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Photo credit: Linden Edgell, United Kingdom

M.J. Bradley & Associates (MJB&A), an ERM Group company, has a proven track record of helping stakeholders develop strategic and practical responses to a changing energy landscape by identifying key stakeholders and experts for in-person meetings, producing jointly researched and edited reports, contributing to stakeholder negotiations, and providing comments and input during rule-making processes.

Many of these successful collaborations have led to the formation of long-term coalitions. Strategic energy and environmental coalitions for 2020 include:

  • The Clean Energy Group, a coalition of electric generating and distribution companies that are engaged in air and climate policy issues in the United States. MJB&A provides members with summaries and analyses of new and emerging regulatory and legislative initiative. We coordinate regular briefings by key stakeholders and industry experts and weekly conference calls with member companies. The coalition has existed for more than 20 years.
  • Energy Strategy Coalition actively engages in the development of policies that support clean energy resources with a long-term goal of enabling a national US market-based program for clean energy investment. This group of private and municipal electric companies also engages in federal, state, and regional discussions regarding federal programs that price carbon emissions and broader decarbonization efforts including regulations affecting greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector.
  • Permitting and Infrastructure Coalition collectively engages the US government administration and key agencies by identifying opportunities to modernize the permitting process as well as regulatory and legislative opportunities to ensure energy infrastructure projects can proceed in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Natural Gas Supply Collaborative (NGSC) is a voluntary collaborative of natural gas purchasers promoting safe and responsible practices for natural gas supply. NGSC published a report identifying 14 key environmental and social performance indicators for natural gas production that respond to stakeholder questions and highlight leading producer practices. It has engaged directly with over 20 of the largest natural gas producers in North America and annually evaluates voluntary disclosures of producers against the performance indicators for use by NGSC participants.
  • The Downstream Natural Gas Initiative (DSI) is a group of leading natural gas utilities collaborating to build a shared vision for the role of utilities and the gas distribution network in the transition to a low carbon future. DSI is focused on opportunities to leverage the existing infrastructure to support near- and long-term environmental and economic goals. Through this collaboration, DSI is advancing a long-term vision and related strategies for natural gas utilities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enable the transition to carbon neutrality.
  • The Utility Electric Vehicle Initiative is a group of leading Northeast and mid-Atlantic electric utilities collaborating to address key market, regulatory and technical factors affecting the growth of the electric vehicle market including light, medium and heavy-duty applications. Its mission is to advance the electrification of the transportation segment through implementation of utility programs to help accelerate electric vehicle charging infrastructure deployment, consumer engagement and education, and integration of electric vehicles into the electric grid for the benefit of all electric customers.