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  1. Fetal Development and Infant Attachment
    The development of a fetus is influenced by a multitude of factors. They are most commonly divided into two broad categories: biological and environmental determinants.
  2. Oral Stimulation’s Effects on Infants’ Behaviors
    The article under analysis provided a clear statement of the question which focused on determining the effects of oral motor stimulation on infants born with complex univentricle anatomy.
  3. Infant and Mother Behavior Observation
    This report aims at the representation of the controlled observation results. In particular, the study examined the mother and the reaction of 23 months aged female.
  4. The Infant Mortality Issue in India: Possible Solutions
    Infant and child mortality is a global issue that affects many developing countries in the world. In India, these rates have been exceeding the average number of death per 1000 citizens for many years.
  5. Infant Development and Family Situation Analysis
    The observed child is two-month-old. She has good reflexes and normally develops except for being underweight.
  6. Infant Feeding Practices and Early Childhood Obesity
    Breastfeeding supports children’s natural growth, while formula can negatively affect infants’ weight, often leading to obesity.
  7. Infant Baptism in the First Five Centuries
    This essay aims at investigating the practice of infant baptism and theological positions posited by thinkers of the first to the fifth century on the same.
  8. Outcomes of Divorce on Children: Infants to Adults
    Divorce is no doubt a horrifying tragedy for children of whichever age to face. Regardless of the cause for the divorce, may it be an abusive situation, children suffers greatly.
  9. Infants’ Thinking and Patterns of Communication
    The aim of this paper is to carry out a literature review and critique on ten research articles that focus mainly on infants’ patterns of communication.
  10. “Gender Roles and Infant/Toddler Care: Male and Female Professors on the Tenure Track” by Steven Rhoads Article Review
    S. Rhoads in the “Gender roles and infant/toddler care…” argues that females are more aware of the importance of staying longer on a leave to care for the babies than males.
  11. Cross-Species Intersensory Perception of Infants
    This article is about a study carried out to investigate whether younger infants are better in discriminating voices and faces when compared with those older than them.
  12. What Can Be Done to Improve the Abilities of Infants’ and Toddlers
    This paper seeks to pinpoint what can be done to improve both infants’ and toddlers’ physical and intellectual competencies.
  13. Ethical Issues in Marketing Infant Formulas in Developing Countries
    Particular ethical issues that should be considered in this case include heath issues and the cost of the products.
  14. Cognitive Stages of Infant Development
    Cognitive development is the evolution of all the mental processes by which the individual receives information about the world around him.
  15. Infant’s Temperament Influences on the Parents Treat
    Early temperamental characteristics determine the child’s relations with parents both in infancy and adult life.
  16. Infant Primitive Reflexes and Their Treatment
    The general components of primitive infant reflexes, including their purpose, typical progression, the process of integration, and impacts on voluntary movement, will be discussed.
  17. Health Promotion Plan – Infant and Older Adults
    The health of the patients is of first and foremost importance to any health promotion campaign, and the campaigners do not forget that for a single moment.
  18. Infant’s Health: Growth Problems and Solutions
    The scenario reveals that the infant girl has lower-than-average values for all relevant measurements. Her weight does not correlate with her height.
  19. Responsiveness Between Mothers With Depressive Symptoms and Their Infants
    Information on PDDS exists in superfluity; however, there are very few proposed or even tested interventions to counter this depression.
  20. Infant Mortality and the Role of Public Health Nurses
    The current paper presents essential information on infant mortality and the role of public health nurses in a concise but informative manner.
  21. Traffic Accidents and Infant Safety Seats
    The author promotes the idea that society should pay more attention to the causes of road accidents and make more efforts to prevent them.
  22. The Development of Infants and Young Children
    The development of infants and young children is at its best when they have secure and positive affiliation with adults who have adequate knowledge of the support.

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  1. Factors Affecting Infant Feeding Practices of Mothers
  2. Infant Auditory and Visual Development
  3. Fetal Brain Development and the Preterm Infant
  4. Infant Activities That Stimulate Learning From Birth
  5. Cyclical Unemployment and Infant Health
  6. Nosocomial Infections and the Infant Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
  7. Obesity and the Infant Body Weight
  8. Air Quality, Infant Mortality, and the Clean Air Act of 1970
  9. Infant Social Development Across the Transition From Crawling to Walking
  10. Analyzing Factors That Influence Infant Birth Weight
  11. Causality and Innovations Between Fertility and Infant Mortality
  12. Microbial Therapeutics Designed for Infant Health
  13. Early Infant Attachment and Subsequent Development
  14. Infant Sleep Duration and Maternal Sensitivities
  15. Infant Learning via T.V
  16. Attachment Theory and the Mother-Infant Relationship
  17. History, Principles, and Value of Infant Observation
  18. Female Labour Force Participation, Infant Mortality, and Fertility in Malaysia
  19. Infant Neurosensory Development: Brain Development
  20. Emission Standards, Public Transit, and Infant Health

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  1. Infant Against Infectious and Chronic Diseases
  2. Biomarkers for Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia in the Preterm Infant
  3. Maternal Smoking, Misclassification, and Infant Health
  4. Infant and Toddler Caregivers and the Theories of Erik Erikson
  5. Factors That Influence Infant Development
  6. Marital Status and Infant Health Outcomes
  7. Lead Toxicity: Its Effects on Fetal and Infant Development
  8. Is Infant Respiratory Distress Syndrome
  9. Nutrition and Infant Health in Japan
  10. Light Pollution, Sleep Deprivation, and Infant Health at Birth
  11. Maternal Socio-Economic Status and Infant Birth Outcomes
  12. Economic Downturns and Infant Health
  13. Child and Infant Mortality Rate in Afghanistan
  14. Local Industrial Shocks and Infant Mortality
  15. Oxytocin and Mutual Communication in Mother-Infant Bonding
  16. Newborn Care Under Infant Warmer Health
  17. Infant Attachment Styles and General Anxiety Disorder in Adults
  18. Deprivation and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  19. Maternal Depression and Its Impact on Infant Health
  20. Infant Feeding and Weaning in Three Countries
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