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  1. Hospital System Management
    Hospital systems management has been used interchangeably with hospital management systems where in most books the two words have been used to mean the same thing.
  2. Raul Healing Hospital Paradigm
    Raul Healing hospital has numerous roles. This essay elaborates on healing through both spiritual and medical means by the use of the healing hospital paradigm.
  3. Healthcare Mission and Philosophy: Mercy Hospital Inc.
    Mercy Hospital is committed to its mission, values and philosophies. The latter guides the hospital towards meeting its strategic goals and plans.
  4. Cooper Green Hospital and the Community Care Plan
    The Cooper Green hospital has been experiencing major issues with attracting new customers and recruiting new members. The need for altering the set of strategies by emerged.
  5. Health Care Strategies of the St. Joseph’s Hospital
    This paper analyses five strategic initiatives of the St. Joseph’s hospital and gives it some recommendations in order to improve health care service.
  6. Mental Health: General Hospital Psychiatry
    This research paper will look at the activities, which take place in psychiatric hospitals. Psychiatric hospitals play an important role in addressing a variety of mental problems.
  7. Patient Satisfaction on Rural Hospital
    Patient satisfaction can be improved by training and educating health care practitioners. It will improve the patients’ experience and chances for fast recovery.
  8. Jackson Hospital in Miami: Legal and Ethical Environment
    This paper examines the legal and ethical environment restrictions and opportunities affecting health care provision at the Jackson Hospital in Miami.
  9. Healing Hospitals: the Holistic Medicine Principles
    This paper’s objective is to define components of a healing hospital and their relationship to spirituality and analyze challenges of creating a healing environment in hospitals.
  10. Jackson Memorial Hospital Compensation Strategy
    In this paper, the primary aim is to describe an effective compensation strategy for Jackson Memorial Hospital in the city of Miami.
  11. Evaluation Research: Hospital Administration
    Evaluation research provides a pathway of supplying dependable proofs of a variety of social programs especially in clinical practices.
  12. Concord Hospital Leadership Management
    Given the need for Concord Hospital to enhance its collaborative care approach, the use of Belbin team roles theory plays a significant role in the goals of the program achieve.
  13. Canadian Public Hospitals’ Overload
    Public hospitals in Canada have been offering quality care for so many years. However, most of the public hospitals are overstretched.
  14. Mount Sinai Hospital’s Communication Strategies
    The paper includes an interview questions to learn about management and communication strategies used at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York as the best facility in the US.
  15. Hospitals’ Centralized Organizational Structure
    Healthcare providers should possess culturally competent skills in order to support the diverse health needs of persons from diverse backgrounds.
  16. Conflict among the Nurses at the Hospital
    The current conflict among the nurses at the hospital threatens the fabric that defines the workplace environment at the institution.
  17. Hospital Structure Decentralization and Its Benefits
    Organizational structure is the framework which determines how an institution or company is governed. The framework outlines the channel used in decision making.
  18. Prolonged Hospital Stay and Care Delivery Factors
    The purpose of the study is the identification of the most important organizational factors affecting length of stay and the evaluation of the prolonged length of stay on patients.
  19. Hospital Senior Managers in Total Quality Management
    The paper discovers the role of senior management and its involvement in total quality management and explains the need to involve all stakeholders in the process.
  20. Conflict Resolution in the Miami Hospital
    The paper describes in detail the particularities of the conflict between the nurse and nurse manager and outlines the stages of their conflict.
  21. General Hospital’s Case of Conflict Management
    The paper studies the case of General Hospital, its conflict management styles and strategies of cost reductions negotiations needed to stay competitive.
  22. Hospital Services Amalgamation and Its Outcomes
    This paper explores the outcomes of a strategic plan that describes a process of the hospital services amalgamation with a condition of job loss for a thousand workers.
  23. Hospital’s Financial Problems and Patients’ Views
    Financial problems are primarily associated with patients’ expectations. The first problem is the erroneous perception of the value-for-money factor.
  24. Hospital-Acquired Infection and Healthcare Quality
    A patient developed a life-threatening staph infection after the surgery at the hospital. For this reason, he/she filed against the organization.
  25. The Miami Hospital’s Issues
    Miami Hospital is currently facing a financial management issue that deals with failure to meet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention standards on infections.
  26. Hospital Infections and Rogers’ Evidence-Based Change
    The modern healthcare sector faces numerous challenges that result from the complexity of the environment and living conditions.
  27. Hospitals’ Revenue Sources and Management
    Hospitals generate revenue from both private and public sources thereby ensuring that health care services are being delivered to communities in an efficient manner.
  28. Hospital’s Financial Problems and Decision-Making
    The financial problem of the healthcare institution is connected with inadequate expectations of patients as per value-for-money factor in proposed medications and interventions.
  29. Miami Baptist Hospital’s Cultural Nursing Education
    Baptist Hospital of Miami has a great reputation. It pays attention to cultural competence, which is reflected in the hospital’s mission and vision.
  30. Brigham and Women’s Hospital Department of Nursing
    The present paper will consider the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Department of Nursing and its individual nursing units from the perspective of the open systems theory.
  31. Holtz Children’s Hospital: Licensing and Professionalism
    This paper discusses Holtz Children’s Hospital, a department of Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. The hospital offers a variety of pediatric services.
  32. Pressure Ulcers Elimination in Hospital Settings
    The purpose of this paper is to propose an idea for the evidence-based project proposal aimed at eliminating pressure ulcers in hospital settings

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  1. Intelligent Hospital Pavilion: The Risks and Benefits To Nurses and Patients
    This paper analyzes the Intelligent Hospital Pavilion ICU video, which describes beneficial elements to patients and nurses and explains the benefits and risks.
  2. Diversity in Baptist Hospital in South Florida
    This paper seeks to examine the case of the Baptist Hospital based on a critical evaluation of the information available on its website.
  3. Kegedi Hospital’s X-Ray Machine Capital Project
    Kegedi Hospital has to get additional equipment to cater to x-ray patients. Since the purchase of five X-ray machines, service has improved.
  4. Hospital’s Image Recovery and Public Relations
    In the long-term perspective, it will be significant to concentrate on the employees’ performance and the conditions to recreate the image of the hospital.
  5. Conflict Resolution in Hospital Setting Miami
    The particular conflict that needs to be described in the given paper involves two participants – nurse leader and one of the new employees working in the hospital.
  6. Nursing Understaffing at Palmetto Hospital
    The problem addressed by the present project is nursing understaffing at Palmetto Hospital that is associated with a variety of negative outcomes in the staff cooperation and teamwork.
  7. Plan-Do-Study-Act in Hospital Quality Improvement
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the problem of the quality of care in the intensive care unit of the hospital.
  8. Hospital Setting Miami: Conflict Resolution
    Conflict is commonplace in many lines of work, especially those that deal with high levels of stress and responsibility. The situation occurred in the nurses’ lounge area.
  9. The Hospital Setting Prevention: Fall in the Elderly
    Falls in hospitals lead to adverse psychological (primarily stress) and psychological outcomes for patients and healthcare professionals; they are costly for hospitals.
  10. Miami Hospital’s Conflict in Healthcare Teams
    The following paper provides an example of a strategy that might be used to resolve a conflict observed in a Miami hospital setting.
  11. Palmetto Hospital’s Nursing Understaffing
    The aim of this paper is to outline an implementation plan for increasing nursing staffing levels in the Palmetto Hospital.
  12. The Intensive Care Unit: Intelligent Hospital Pavilion
    The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is designed in such a way that it can provide adequate and timely care to high-risk patients.
  13. Behavioral Administrator in a Public Psychiatric Hospital
    This report examines the relevance of work and family experience in the etiology of mental conditions such as depression and anxiety.
  14. The University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital
    The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Hospital pays great attention to continuous quality and safety improvement, focusing on research, inpatient, and outpatient care.
  15. Can Hospitals Manufacture Drugs in the US?
    The purpose of the initiative is to force the drug market to drop prices and compete fairly by introducing a new force to destabilize the existing monopoly of a few large companies.
  16. Factors Affecting the Miami Hospital
    The University of Miami Hospital is one of the best health care institutions in the USA. Various factors affect this organization both positively and negatively.
  17. Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Nursing Roles
    Nursing is extremely important for our society. It should be noted that nursing profession is one of the most hallenging occupations due to a number of reasons.
  18. Hospital Infections Prevention: Implementation Plan
    The paper describes the implementation part of the research project, on the topic of causes of HAIs, and outlines the way the program should be introduced.
  19. Implementing Lean Production in Hospitals
    Many hospitals have implemented the concept of lean production into their work. Different strategies for the implementation of lean production will be discussed in this paper.
  20. Nurses on Hospital-Acquired Infections Prevention
    The research studies the threat of hospital-acquired infections and their prevention. The question is whether the actions of nursing staff help to reduce the number of cases.
  21. Conflict Resolution and Action Plan in Hospital
    In this assignment, a recurring conflict in a hospital setting in Miami will be discussed for the purpose of developing an effective action plan for subsequent conflict resolution.
  22. Community Hospital in Ypsilanti: Janice Portfleet Case
    Janice Portfleet is a nurse manager of a 12-bed critical care unit for a community hospital in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Her superior has just notified her that the productivity level in the CCU has declined.
  23. Hospital Falls and Related Injuries in the Elderly
    The purpose of the study is to address the causes that lead to hospital falls and fall-related injuries in elderly patients with mental illnesses.
  24. Hospital Staff-Dementia Patients Interactions
    Some healthcare providers do not use effective approaches to communicate with patients who have dementia. To improve communication, one can use a range of techniques.
  25. The Case of Memorial Hospital
    This discussion focuses on the case of Memorial Hospital in detail where the staff was misled by leaders and administrators because of ineffective and unethical decisions.
  26. Hospital-Acquired Infections and Change Plan
    The issue of hospital-acquired infections is important in the context of hospital nursing care as it affects quality of health care delivery and deteriorates patients’ outcomes.
  27. The Becker’s Hospital Program
    Becker`s hospital program demonstrates the unique importance of leadership qualities and the great role they will play in the further evolution of this organization.
  28. Hospital’s Organizational Structure and Departments
    The analyzed hospital is organized hierarchically. All the departments’ responsibilities are distributed and controlled by the hospital administration.
  29. Oncology Patients’ Hospital Readmission Prevention
    The project is focused on finding pre-discharge and post-discharge techniques that can help reduce hospital readmissions of adult oncology patients.
  30. Hospital Falls and Fall-Related Injuries
    The project aims to conduct empirical research on the issue of falls in senior patients suffering from psychiatric health conditions.
  31. Dukes Hospital Integrated Internal Business Process
    The paper focuses on Dukes Hospital as a case study of successful application of the Integrated Internal Business Process looking at the pros and cons of this technique.
  32. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender in Hospital
    The paper discusses the cultural competency concept since it appears to be of critical importance for the profound understanding of the problems of the LGBT community.
  33. Elderly Fall Prevention in Hospitals
    Falls are considerably frequent causes of injuries and hospitalization among older adults. Inappropriately equipped hospital rooms and halls often result in fall injuries of the patients.
  34. HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Miami
    In this paper, the author will propose the appropriate IT system to be adopted by HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Miami to replace paper recording.

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  1. Patient Monitoring Technology in Miami Hospitals
    Patient monitoring is one of the essential steps toward the enhancement of the quality of care and the promotion of improved patient outcomes in the hospital setting.
  2. University of Miami Hospital’s Nursing Conflicts
    The purpose of this paper is to describe and investigate a recurring conflict situation that occurred at the University of Miami Hospital.
  3. Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers Minimization
    Hospital-acquired pressure ulcers (HAPU) development is listed among the crucial concerns of contemporary health care.
  4. “Job Stress and Burnout in Hospital Employees” by Chou et al.
    The work of health professionals is stressful as they have to react to the requirements of patients and their family members urgently, and any medical flaw can be costly.
  5. Nano Robotics in Hospitals
    Nanotechnology is believed to be extremely useful in health care to deliver medication through blood or treat various types of tumors.
  6. Hospital Readmission Reduction: Evidence-Based Practice
    This paper contains the proposal plan that targeted at finding ways of reduction of instances of CHF Patients readmissions to the hospitals.
  7. Falls in Elderly Hospital Patients: Evidence-Based Project
    Falls among elderly hospital patients is a significant issue. Falls can result in injuries, such as fractures, lacerations, or internal bleeding.
  8. Hospital Falls and Related Injuries
    Although falls and fall injuries are the foremost cause of mortality and morbidity among the elderly, the risk aggravated when they have an existing mental health condition.
  9. Question About Readmission in a Hospital
    The issue of hospital readmissions has been identified as a source of unnecessary Medicare costs. Costs for readmissions make up over fifteen billion dollars each year.
  10. Workplace Accidents in Hospitals: Musculoskeletal Injuries
    Nurses are exposed to numerous hazards at the workplace, but some of them can be averted or prevented to a significant extent.
  11. Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Huntsville Hospital
    The present paper considers the missions, visions, and values of two healthcare organizations and discusses the implications of their similarities and differences.
  12. Health Care Policy in Mercy Miami Hospital
    This work is an interview with the employees at Mercy Miami Hospital, where underlines the importance of cultural differences as one of the main strengths of the organization.
  13. American Hospitals in Financial Comparison
    This paper deals with discussion of the financial aspect of two selected Hospitals from the free area of American Hospitals.
  14. Trinity Hospital’s Accreditation and Ethical Issues
    Trinity Hospital must consider cooperation with health information experts (HIEs) since the latter will allow improving the quality of the organization’s services extensively.
  15. Texas Health Hospital’s Change Using TeamSTEPPS Framework
    In the Emergency Department of Texas Health Hospital, healthcare providers cause delays in work with patients. To change this, it is possible to apply the TeamSTEPPS framework.
  16. Hospital Risk Management and Patient Safety
    Governance in hospital risk management entails the commitment of the healthcare providers in carrying out their professional responsibilities in caring for the patient.
  17. Trinity Hospital’s Ethical Standards in Informatics
    When choosing the ethical perspective for the analysis of its options, the Trinity Hospital can decide to be guided by appropriate codes of ethics.
  18. Nursing Model in University of Miami Hospital
    It is observed that the major traditional nursing care models are functional, total patient care, primary nursing (PN), and team nursing (TN) models.
  19. Low Staffing of Nurses in Hospital Settings
    If nurses are capable of coping with and managing stress, they become less likely to drop out of the profession.
  20. Hospital Readmissions Reduction in Heart Failure
    The authors used no specific measurement instruments such as surveys, but compared the readmission rates for the experimental and the control groups.
  21. Intelligent Hospital Pavilion: Risks and Benefits
    This paper is concerned with the benefits and risks of the intelligent ICU room technology as shown in The ICU at the 2014 Intelligent Hospital™ Pavilion video.
  22. Activity-Based Costing in the Michigan’s Hospital
    This paper discusses the case of application of activity-based costing to the work of the critical care unit of a community hospital in Michigan.
  23. Implementing Electronic Health Records in Hospitals
    The focus was to determine the current issues in the implementation of electronic health records (EHR) in hospitals. In the past, hospitals relied on physical files to store patients’ data.
  24. Florida Hospital Medical Group’s Practice Guideline
    In this paper, evidence-based practice will be used to discuss the healthcare system practice guideline of one of the local organizations, Florida Hospital Medical Group.
  25. Financial Analyst Interview at a Local Hospital
    Managing financial operations within a healthcare facility is one of the jobs that are not related directly to addressing patients’ needs yet are critical to the functioning of a facility.
  26. Multimorbidity at Hospital Discharge Transition
    The study examines the views on hospital discharge transition of COPD and heart failure patients and healthcare providers as well as the gaps in the healthcare system.
  27. Hospital-Acquired Infections Management Practices
    The problem of hospital-acquired infections continues to affect many patients and health facilities. This paper explains how a HAI management practices can be embraced using the ACE star model.
  28. How Hospitals Approach Price Transparency?
    The article “How hospitals approach price transparency: the issue of price transparency has become more prevalent in health care recently, but hospitals may have different views of the concept.
  29. Organizational Culture and Values in Hospitals
    Organizational values in a medical facility are often focused on patient-centered care and upholding quality.
  30. John Hopkins Hospital’s Systems and Structures
    In this study, the reporting structure of John Hopkins Hospital is analyzed. A Board of Governors oversees the organization’s activities.
  31. Hospital-Acquired Conditions and Regulatory Environment
    This paper assesses the HAC issue and its impact on the health insurer Anthem, discusses compliance of organizations and tools for improving the benchmark metrics.
  32. Johns Hopkins Hospital: Quality Measurement and Assessment
    The alignment of Johns Hopkins quality improvement goals and vision stems from the tenacity of its quality improvement processes.

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  1. Low Staffing of Nurses in the Hospital Setting
    Studies show that the problems caused by the lack of qualified personnel in the healthcare environment lead to a significant drop in positive patient outcomes.
  2. Hospital Discharge Process Improvement Strategies
    The hospital discharge process can be improved by simplifying and delegating necessary duties to members of the medical team.
  3. Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s Nursing Change
    The paper studies the start of a tool for reporting staffing issues and suggestions as a planned change intervention for the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Department of Nursing.
  4. Nanorobotics in Hospitals and Its Working Principle
    Nanorobotics may be one of the most powerful technical solutions for hospital applications. Nanorobots are programmable machines that are less than 0.1 nm in size.
  5. Compensation and Pay Equity at a Local Hospital
    This paper explains the influence of total compensation strategy on the organization’s ability to attract, retain, and motivate top talent.
  6. Low Nurse Staffing in Hospital Settings
    The problem of low nurse staffing levels in the hospital setting can be explained mostly by the lack of a positive environment in which nurses can evolve and feel comfortable.
  7. Hospital-Acquired Infections: Practice Issue and Evidence
    The identified nursing practice issue is numerous hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) that deteriorate patients` outcomes and decrease the quality of their lives.
  8. Hospital-Acquired Infection in Geriatric Units
    The risk of developing HAI is linear with age. In fact, the overall burden of infections in nursing homes exceeds that of acute care locations.
  9. Douglas Gardens Hospital’s Nursing Care Models
    In Douglas Gardens Hospital, team nursing is associated with multiple advantages including increased team cohesion and collaboration.
  10. Hospital Mortality and Optimal Nursing Workload
    The problem of understaffing is one of the most recognized issues in the contemporary public sector, which demands a solution.
  11. Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers: Evidence-Based Practice
    The evidence-based practice review aims to investigate the available research on hospital-acquired pressure ulcers, particularly with regards to their causes.
  12. Hospital-Acquired Infections Prevention and Change
    The given paper delves into the problem of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) and the methods that can be used to address this very problem effectively.
  13. Safety Officer at the Palmetto General Hospital in Miami
    The result of this interview revealed the state of the hospital’s acquaintance with Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA), and Serious Safety Events (SSE).
  14. Interprofessional Teams and iCare in General Hospitals
    In the present paper, a general service hospital will be discussed. There is a need to establish genuine interprofessional collaboration in this setting.
  15. Hospital-Acquired Infections as a Project Topic
    The issue at the focus of the project is hospital-acquired infections. Before starting work on a capstone project, it is crucial to identify the major aspects related to it.
  16. The Relationship Between Understaffing of Nurses and Patient Safety in Hospitals
    The healthcare system should be in compliance with numerous factors of a different kind to provide proper adherence to treatment and medication for every individual.
  17. Pressure Ulcer Prevention in the Hospitals
    Pressure ulcers are a significant burden to healthcare as they are associated with high morbidity expenditures. At the same time, pressure ulcers are considered to be a preventable health problem.
  18. The Problem of Low Nurse Staffing in Hospital Settings
    Low nurse staffing is a critical practice issue that is prevalent in the United States, as well as in Europe and Asia.
  19. The Epidemiology and Control of Clostridium Difficile in Hospitals
    The purpose of this paper is to determine the clinical significance and practicality of developing evidence-based guidelines for the prevention of Clostridium difficile.
  20. Nurse Understaffing Issues in the Hospitals
    Nurse understaffing is a complex issue that has a direct influence on patient safety and the consequent adverse events that occur in hospitals.
  21. Issue of Nursing Personnel Understaffing in Hospitals and Ways to Improve It
    The main issue presented by low staffing in hospitals is the quality of service and its impact on patient outcomes.
  22. Hospital-Acquired Infections and Handwashing Intervention
    Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) are a prevalent cause of infection, disability, or death in hospitalized patients due to the presence of pathogens in healthcare settings.
  23. Pressure Ulcers Prevention in Hospital Settings
    Many patients suffer from various conditions that require prolonged hospitalization. This paper describes pressure ulcers and their significance to nursing practice.
  24. Hospital-Acquired Diseases & Hand Hygiene Studies
    The reviewed articles contain information about the situation with hand hygiene in different parts of the world, including the USA, Australia, Ethiopia, and Iran.
  25. Evidence-Based Practice in Hospital Nursing
    The leaders at my hospital encourage practitioners to use different national databases to identify and incorporate EBP whenever delivering patient care.
  26. Jackson Memorial Hospital: Risk Management and Safety Officers
    Jackson Memorial Hospital is one of the teaching non-profit healthcare organizations located in Miami, Florida.
  27. Miami Dade Hospital: Risk Management Officer Interview
    The responsibilities of a Risk Manager include the identification of hospital risks, the making of recommendations regarding the identified issues.
  28. Clinical Leadership and Hospital Performance
    There are many ways how to improve the quality of health care and promote the effectiveness of management in hospitals.
  29. Prevention of Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers
    The prevention of hospital acquired pressure ulcers in critically ill intensive care unit (ICU) patients remains a significant and persistent clinical challenge.
  30. Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers: Project Change
    Pressure Ulcers are a condition that is more efficient and safer for the patient to prevent rather than treat after development.
  31. Hospital-Acquired Infections: Project Change
    The plan to prevent HAIs in the clinical setting and, particularly, in ICUs, can be accomplished by using a special hand hygiene protocol.
  32. Hand Hygiene Promotion in Hospital-Acquired Infections
    The proposed study is going to focus on the role that proper hand hygiene practices in patients play in the prevention of hospital-acquired infections.
  33. Patients’ Hand Washing and Reducing Hospital-Acquired Infection
    The purpose of the study was to establish whether increasing access to hand hygiene products and educating patients could reduce cases of HAIs.

đź“Ś Easy Hospital Essay Topics

  1. Hospital Readmissions: Preventive Project Results
    The prevention of hospital readmissions among patients with chronic or congestive heart failure (CHF) was chosen as the focus of the course project.
  2. Nurse Staffing Standards for Hospital Patient Safety
    Nurse staffing is one of the burning issues in the US healthcare system that needs effective solutions and proper legislation.
  3. Financial Statements of Titus Lake Hospital
    The General Practice Affiliates intends to partner with the Titus Lake Hospital, which will provide the former with the ability to take advantage of the provider leasing model.
  4. Intelligent Hospital Pavilion ICU
    The system that links all the pieces of equipment in the ICU is an important technological advance that can improve patient health outcomes.
  5. Intelligent Hospital Pavilion ICU: Video Analysis
    Innovative technologies create a plethora of opportunities for improving the quality of healthcare services and meeting the needs of diverse patients.
  6. Intelligent Hospital Pavilion for Intensive Care
    Given the advantages of computerized systems for intensive care units, the latter significantly improve patient outcomes and reduce the impact of human factors on nurses’ work.
  7. Addressing the Issue of Health-Care Associated Infections in the Hospital Setting
    The first step of the implementation phase of the project will require reconsidering the current standards for managing and preventing HAI in the hospital setting.
  8. The Problem of Hospital-Acquired Infections
    Despite the importance of meeting sanitation norms, the problem of hospital-acquired infections (HAI) remains a source of concern for numerous healthcare facilities.
  9. Fall Prevention Strategies in Hospitals
    This paper studies patients’ experiences after a fall and their views on fall prevention strategies in hospitals. It used a qualitative methodology, with patient interviews as the main source of data.
  10. Hospital Admissions in Nursing Homes
    The goal of the nursing sector is to ensure that patients’ healthcare demands are met, regardless of whether their conditions are acute or chronic.
  11. Hospital-Acquired Infections: Prevention and Positive Change
    The issue of HAI is especially problematic among patients in the medical-surgical setting, where the exposure to numerous infections becomes even more explicit.
  12. Hospital Climate and Nurses’ Caring Practices
    The findings of the study “Organizational Climate and Hospital Nurses’ Caring Practices” could affect key aspects of care, especially more engagement in relational care.
  13. Miami Hospital’s Nursing Conflict Resolution
    This essay will describe a recent conflict in one of the Miami hospitals and discuss potential strategies for dealing with work-related quarrels in health organizations.
  14. Creating a Budget in a Community Hospital
    The budget planning for the following fiscal year should possess a clear and outlined goal, which is achieved by considering certain requisites.
  15. The Qualities of Leadership in Hospital Service in California State From 1985 to 1996
    This cased study intends at sifting out and discussing the qualities of leadership in organizing and managing the disarrayed relations in the hospital service providers in California State from 1985 to 1996.
  16. City Hospital’s Reorganization and Strategic Planning
    To address the challenges related to the drop in admissions, the Chief of Operations of City Hospital proposes to shut down a few departments of the hospital or reorganize them.
  17. What Causes Medication Administration Errors in a Mental Health Hospital?
    Patients with mental health issues are a large group of patients who deserve special attention and attitude from the medical staff.
  18. Hospital Contact Associations and Private Organizations
    Hospital Contact Associations, government agencies, and private organizations have influenced the development of healthcare and hospital through additional financing, philanthropy, and technological support.
  19. Temple University Hospital Environment
    Introducing proper care tools to the Temple University Hospital (TUH) environment is an important change that will allow for a positive change in the quality of healthcare services.
  20. Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers in US Healthcare Organizations
    The project aimed to critically assess the HAPU rates in Kings County Hospital Center based on the NY State benchmark.
  21. Hospital Value-Based Purchase Program
    The Hospital Value-Based Purchase Program is an initiative that grants acute-care hospitals financial rewards for high-quality care.
  22. Shouldice Hospital: The Success Rate
    The administrative system of the hospital works in an extremely efficient, systematic manner, paying a great deal of personal attention to the needs and medical care of the patients
  23. Boston Children’s Hospital’s Communication Case
    The case of the Children’s Hospital, Boston, demonstrates the importance of communication between the management and employees in every single organization.
  24. Mike O’ Callaghan Federal Hospital and Loma Linda Medical Centre: Marketing Strategies
    Positioning and differentiation is an important element for a firm in the process of marketing its products or services.
  25. Public Hospital in Williamsburg, Virginia Case
    Among buildings of Colonial Williamsburg one cannot but notice the first public place in North America designed to cure mentally ill people.
  26. Sea Shore Hospital’s Marketing Strategy
    The name of the newly commenced business is “Sea Shore” hospital. The product was selected on the basis of the increasing trend and better serving opportunity in the market.
  27. Strategic Integration of Hospitals and Physicians
    Vertical integration implies the formation of a strategic relationship between hospitals and physicians as response to the rapidly expanding managed care health insurance.
  28. Perpetual Mercy Hospital’s Innovations
    Downtown Health Clinic, a branch of Perpetual Mercy Hospital is faced with potential competition from a similar rival clinic slated for opening within its territorial market.
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