a social problem on the example of the current immigration situation in the United States and South Africa.
  16. Americas Social Problems Nowadays
    The article explains the social, economic, political, technological, and legal impacts of war and how the global community can address the reality of terrorism.
  17. Modern American Social Problems
    The essay lists the current American social problems and describes the key point of each problem the society faced nowadays.
  18. American Social Problems of Women and the Elderly
    The issues of social discrimination experienced by women and elderly people have their roots in two fundamental perspectives of social life.
  19. America’s Social Problems Through the Song “Cookie Jar” by J. Johnson
    The song Cookie Jar is a song written by Jack Johnson song talks about the blame game that is going on and in American society.
  20. Childhood Obesity: Medical Complications and Social Problems
    The children have also suffered from the adverse effects that have been instilled into our society. Obesity has become a common problem in children of American and European countries.
  21. Social Problems: Exploring the Main Types
    There are four main social problems; crime, violence, drug abuse, and environmental problems. The other social problems are very closely related to the above.
  22. Violence: The Social Problem
    The present paper provides extensive research on the problem of violence in communities, in terms of its significance in society, the different perspectives.
  23. Benchmark as Social Problems
    The impact of social phenomenon, for instance, social inequality, vulnerable population and other problems with politics, on poverty from a macro and micro perspectives.
  24. Social Problems Assignment: Juvenile Delinquency
    Juvenile delinquency or illegal behaviors committed by underage children is a significant social problem in the United States and worldwide.
  25. Juvenile Delinquency as Social Problem of Vulnerable Populations
    The theme of this paper is such a problem of vulnerable populations as juvenile delinquency, its interconnection with other social problems, and possible ways of its solution.
  26. Juvenile Delinquency as Social Problem Within Education Institutions
    Children, adolescents, and young people desire to discover something new, previously unknown, to assert themselves in innovative activities.
  27. Analyzing Social Problems: Health Disparities
    This discussion will examine the unequal access to healthcare and its cause, investigate its prevalence, describe vulnerable populations.
  28. Social Problems Related to Alcohol and Drugs
    The present paper will explain the content of three articles relating to the issue of Alcohol and drug use while also providing a personal reflection on the readings.

🎓 Most Interesting Social Problems Research Titles

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  1. The Social Problems Behind the Military Suicide
  2. How Overpopulation Causes Social Problems?
  3. Ethical and Social Problems of Genetic Engineering
  4. The Economic and Social Problems of the 1930s
  5. Social Problems Among College Students
  6. Alphonso Pinkney’s Black American: Chronic Social Problems
  7. Race and Gender Impact on Social Problems
  8. Behavior and Social Problems in Classrooms
  9. Social Problems About School Drop Outs
  10. Current Political and Social Problems of Pakistan
  11. Social Problems Associated With Street Gangs
  12. Social Problems and the Theories of Emile Durkheim
  13. Unemployment and Social Problems in the Post-war United States
  14. Social Problems and Issues in Pakistan
  15. Sociology and Various Social Problems
  16. The Major Social Problems Facing the Teenagers of Today
  17. Values, Social Problems, and Balanced Development in Malaysia
  18. Political, Economic and Social Problems of France
  19. Social Problems Associated With Health and Happiness
  20. The Environment and Social Problems
  21. Social Problems Amongst the Homeless
  22. Mauritius: Tourism and Social Problems
  23. Social Problems Affecting Youth Today and Ways To Solve Them
  24. Nature and Social Problems
  25. Social Problems and Drug Abuse
  26. Critical Social Problems Affecting African Americans
  27. Social Problems Arise From the Views and Values of the Society
  28. Connection Between Social Problems and Urbanization
  29. Unemployment Social Problems Faced by China and West
  30. Social Problems Among Youth in Malaysia

💡 Simple Social Problems Essay Ideas

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  1. Social Problems Exam Practice
  2. PRS and Its Social Problems
  3. Social Problems and Legalization of Marijuana
  4. The Increasing Social Problems of Violence in the 20th Century
  5. Child Abuse – Social Problems
  6. Social Problems and Solutions Chart
  7. The Social Problems Facing Homeless Youth
  8. Social Problems Are Due to Society’s Tolerance of Immorality
  9. Realist and Constructivist Approaches to Social Problems
  10. Social Problems During the Industrial Revolution
  11. Emile Durkheim and Social Problems
  12. Literature During the Old Times Until Now Contribute To Address Social Problems
  13. Substance Abuse and Social Problems
  14. Public Education and the Impact of Social Problems
  15. Social Problems Facing Our US Veterens
  16. Physiological and Social Problems in the Middle East
  17. Social Problems and Homelessness in Savannah, Georgia
  18. Technical and Social Problems of Nuclear Waste
  19. Social Problems Associated With Interfaith Marriages
  20. Technology and Social Problems
  21. Social Problems Affecting Students and Schools in the US
  22. Ethnography: Social Problems
  23. Social Problems Affecting Society, Big and Small
  24. Appalachia: Culture and Social Problems
  25. Social Problems Associated With Racial Discrimination
  26. Political, Economic, and Social Problems in India
  27. Social Problems Behind Sexual Deviance
  28. Poor Neighborhoods Give Rise to Social Problems
  29. Literary Realism and Social Problems
  30. Prevalent Social Problems That Impacts Society
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