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Concept for Practice and Development in Nursing


Nursing practice requires one to provide quality services. This cannot be achieved without adequate understanding of nursing concepts. These concepts are essential in guiding the nurse to apply his/her skills appropriately. Moreover, they ensure that adequate steps are undertaken to align with the required standards of practice within the profession of nursing. Therefore, one’s philosophy of nursing applies in this section because it helps him/her to apply nursing concepts adequately for the benefit of the patient. This paper will identify and examine one concept of nursing with the aim of achieving good nursing practice and development (AACN, 2006, p. 1).

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Identity of the concept

My nursing philosophy, as stated earlier, revolves around provision of holistic nursing care. This is the basic concept of nursing I have come to understand and defend because I believe in its strength and applicability. Moreover, it provides the means to reaching everyone within the profession of nursing. Because, I work in a plastic surgery and reconstruction center, it is important that proper care be given to clients. Moreover, it is necessary that their beauty be improved for their own safety. Beside, that is what they pay for when they come for reconstruction surgery. In essence, my concept is holistic approach to nursing (AHNA, 2013, p. 1).

Summary of the concept

Holistic nursing care is very significant in, my approach to nursing because it focuses on wellness, interrelationship and unity in what I do. That is, I am able to accommodate every professional in my line of work. Moreover, I m able to work closely with patients to ensure that we quality service is provide d to them. The goal of nursing in my view is not only to achieve the objective of treating the client but also to heal him/her as a whole. This ensures that the client is happy as we are in the tasks we have done. This kind of nursing care cannot be achieved without taking the route of holistic care. This concept borrows from nursing theories and knowledge, which are aimed at considering nurses as therapeutic partners to patients. Moreover, it borrows from intuition and expertise aimed at ensuring the therapeutic services is provided to patients. Thereby, it helps with the understanding of totality of people. This brings together various components of an individual namely environment, emotion, social, mind, relationship, body, context, and culture, among others (AHNA, 2013, p. 1).

Importance of the concept

Holistic care has numerous advantages in nursing. For instance, the concept is tailored towards patient’s needs. Moreover, it aims to provide wholesome attention to patients. This helps in faster recovery of patients since they feel loved. Moreover, the concept allows for close relationship between patient and caregivers. This helps me to live well in New York and New Jersey where people live in a litigious society. Besides, our services are appreciated by clients who delight in holistic approach I provide. This approach has also brought me closer to my staff since they observe patient’s reaction that results from the concept (AHNA, 2013, p. 1).


Nursing practice and development requires one to master nursing concepts for application in their work. This is important because it ensures proper provision of services to clients. Moreover, it ensures that services are tailored to client’s needs. It helps me to be conscious of the people we serve. For instance, those who live in New York and New Jersey are litigious. Additionally, it helps us to conform to the code of conduct required by nursing profession.


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