ERM hosted a series of webinars  what the outcomes of the Paris Agreement at COP21 mean for business. There was significant interest from around the world in the four webinars in this series, demonstrating that business is actively engaging in how they can respond to the risks and opportunities that lie ahead.

In this video you can watch ERM's presentation as delivered to the Americas community on Thursday, 4 February 2016.

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Questions from the series

During the series a number of questions were posed to the presenters. We have collated all the questions submitted, and provided a brief reply to each question.

Should you wish to discuss any of these topics in greater detail, then please contact one of our team:

Mitchell Thompson
Partner, Asia Pacific, +61 396 968 011

Charles Allison
Partner, Europe, Middle East & Africa, +44 186 538 4802

Braulio Pikman
Partner, Americas, +1 202 471 2121

Lisa Constable
Principal Consultant, Europe, Middle East & Africa, +44 203 206 5469

Lisa Campbell
Partner, Americas, +1 919 855 2279

Lee Solsbery
Technical Director, Europe, Middle East & Africa, +44 203 206 5385

Toby Hanna
Partner, Americas, +1 609 403 7518

Linden Edgell
Global Sustainability Program Director, +44 186 538 4940