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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Pharmacy

  1. Animal Use in Pharmacology: Negative Effects on Humans and Animals
    The use of the animal to develop drugs for humans may result in the manufacture of harmful medicines. The substances used to manufacture the drugs have adverse impacts on animals.
  2. Pharmacare Company Ethic and Corporate Responsibility
    This paper evaluates the ethical and corporate responsibility issues that arise in the scenario presented involving Pharmacare: ethical treatment of employees and whistle blowing.
  3. PharmaCARE Company Analysis: Stakeholders and Practices
    PharmaCARE is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world, which has made a significant contribution to the development of drugs and treatment of diseases.
  4. PharmaCare Company Ethical Issues
    This paper presents a case study of PharmaCare, which is one of those companies that have been victims of ethical issues. It will consider the emerging marketing strategy.
  5. The Environmental Condition of the Global Pharmaceutical Industry
    Pharmaceutical industry presently undergoes a sluggish growth with the intensification of pricing policies, sluggish growth of prescription drugs.
  6. PharmaCARE: Product Safety & Intellectual Property
    Using the case of PharmaCARE, this paper discusses legal and ethical considerations in marketing and advertising, product safety, and intellectual property.
  7. Pharmacy Technician Career: Programs That Can Help People to Become a Good Pharmacy Technician
    It is possible to outline some existing programs which can help a person to become a good Pharmacy Technician in Oklahoma.
  8. Turing Pharmaceuticals’ Unethical Price Hikes
    Turing Pharmaceuticals received so much media attention due to an overnight increase in the price of the drug Daraprim from $13.50 per pill to $750.
  9. Evidence-Based Pharmacology: Major Depression
    In this paper, a certain attention to different treatment approaches that can be offered to patients with depression will be paid, including the evaluation of age implications.
  10. Caffeine Use in Medicine and Pharmacy
    Caffeine is used is increasingly becoming popular. The authors of the published research article are distinguished researchers in the field of medicine and pharmacy.
  11. Employee Engagement in Pharmacy Services
    Employee engagement illustrates willingness and desire of employees to give their best and outperform themselves daily, motivated to contribute to organizational success.
  12. CVS Company’s Pharmacy Fulfillment Process
    The current fulfillment process at CVS seems to be overly complicated of the entrepreneurship to function efficiently and make sure that the customers’ needs are met adequately.
  13. Lack of Leadership in Pharmaceutical and Medical Companies
    This document concentrates on pharmaceutical and medical companies. It describes and expounds the unethical instances that these companies encountered in the course of their activities.
  14. Ranitidine Medication’s Pharmaceutical Analysis
    Ranitidine has been shown to be an effective treatment for DUs and GUs, GERD, Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, and pyrosis when used at appropriate dosage levels and frequency.
  15. The UK Pharmaceutical Industry: International Business
    This article will discuss the international business opportunities and risks faced by the pharmaceutical industry in the UK.
  16. Pharmacy and Policy: Inappropriate Prescription of Drugs
    It is essential to develop a policy that would enable to reduce the practice of multiple drug prescriptions and eliminate excess financial and health costs associated with it.
  17. National Pharmacy: Mobilising Creativity and Innovation
    This paper is focused on utilising innovation and creativity theoretical models to improve the work environment at the National Pharmacy L.L.C.
  18. Database Design Proposal for Pharmaceutical Products
    Project is crucial for healthcare professionals to realize all the DDIs and avoid prescription errors. The database is useful for hospital managers to control substance use.
  19. Pharmacy: A Career Pathway
    Pharmacy is vital to research and treatment of fatal diseases. Various researches are currently conducted with a view to introducing new drugs that are more efficient.
  20. PharmaCARE: Ethical and Legal Issues
    The case of PharmaCARE entails a scenario of manipulating the intellectual property rights responsible for safeguarding the production rights of PharmaCARE.

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  1. The Competitiveness of Saudi Pharmaceutical Industry
    This paper describes the competitive factors in Saudi Arabia pharmaceutical industry using the theoretical models of porter and outlines the forces such as the economic and legal factors.
  2. Computerized Provider Order Entry in Pharmacology
    Computerized provider order entry is an information system that provides a possibility to digitally enter the patient data and chart.
  3. Vapi Pharmaceutical Firms: Strategies for Toxic Waste Disposal
    Vapi (India) pharmaceutical companies’ strategies on toxic waste products don’t satisfy and comply with laws and legislation on toxic waste management.
  4. Pharmacy as a Professional Field and Its History
    A modern pharmacy is a commercial unit that specializes in the sale of patent medicines. Thus, the pharmacist is responsible for medicines and drugs quality.
  5. Pharmacogenetics Characteristics and Development
    Pharmacogenetics is a relatively young branch of medical science, but it is supposed to have significant potential when it comes to the effectiveness of treatment methods.
  6. Pharmaceutical Industries: Changes and Challenges
    Pharmaceutical industries are responsible for the manufacture of drugs. Like any other industry that we know, they aim at making profits.
  7. New Pharmaceuticals and Their Path to the Market
    When a new pharmaceutical is invented, several steps need to be taken to bring it to the market. Effective marketing is preceded by primarily drug development and manufacturing.
  8. Medical Pharmacology: The Langendorff Experiment
    The Langendorff experiment aimed at using an ex vivo isolated rat heart preparation to demonstrate the pharmacological effects of two unknown drugs.
  9. The Concept of Pharmacogenetics: Brief Analysis
    The present paper includes a brief analysis of the concept of pharmacogenetics, that is the study of people’s genetically determined responses to some drugs.
  10. Pharmacology: Drug Licensing Opportunity
    Obtaining a license for a new drug is a very costly and time consuming affair. Any pharmaceutical company would have to weigh all its options before embarking on such a process.
  11. Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company and Its Market Relations
    The main aim of the Pfizer Company is to make the medicine accessible to all, and it works in this direction.
  12. System Approach to Organizational Change: Pharmacy Automation
    As per the discussion and analysis in the paper, it will be clear that the automation and networking in a pharmacy enables to expand its customer base thus increasing the business.
  13. Cialis Production: Pharmaceutical Review
    The case relates to a firm that is in the process of innovating and launching a new drug with the brand name Cialis in the market. The drug is aimed at treating impotence in men.
  14. Outsourcing in the Pharmaceutical Industry
    Technology is the powerful force that now drives the world toward a single converging commonality. No place and nobody is insulated from the alluring attractions of modernity.
  15. Veteran Pharmaceutical: Cause and Effect
    Due to the economic crunch being experienced all over America and the whole world at large, there has been a decline in profits for Veteran in the last few months.
  16. Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management: Operational Plan
    Due to the specificity of its activity, a healthcare organization tends to require a pharmaceutical supplier which provides medicines to be vended in the facility.

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  1. Deregulating the Pharmacy Market: The Case of Iceland and Norway
  2. Margins and Market Shares: Pharmacy Incentives for Generic Substitution
  3. Mission and Target Market of Rite Aid Pharmacy
  4. Pharmacy: Where Serving Others Is the Key to Success
  5. Weighing, Measuring and Compounding in Pharmacy
  6. Bringing the Gap That Exists in Pharmacy Communications
  7. Why Is the Pharmacy Profession Not Just a Four-Year Commitment?
  8. Pharmacy: Medicine and Motivating Factors
  9. Hospital Pharmacy Decisions, Cost Containment, and the Use of Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
  10. Young Mothers and the Marketing of Pharmacy Services
  11. Overview of Intranet Pharmacy Information Systems
  12. Sales and Inventory System of a Pharmacy
  13. Pharmacy Data Integrity for Optimal Analytics
  14. Healing, Serving and Educating in Pharmacy
  15. Independent Pharmacy Gives Main Street American Service
  16. Generic Pharmacy Inventory and Point of Sale System
  17. Strategic Marketing Management for Boots the Pharmacy
  18. Tools for Hospital Pharmacy Process Improvement
  19. Chemical Principles for Pharmacy Technicians
  20. Why Did Walgreens Eventually Become America’s Leading Pharmacy?
  21. Strategic Risk Management for Llyods Pharmacy
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