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Health Situation in the Neighborhood

The Mount Sinai Expansion

The Mount Sinai expansion has been beneficial to the community. The hospital that houses 500 personnel, including 40 to 50 surgical and medical staff, has now expanded to house more patients and doctors (Mount Sinai, Queens). The services are faster than before, and this way, people’s lives are saved. With the increased number of staff, the services are more personalized and efficient. This expansion has allowed for more equipment. The equipment gives the hospital the ability to treat different conditions better than before. Some of the services available include surgery, stroke center, imaging, and neurosurgery. Also, there is a cancer center, weight loss surgery, pediatrics, ophthalmology, orthopedics, and cardiology services. Mount Sinai has expanded to save lives.

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Garbage Pileup

Garbage pileup is not only bad for the aesthetic view of a place, but it is also bad for the health of the community around the area. Garbage attracts insects, bacteria, and vermin. An area surrounded by garbage is highly likely to have an outbreak of cholera, typhoid, food poisoning, and other serious illnesses.Moreover, garbage produces carbon dioxide and nitrous acid, which are dangerous. Once the gases enter the lungs, they cause serious respiratory diseases. Garbage also contaminates water affecting both aquatic and human life. Dirty water causes cholera and typhoid, diseases that claim many lives (Ecube Labs). The county council should develop garbage collection patterns to ensure that all garbage is disposed of properly.

Fume Production

Factory fumes are a significant problem in Astoria. Fumes cause many problems. First, they slow down the lung development in children, affect the lungs’ normal functioning, and cause lung cancer. Second, fumes cause diabetes by damaging the pancreas. Moreover, because fumes contaminate the air, they have contributed to developing various heart-related diseases such as strokes, heart attacks, and atherosclerosis. Lastly, factory fumes can be lethal to fetal development. Most babies born around factories have brain deformation problems due to the toxic nature of the fumes. Factories should switch to clean energy and make use of non-toxic materials for manufacturing their products. Through these changes, community members will be taken care of while enjoying the factories’ products (AghaKouchak).

Rehabilitation Center

Rehabilitation centers in Astoria are beneficial. The Astoria Skilled Nursing and Rehab center is one of the best centers around. The nursing cum rehab center attends to both the elderly and drug addicts. Additionally, there are specialized care services such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care. Custodial Care, Hospice Care, Intravenous Therapy, Rehabilitation Therapy, Respite Care, and Total Parenteral Nutrition. First, the center aims at giving a home to the elderly while treating them for conditions that come with old age. Besides healthcare, they find a home and a community that accepts and loves them. Second, the addicts get a chance to recover from their addiction illness. Through therapy, addicts can heal and, after a while, go back to their everyday lives (Freeman and Kautz, 74)

Fitness Gyms

Gyms have become necessary amenities within the community. Club Fitness gym is one of the most important places around. The gym has various equipment that helps in different ways. There are weights, treadmills, aerobic rooms, saunas, and bicycles that make various exercises possible. The exercises benefit the community by strengthening cardiovascular muscles, toning the body, improving brain function, bettering moods, and weight loss.

Moreover, exercises reduce the chance of cancer and slow aging. With the increased number of fast-food restaurants, gyms need to increase their membership through advertising and encourage more people to exercise. The membership will reduce obesity occurrences and allow for improved health in the community (Rahl 61)

Raw Sewage

Raw sewage is dangerous to human health. Sewage carries many germs. It is the number one cause of viruses around the world. Such symptoms as the stomach flu, diarrhea, excess vomiting, and cramping are associated with viruses that exist in sewage. The deadliest disease caused by germs from sewage is poliomyelitis that leads to temporary or permanent paralysis. Where there is a virus, bacteria are welcome. However, they thrive in certain conditions, such as temperature and ph. Sewage provides the right conditions for bacteria, and if left uncovered, the latter could roam free, causing such conditions as campylobacteriosis and the ecoli infection known for claiming lives (Zielewicz, Ewa). Other vermin that exist in sewage are parasites. Parasites are known to make a body their home, a host. Parasites from raw sewage cause such diseases as Cryptosporidiosis and Giardiasis, which are common and deadly to human lives.

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