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  1. Effects of Music Therapy for Adolescents with Autism
    Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional.
  2. Potential of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy in the Treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
    The concept of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) has the potential to support the needs of different PTSD patients.
  3. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Cognitive Therapy
    Psychological therapies have been used to offer assistant to psychological patient. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a disorder that is associated with traumatic experience.
  4. Genetic Engineering: Gene Therapy
    The purpose of the present study is to discover just what benefits gene therapy might have to offer present and future generations.
  5. Family Therapy Techniques
    Family therapy is a branch of psychology, working for nurturing the intimate relationship between family members especially couples.
  6. Music Therapy and Pain Management
    The control group will not have intervention whereas musical group will listen for 30 minutes pre-recorded sedative music without lyrics of 60-80 beats.
  7. Massage Therapy vs. Simple Touch to Improve Pain and Mood in Patients with Advanced Cancer: A Randomized Trial
    The primary objective of this qualitative research is to understand the people’s perception of a particular issue. Qualitative researches focus on a holistic description.
  8. Psychological Therapy of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
    Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a distressing condition that leads to brain disturbance due to exposure to dreadful situations.
  9. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy
    The article “Potential of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy in the Treatment of PTSD” analyses a recent treatment method that can support the health needs of many patients.
  10. Depressed Women and Art Therapy
    This paper will discuss how art therapy affects depressed women and the merits and demerits of using this form of therapy. The paper will also reflect on the efficacy of art therapy.
  11. Manual Therapy: Definition, Techniques, and Education
    From a clinical perspective, manual therapy can be defined as an approach that is used in the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissues and joints.
  12. Psychotherapeutic Approach: Person-Centered Therapy
    Some people turn to psychotherapy to help them confront unresolved conflicts and deal with issues that prevent them from functioning normally.
  13. “Prandial Inhaled Insulin Plus Basal Insulin Glargine Versus Twice Daily Biaspart Insulin for Type 2 Diabetes: A Multicentre Randomised Trial”: Article Review
    The article under consideration dwells upon effectiveness of prandial inhaled insulin and basal insulin glargine compared to biaspart insulin used for treatment of patients with type 2 diabetes.
  14. Manual Therapy: Definition, Techniques, Practitioners
    The paper gives definition of manual therapy, examples of manual therapy techniques and scope of expertise, practice and treatment of manual therapy practitioner.
  15. Alternative Medicine: Musical Therapy
    The aim of musical therapy is to meet patient needs through social activities that encourage communication through sharing and practice.
  16. Manual Therapy Techniques: Cases and Examples
    Manual therapy is classified as a specimen of complementary and alternative medicine and is used to treat the disorders and diseases related to the musculoskeletal system.
  17. The Role of Music in Patient Therapy
    Music is used in the field of health care as the main component of the specific music therapy or as the additional method to relieve patient’s sufferings.
  18. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Psychology
    This paper discusses the history of the cognitive-behavior theory and notes that it is an important model for treating mental disorders and restoring the mental health.
  19. Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Definition and Usage
    In this paper, mindfulness therapy is employed, whereby its usage in psychology is observed with an attempt to develop a model that would help a client suffering from grief.
  20. Psychology: What Is Play-Based Therapy?
    Play-based therapy is normally used when focusing on the creation of affiliation with children via the use of a medium or a standard named play.
  21. Bipolar Disorder, Its Symptoms, Causes, Therapy
    This paper aims at reviewing and summarizing the information on symptoms of bipolar disorder, its possible causes, and the ways to improve the mental state of patients.
  22. Obesity in African Americans: Prevention and Therapy
    According to the official statistics, African American people present the group of American citizens which is the most susceptible to obesity.
  23. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Evidence-Based Practice
    This paper briefly describes two CBT and two IPT evidenced-based practice strategies that may be applied to working with crisis survivors.
  24. Mindfulness-Based Music Therapy in Cancer Patients
    The paper reviews Lesiuk’s study “The effect of mindfulness-based music therapy on attention and mood in women receiving adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer”.
  25. Music Therapy in Nurse’s Work
    Although music does not have a direct influence on physical condition, it is able to make people feel healthier by influencing their mental condition and giving them a feeling of inner harmony.
  26. Treatment of Anxiety: Therapies and Methods
    This paper seeks to establish if psychoanalysis therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy have different efficacies in the treatment of anxiety.

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  1. Manual Therapy: Description and Techniques
    Even though manual therapy requires special education from the professional, its techniques allow improving the patient’s condition greatly, increasing the range of movement.
  2. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy: Sampling
    The essay describes sampling for the research on the effectiveness of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy for the treatment of diabetic neuropathic symptoms.
  3. Animal Assistance Therapy in Palliative Care
    Animal-assisted therapy is a type of therapy that employs animals for motivational and educational purposes to facilitate treatment and improve patients’ state.
  4. Long-Term Outcome of Insulin Pump Therapy
    The article describes how insulin pump therapy can be used to monitor hypoglycaemia, diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), and glycaemic control in children.
  5. Therapeutic Hypothermia After Cardiac Arrest
    Therapeutic hypothermia is widely used to enhance the survival of patients. This technique is used to protect the brain after a successful resuscitation.
  6. Manual Therapy Techniques: Management of Joint and Tissue Problems and Pains
    One instance of manual therapy technique is soft tissue mobilization. It is used to mobilize inelastic muscle tissue, for instance, management of back injuries and relaxation of muscle tension.
  7. Women’s Therapeutic Lifestyle Modification Study
    The paper analyzes Oh et al.’s study “Effects of a 3-month therapeutic lifestyle modification program to improve bone health in postmenopausal Korean women in a rural community.”
  8. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Group Therapy
    This paper studies a case involving a 13-year-old girl, who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and requires psychological interventions to avert her undesirable behaviors.
  9. Postmodern and Family Systems Therapy
    Postmodern therapy is a field in psychology that concentrates on deconstructing common beliefs as well as examining their value in a person’s life.
  10. The Effectiveness of Diet and Exercise Therapy
    This work compares the effectiveness of diet and exercise therapy with laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery in treating morbidly obese patients with a BMI over 40.
  11. Congestive Heart Failure and Evidence-Based Therapies
    Congestive heart failure, also known as CHF, is increasingly becoming a major health problem in the United States.
  12. Music Therapy Effects for Breast Cancer Patients
    The research question for this study is whether mindfulness-based music therapy influences attention and mood in women who receive adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer.
  13. Manual Therapy Practices and Techniques
    Manual therapy intervention is done through various effects, including mechanical, neurophysiological, biochemical, and psychological.
  14. Manual Therapy, Its Major Uses and Types
    Manual therapy has been widely employed to treat joint dysfunction, back pain, and muscle tension. This paper provides a brief analysis of the practice.
  15. Manual Therapy: Description, Techniques, Practitioners
    Manual therapy is a broad range of techniques primarily focused on treatment and relief of musculoskeletal pain, and may also be utilized to address associated disabilities.
  16. Anorexia Nervosa: Psychological and Physiological Therapy
    The design of therapy of anorexia nervosa needs to incorporate both psychological and biological components so the patient could resume proper dieting and gain weight.
  17. Mindfulness-Based Music Therapy and Mental Health
    In her research, Lesiuk pays attention to specific mental health problems of adult women with breast cancer who are having chemotherapy.
  18. Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy
    Orthopedic manual physical therapy (OMPT) is defined as any “hands-on” treatment that a physical therapist provides to a patient.
  19. Manual Therapy Identification: Practice and Treatment
    The manual therapy is associated with a field of medical practice, representing a complex system of manual medical methods aimed at restoring physiological statics and biomechanics of spine.
  20. Massage and Mobilization in Manual Therapy
    Manual therapy can be described as a practice that employs multiple tactics based on manual force, including massage, mobilization, and manipulation.
  21. Mindfulness-Based Therapy for Cancer Patients
    Cancer is one of the prevalent diseases in the world. The disease itself as well as cancer treatment becomes a frequent cause of psychological distress for patients.
  22. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Therapy
    The chronic obstructive pulmonary disease affects the ability to breathe and thus affects the lungs. It is highly likely that the cause of the patient’s COPD was smoking.
  23. Manual Therapy Education and Treatment Claims
    Manual therapy is defined as “any kind of manual mobilization or manipulation, with or without the addition of exercises”.
  24. Deep Vein Thrombosis Diagnosis: Therapy and Prevention
    Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a serious medical condition when a blood clot (also known as a thrombus) emerges in deep veins of a human body.
  25. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Patients’ Therapy
    The current quality of managing the needs of the representatives of the LGBT community needs a significant improvement.
  26. Mindfulness-Based Music Therapy and Cancer Treatment
    Music therapy is currently viewed as one of the tools for managing the stress that women undergoing cancer treatment are experiencing.

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  1. Therapy and Culture in the Nurse-Patient Relationship
    Nurses should pay much attention to the impact of their therapeutic use of self and visions regarding culture on their nurse-patient relationships.
  2. Fatigue-Related Disorder, Symptoms and Therapy
    This paper includes diagnosing a fatigue-related disorder, analyzes its signs and symptoms, and proposes necessary methods of therapies.
  3. Music Therapy as an Additional Means of Psychotherapy
    Music therapy is a complementary means in psychotherapy and helps prepare patients for complex therapies and interventions.
  4. Music Therapy and Its Positive Psychological Impact
    Music therapy is defined as an evidence-based and clinical use of interventions related to the musical experience.
  5. Drug Therapy: Nicotine Interference with Contraceptives
    This paper presents the case of a patient diagnosed with nicotine addiction and contraception needs and gives the prescription for the medication.
  6. Insulin Pump Therapy in Diabetes
    This paper explores a study conducted by Johnson, Copper, Jones, and Davis to determine the long-term effect of using insulin pump therapy in the treatment of type 1 diabetes in children.
  7. Group Therapy and Leadership Functions
    The choice/reality theory can be instrumental in helping combat veterans to shape the behaviors and reintegrate into the community effectively.
  8. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Major Depressive Disorder
    A major depressive disorder is one of the most widespread mental diseases. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one of the available options to treat MDD.
  9. Mindfulness-Based Music Therapy & Chemotherapy
    Musical stimuli also seem to have a positive effect on the patients’ mood, helping alleviate negative feelings and help reach a state of peace and emotional stability.
  10. Therapeutic Group for Children and Adolescents
    The group therapy for children and adolescents differs from the therapy designed for adults in many ways. The major reason for these differences is linked to the peculiarities of human development.
  11. Postoperative Fall Education and Physical Therapy
    The admission time for orthopedic adult patients has been observed to be averagely prolonged due to the fall rate trends.
  12. Patient Education and Physical Therapy
    The patients will be divided into two random groups, intervention and control, to ensure that the results are valid and generalizable.
  13. Antimicrobial Therapy: Types of Antimicrobial Agents and Their Effects on Microorganisms
    This paper will focus on different types of antimicrobial agents and their effects on microorganisms. It is essential for medical workers to identify the pathogen causing the disease.
  14. Psychoeducational Group Therapy for Children
    Group psychotherapy as one of the most useful tools in psychological counseling obtains a variety of theoretical bases, approaches, and groups types.
  15. Students’ Procrastination and Attentive Therapy
    Students were replacing high priority tasks or responsibilities with tasks that are of lower priority. To combat this behavior, developed a treatment called attentive therapy.
  16. Assessments and Screening in Family Therapy
    Information-gathering is as crucial as the actual writing of the report. The final report will only refer to the methods employed in the process of acquiring relevant information.
  17. Group Therapy Sessions for Addicts
    This study contrasts the effectiveness of group therapy, describes its helpful and potentially detrimental elements and evaluates the three types of group therapy sessions.
  18. Child’s Angry Outburst Management and Family Therapy
    The parents had problems with their child, who had conflicts at school. The goal of the social worker is to improve the climate and atmosphere in the family.
  19. Self-Disclosure in Psychological Therapy
    Self-disclosure is revealing personal information to others. In the context of counseling, the implementation of this principle may significantly assist the client.
  20. Rational Emotive Therapy for Identifying Emotions, Thoughts and Solving the Issue
    Rational Emotive Therapy helps to identify a person’s emotions, thoughts and provides a means for solving the issue. The paper would discuss the RET method.
  21. Neurocognitive Habilitation Therapy for Children
    The children and their caregivers were exposed to a neurocognitive habilitation curriculum aimed at enhancing the ability of the children to control their emotions.
  22. Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
    Individuals with Generalized Anxiety Disorder experience higher levels of anxiety every day. Cognitive-behavioral therapy was proven helpful in children and adolescents with GAD.
  23. Counseling Therapy: Josie Case
    In most cultures, people with disability are often victimized and secluded from societal activities. The victimization coupled with seclusion results in low self-esteem.
  24. Rape Trauma: Intervention and Therapy
    This paper presents an analysis of the intervention addressing the needs of a rape victim, including elements of the CBT, motivational interviewing, and play therapy.
  25. Children’s Emotional-Mental State and Therapy
    Emotional-oriented therapy aims at the development of a child’s optimistic emotions and positive thinking, while art therapy helps to identify unconscious anxieties.
  26. Group Therapy: Process and Practice
    Group therapy refers to a situation where one or more therapist or counselor is working with a group of people at once.

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  1. Non-Therapeutic Interventions for Abused Children
    Children and adolescents facing neglect, abuse, school or domestic violence, and even homelessness suffer from the consequences of complex trauma.
  2. Domestic Violence and Non-Therapeutic Interventions
    In the United States, the issue of domestic violence is closely related to other misfortunate circumstances in people’s lives.
  3. Laughter and Its Therapeutic Value in Counseling
    Therapeutic laughter may be one of the most effective and natural solutions. This research paper will discuss the positive health effects of laughter and its use in psychotherapy.
  4. The Role of Family Therapy on Resolving the Problems
    Family therapy aims at resolving the problems of young people by using a family-based intervention that involves family members.
  5. Personality Theories and Behavior Therapy
    The patient was a 27-year old female, a graduate student in paleontology. The psychotherapist worked with this patient using the behavior therapy approach.
  6. Family Needs Assessment in Therapeutic Conversation
    A therapeutic conversation is meant to identify the communication needs of family members and encourage them to express feelings.
  7. Improving Multiple Dimensions With the Help of a Cognitive Functional Therapy
    The use of the Cognitive Functional Therapy (CFT), in turn, is expected to help nurses and healthcare professionals to overcome the specified barrier to health promotion.
  8. Mind Therapies for Greater Psychological Openness
    Consciousness training in MBCT begins with focusing on breathing and bodily sensations, which leads to improved well-being and harmonization of behavior.
  9. Insulin Pump Therapy in Children with Diabetes
    This project analyzes the study by Johnson et al. which investigates long-term outcomes of insulin pump therapy in children with Type 1 Diabetes.
  10. Insulin Pump Therapy in Evidence-Based Practice
    Johnson et al.’s article presents the results of a large population-based case-control study dedicated to long-term outcomes of insulin pump therapy in children with T1D.
  11. Art and Dance Movement Therapy: Personal Experience
    This paper covers such concepts as art and dance therapy as well as personal experience in applying dance as a therapeutic practice.
  12. Empirically Supported Relationships and Therapist Factors
    The paper is dedicated to a discussion of the links between the relational factors in therapy on patient outcomes.
  13. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as an Empirically Supported Intervention for Children With Anxiety
    ACT focuses on six primary points to develop psychological flexibility: acceptance, diffusion, contact with the present moment, self-as-context, values, and committed action.
  14. Dance Movement Therapy Review
    The term ‘dance movement therapy’ refers to the use of movement in improving the mental and physical health of a person.
  15. Cancer and Contemporary Therapeutic Approaches
    Cancer is a hazardous disease due to its potential lethality. This essay describes the basic traits of cancer and contemporary therapeutic approaches to the condition.
  16. Homelessness and Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy
    In homeless populations, the application of traditional measures for enhancing adherence to antiretroviral therapy also proves to lead to less impressive results.
  17. Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy and Oral Health in HIV Patients
    The oral manifestations could occur as initial signs, as side effects of medications, underlying systemic disease or as opportunistic infections.
  18. Family Therapy: Bowns’ Theory
    A Family is the primary source for educating and developing an individuals’ behaviour. Murray Bowen came up with various concepts that cover the behaviour of particular families.
  19. Overview of Physical Therapist Profession
    A brief breakdown of the profession of a physical therapist with explaining of main services provided by the doctor and their average wage.
  20. Linear Accelerator in Radiation Therapy
    Radiation therapy, more commonly known as radiotherapy, is the application of radiation as a mode of treating cancer, according to Dobbs et al.
  21. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Effectiveness for the Treatment of Generalised Anxiety Disorder
    This paper has focused on the effectiveness of CBT in the treatment of GAD. The medication meant to treat GAD has proved beneficial, nevertheless had a number of side effects.
  22. Brief Motivational Intervention: Mindfulness Based Therapy
    Substance abuse is one of the leading social problems in the United States. In particular, alcohol is one of the most abused substances in the country.
  23. Attachments Disorder: Definition and Forms of Therapies
    Attachment disorder is a disorder that mainly affects children and is characterized by opposition, defiance and indifference.
  24. The Cognitive Behavioural Therapy on Victims of Bullying
    This paper will be able to ascertain that Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a very effective therapy that defies the ugly trend of bullying in schools.
  25. Integrating Religion and Spirituality in Therapy
    This article asserts that religious or Christian counseling aims at promoting the spiritual growth of the patients apart from alleviating signs of diseases.
  26. Teenage Counseling and Family Therapy Goals
    Teenage counseling often involves teenager and their family. Jones & Colin explain that the first task in teenage counseling is establishing whether there is a problem.
  27. Therapeutic Activities: Collecting Harmless Insects
    The Collecting Insects activity enables students to realize growth in the different areas of development, including social, and spiritual phases of personal development.
  28. The Therapeutic Principles of Group Counseling
    Therapeutic principles of group counseling conversion stage have characteristics such as struggle with group control, resistance, anxiety, establishment of trust within the group.
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