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Research and Career in Dental Healthcare Field


The mission of research is to create and disseminate new knowledge, assess technological and scientific innovations, and educate professionals in various fields. Research plays important roles in today’s society, in the development of dental health policies, and the growth of one’s career. This essay discusses the different purposes of research in each of these mentioned areas.

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Role of Research in Today’s Society

Research informs various kinds of actions in today’s society. It provides opportunities for conducting a detailed original study on various topics of interest. It is the source of program and policies development in the community, and can be translated into an effective global program. In the United States, various institutions, such as dental schools and government researchers conduct research on oral health. The purpose of this investigation is to develop a scientific base and collect clinical information that is used in improving oral health. Proper studies come up with high-quality results that can be examined by peers, methodologies that can be applied elsewhere, and information that can be used to solve real problems in the society (Stolberg & Tilliss, 2016).

Role of Research in Dental Public Health Policies

Dental Public Health policies are concerned with the oral health of populations. The role of research in this area is to study patterns in oral health within societies. Research assists in understanding the broader community, public dental health issues, and developing solutions that will have an impact on the entire community. It finds out the characteristics of people in a community and their environment such nutritional habits that affect their oral health, how existing laws affects how dentistry is practiced, uninsured individuals and the level of oral health education (Lamster & Eaves, 2011). Results obtained can be used in developing various policies that touch on the health of communities. For example, formulation of a dental public health policy, which ensures that water consumed by the public, has cavity-preventing fluoride. Other dental health plans include the introduction of insurance programs for individuals with low incomes and education of the public on dental health (Stolberg & Tilliss, 2016).

Role of Research in my Current or Future Career Path

Dentistry research will enable me to conduct my duties with more efficiency and use correct approaches. It also gives meaning to my current and future career path as it provides me with an opportunity to contribute towards the improvement of populations’ dental health. Dentistry has progressed from using the approach of offering dental services to an approach that is more preventive and holistic. The aim of this is to ensure that doctors do not continue reacting to dental diseases but are in a position to prevent them from occurring in the first place (Lamster & Eaves, 2011). Therefore, research will help me to acquire the knowledge that will be useful in developing solutions that prevent dental illnesses. Provision of dental services will constantly change due to the introduction of new equipment, technologies and products. Needs, demographics of clients and their expectations will also continue to change. Various adjustments in public dental health imply that different dentistry solutions will be required to handle these changes (Stolberg & Tilliss, 2016). Thus, continued research will provide me with sufficient knowledge to handle these changes in dental care in future.


Research results in the introduction of different kinds of solutions that provide answers to global problems. In dental health, it helps in coming up with new ways of providing dental care, improving dental health, and developing necessary policies. It also enables dentists to provide better services and tackle future changes in their career.


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