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Drugs in the Modern Sports

I would not condone this behavior because I am the Commissioner of the National Football League (NFL), a system that has already been affected by players testing positive for banned substances. Anti-doping agency is mainly concerned with sportsmanship and the notion that competitiveness should be derived from natural merit and hard work (Music, 2019). In an ideal world, the sport will be played as planned, with everyone having equal and legitimate opportunity to showcase their skills.

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Sports people in modern games are always searching for a strategic edge to win easily or perform extraordinarily. Athletes can do almost anything to better their abilities, whether it is putting in extra hours in the gym, eating healthy, or experimenting with different workout routines (Music, 2019). Performance Enhanced Drugs (PEDs) have “assisted” players in reaching new levels, but those who have been identified have caused them embarrassment as well as having their entire careers invalidated (Trevorrow, 2020). These are banned substances, and anybody using them during competition is believed to be cheating.

The National Football League’s Substance Abuse Policy has formulated measures that expands in severity with each violation. It states that a two-game ban would be imposed on a player if their stimulant test fails for the first time. Also, a six-game suspension would be enforced for the first positive testing for steroids or PEDs. While an eight-game sanction will be implemented for deception, substitution, and usage of forbidden substance (Trevorrow, 2020). Therefore, I would apply disciplinary action on the individual by strictly adhering to the policy’s guidelines. The competitor will be suspended for the rest of the season and subjected to monitoring during his ban to ensure he complies (Trevorrow, 2020). It is a difficult option, but it was as good as passed when the contestant chose to take the drug. First, it is my responsibility as the person charged with ensuring the league operates smoothly and reasonably, to ensure that all association rules and regulations are followed. Second, the action taken will serve as a deterrent to anyone who would wish to break the rules in the same manner in the future. Third, subjecting one of my own players to such a corrective action would set a strong example for the league’s future leadership since it is the best way to deal with such indiscipline, regardless of who is involved.


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