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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Happiness

  1. Material Goods Role in Happiness
    Happiness is an expression of positive emotions. The purpose of this paper is to examine whether material goods are essential for an individual’s happiness.
  2. Psychology: Happiness as a Way of Living
    While discussing the topic of happiness and people’s attitudes to this concept, it is possible to speak about many individuals who view the idea of happiness differently.
  3. Family Happiness Definition and Aspects
    A happy family life holistically relies on love, unity, good communication, mutual communion and consideration as well as forgiveness. It requires the input of all family members.
  4. The Human Concept of Happiness and Good
    In order to achieve happiness or fulfilment, men’s good character is essential. In this paper, the philosophical relationship between the man’s good behaviour and happiness is explained.
  5. Happiness in Biology, Culture, Experience
    It isn’t easy to understand what happiness is. However, it is still possible to identify some factors that are likely to affect the degree of happiness.
  6. Level of Happiness in Terms of Regional Differences
    The paper develops a survey design to collect data on the statutory differences in happiness, its measurement and the factors that affect it.
  7. The Global Campaign: Share the Happiness With Coca-Cola
    The Coca-Cola Company is the world’s leader in producing sweet soft drinks. Coca-Cola’s recent promotion campaign is truly global as it targets different countries including Nigeria and Uganda.
  8. House Activities vs. Personal Happiness
    “Want to Be Happier? Hire a Housekeeper, Researchers Suggest” suggests that spending money to get rid of annoying activities makes people happier than buying material things.
  9. Justice and Happiness in Plato’s “Republic”
    Plato’s Republic focuses on the discussion of the meaning of justice and explores a connection between the just man and his happiness.
  10. Is the Good Life Found in Pursuing Happiness?
    Happiness and a good life are different concepts, and one can exist separately from the other; thus, not always a good life can be found in the pursuit of happiness.
  11. Happiness, Positive Psychology and Counselling
    The paper defines happiness, discusses theories of happiness, measurement of happiness, promoting happiness in counselling, and the role of positive psychology in counselling.
  12. Happiness as a Way of Living and Perceiving Reality
    While discussing the topic of happiness and people’s attitudes to this concept, it is possible to speak about many individuals who view the idea of happiness differently.
  13. Imagination, Illusion and Sublimation in Happiness Achievement
    The phenomenon of happiness as a state of being has a special place in the Western Philosophy. The subject matter has been explored by Kant, Tocqueville, Du Chatelet, and Freud.
  14. Happiness, Its Components and Main Aspects
    Happiness has always been one of the central conceptions that impacted people`s lives, their motifs, actions, and desires.
  15. Money and Happiness in Economic Theories
    The pursuit of additional wealth and income usually becomes addictive thereby reducing an individual’s time with their family members and friends and limiting their social life.
  16. Stress and Happiness in Personal Experience
    The notion of happiness is quite philosophical and sometimes can be complicated yet it refers to a feeling and a state of partial or complete pleasure.
  17. Maslow’s and Friedman’s Guides to Happiness and Balance
    At the moment, my physiological and safety needs are predominantly satisfied in such circles as “home,” “work,” and “self.”
  18. “Gross National Happiness in Bhutan” Article by Kelly
    Implementation of practices that can increase the level of happiness in society is important. Material wealth cannot guarantee psychological wellbeing.
  19. Biology and Happiness Relationship
    Human beings engage in numerous activities, establish appropriate relationships, and formulate decisions that can eventually make them happy.
  20. Aristotle and Aquinas on Happiness
    In his most renowned work, Nicomachean Ethics, the philosopher Aristotle explored the idea of a supreme good of people.
  21. “The Blue Zones of Happiness” by Dan Buettner
    In “The Blue Zones of Happiness,” Dan Buettner talks about three zones – Singapore, Costa Rica, and Denmark. The author explains the reasons for people’s happiness in each country.
  22. Socrates and His View on Happiness
    Philosophers and thinkers are always the rebels of their contemporary society. The foundations of their philosophy are laid on the basis of human welfare.
  23. Economics of Happiness, Hunger, and Famine
    The foodstuffs constantly act as a necessary and uncontested part of the fund of vital means and increase for whatever reasons its deficiency is fairly perceived as a disaster.
  24. Love – The Misconception. Synonymous of Happiness
    Depending on what happiness means to one, it can be asserted or contradicted that it is a misconception to believe that money is the most important thing to bring happiness and love.
  25. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit for Happiness
    Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are popular words contained in the American Declaration of Independence. These words are what define the American people.
  26. Survey of Personal Happiness and Personal Life Challenges Resilience
    Psychological stability based on an optimistic perception of life situations and satisfaction with life positively affects person’s work effectiveness.
  27. Comparison of Socrates’s, Epicurus’s, and Michel de Montaigne’s Views on Happiness
    At first sight, the philosophical views of Socrates, Epicurus, and de Montaigne are rather different. But they also proclaimed two similar ideas.
  28. Relationship Between Morality and Happiness
    The role of morality in relation to happiness is essential. It defines the core principles and values of a person.
  29. Can Money Buy Happiness?
    This article analyzes Sandy LaMotto’s research that money brings happiness and that selfish spending is associated with a good mood.
  30. “Quicksand” by Nella Larsen: The Theme of Happiness
    This essay explains the theme of happiness, as depicted in the novel “Quicksand” by Nella Larsen, and the role that gender, race, and class have contributed to Helga’s unhappiness.
  31. Chris Gardner in the Movie “The Pursuit of Happiness” by Muccino
    Chris Gardner is an American businessman and public speaker who inspired the main character in “The Pursuit of Happiness”.

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  1. Floods and Happiness: Empirical Evidence From Bulgaria
  2. Co-residency, Ethnicity, and Happiness of China’s Rural Elders
  3. Aristotle and the Philosophy of Happiness
  4. Collective Happiness: Labor Union Membership and Life Satisfaction
  5. Adult Happiness and Prior Traumatic Victimization in and Out of the Household
  6. Consequentialism and Its Effects on the Greatest Happiness
  7. Christians Seek Happiness and Fulfillment From a Higher Power
  8. Eudaimonia and the Economics of Happiness
  9. Factors That Affect Individual Happiness
  10. Career Mistakes That Are Costing You Happiness
  11. Driven Management and Personal Happiness Strategy Plan
  12. Differences Between Gross Domestic Product and Gross National Happiness
  13. Close Relationships and Happiness Among Emerging Adults
  14. Ethnic Identity and the Pursuit of Happiness
  15. Comparing Happiness Through Social Media
  16. Environmental Awareness and Happiness
  17. Authentic Happiness and the Compassionate Love Scale
  18. Gross National Happiness and Macroeconomic Indicators in the Kingdom of Bhutan
  19. Financial Distress and Happiness of Employees in Times of Economic Crisis
  20. Foreign Aid, Economic Outcomes, and Happiness
  21. Against Positive Thinking: Uncertainty as to the Secret of Happiness
  22. Environmental Degradation and Happiness
  23. America’s Growing Obsession With Happiness
  24. Economic Progress Without People’s Happiness
  25. Augustinian and Aristotelian Happiness
  26. Happiness and Declining Inframarginal Values
  27. Education, Income, and the Distribution of Happiness
  28. Employee Satisfaction, Happiness, and Confidence
  29. Attitudes, Actions, and the Pursuit of Happiness
  30. Happiness and Domain Satisfaction in Turkey

💡 Simple Happiness Essay Ideas

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  1. Correlation Between Happiness and Money
  2. Age and the Pursuit of Happiness Among Immigrants
  3. Cultural Capital and Happiness: Why the Rich Are Happier
  4. Decentralization, Happiness, and the Perception of Institutions
  5. Brave New World Happiness Term
  6. Crime and Happiness Amongst Heads of Households in Malawi
  7. Friendship, Need Satisfaction, and Happiness
  8. Circuits Regulating Pleasure and Happiness in Bipolar Disorder
  9. Education, Income, and Happiness: Panel Evidence for the UK
  10. Economic Growth Brings Greater Happiness
  11. Aristotle and John Stuart Mill on Happiness and Morality
  12. Buddhism: Happiness and the Four Noble Truths
  13. Correlation Between Luck and Happiness
  14. Ethics, Happiness, Freedom, and Virtue
  15. Buddhism and True Happiness
  16. Eroding Happiness Through Emotional Abuse
  17. Childhood Adversity and Adulthood Happiness: Evidence From Japan
  18. Goodness, Happiness, and Virtues in Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle
  19. Finding the Genuine Happiness in the Religion of Christianity
  20. Getting Innovation Right: The Key to Happiness and Flourishing
  21. Happiness and Domain Satisfaction in Taiwan
  22. Brave New World: The Price of Universal Happiness
  23. Beauty and Equality: The Key Elements to the Pursuit of Happiness
  24. Happiness and Its Effect on the Quality of Our Lives
  25. American Beauty: The Troubled Pursuit of Happiness and Self-Worth
  26. Capabilities Vis-a-Vis Happiness: Evidence From Pakistan
  27. Aristotle’s Concept and Definition of Happiness and Virtue
  28. Bentham Epicurus Cicero Their Views on Happiness and Pleasure
  29. Epicurus and His Theories on Peoples’ Pursuit of Happiness
  30. Achieving Happiness Through Solitary Commitment and Social Dedication
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