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  1. Intensive Care Unit: Evidence-Based Practice’ Environment
    Among the EBP practices employed in the unit, it is possible to recognize the moderation of noise in the area and reevaluation of the demand for the medical supplies required for the unit operations.
  2. The Intensive Care Unit: Intelligent Hospital Pavilion
    The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is designed in such a way that it can provide adequate and timely care to high-risk patients.
  3. Nurses Role Overload and Burnout in Intensive Care
    This paper critiques the article “Relationship among nurses role overload, burnout, and managerial coping strategies at intensive care units” by Mohamed.
  4. Intensive Care Unit Quality Improvement Checklist
    This paper explains the process and the historical basis of the development and implementation of an ICU quality improvement checklist.
  5. The Needs of Family Members of Patients in Intensive Care
    The intensive (critical) care unit (ICU) could be a challenging setting for the family members of patients, particularly when the loved ones are at an immense risk of death.
  6. Electronic Intensive Care Unit Benefits
    An Electronic Intensive Care Unit (eICU) represents a type of a healthcare setting that uses the latest technologies with the purpose of providing top quality care to patients.
  7. Safe Medication in Intensive Care Unit
    In this paper, safe medication use in intensive care units (ICUs) the CPG was selected due to its relevance to the current needs of inpatient care.
  8. Implementation of Cycled Lighting in Intensive Care Units
    Hospital conditions, especially in ICUs, could impact patients’ recovery due to experienced sleep disturbance and disrupted circadian rhythm.
  9. Opinion Leadership in Intensive Care Unit
    The paper aims to explore the concept of an opinion leader with references to scholarly literature as well as personal working experience.
  10. Evidence-Based Practice Employed in Intensive Care
    The nurse manager should encourage all nurses to practice evidence-based nursing through conducting research training.
  11. Children’s Weight Estimation in Intensive Care Units
    Due to the fact that a large standard deviation is always present in the children’s group, the mean weight itself is not a reliable value.
  12. Hand Hygiene Compliance in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
    Simple handwashing education may be an effective intervention method to increase the literacy of staff and visitors regarding the problem in question.
  13. Interprofessional Teams and iCare in Intensive Care Units
    The intensive care unit (ICU) is a highly complex dynamic work environment that requires highly sophisticated and engaged interprofessional team functioning.
  14. Team Nursing Model in Intensive Care Unit
    The team nursing model involves the creation of teams whose members work together and are responsible for a limited number of patients.
  15. Compassion Fatigue in Pediatric and Intensive Care Units
    Compassion fatigue deserves attention in the healthcare sector and requires taking relevant measures, particularly in pediatric departments and intensive care units.
  16. Intelligent Hospital Pavilion for Intensive Care
    Given the advantages of computerized systems for intensive care units, the latter significantly improve patient outcomes and reduce the impact of human factors on nurses’ work.
  17. Enteral Feeding in Paediatric Intensive Care
    The nasogastric tube is a safe and effective method for short-term feeding in children with a variety of chronic conditions that can be regularly used at home and in hospital.
  18. Intensive Care Unit Nursing ( ICU)
    Intensive Care Unit Nurses are those specially trained nurses who handle critical care patients with life-threatening conditions within the confines of the Intensive Care Unit.
  19. Effectiveness of Supporting Intensive Care Units
    Medicine appears to be the sphere of active developments and constant improvements, as high quality of service presents a matter of importance.
  20. Plan of Interview the Intensive Care Unit Nurse
    Plan of the interview with the intensive care unit nurse. The question where the candidate must provide the most precise response would involve a real-life scenario.
  21. Nosocomial Infections in Neonatal Intensive Care Units
    The Centre for Disease Control defines Nosocomial infections as diseases that occur three days or more after birth usually in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) setting.
  22. Interview of Nurse of the Intensive Care Unit
    As the subject of the interview, the senior nurse of the intensive care unit (ICU) of a Miami hospital, Mrs. S., is engaged. Mrs. S. is a registered nurse with a BSN degree.
  23. Decreasing Ventilator Pneumonia in the Intensive Care Units
    This article is a proposed protocol for implementation in US hospitals to reduce the risk of ventilatory pneumonia in intensive care units.
  24. Physical Versus Chemical Restraints in Intensive Care Unit
    This article reviews several studies that discuss the use of chemical and physical restraints in emergency and intensive care units and their ethical issues.
  25. Hospital-Acquired Infections Prevention in Intensive Care Unit Patients
    The purpose of this project is to reduce the prevalence and incidences of hospital-acquired infections among intensive care unit patients.
  26. Analysis of Leadership in the Intensive Care Unit
    According to van Schijndel and Burchardi, scholars have not paid much attention to practical management in the intensive care medicine.
  27. Physical Restraints in Acute and Intensive Care Units
    The issue of using physical restraints in health care institutions is a rather debatable topic, and some experts consider it a necessity for managing some patients.
  28. Intensive Care Units: Quantitative and Qualitative Research Applications
    This paper seeks to look at the qualitative and quantitative approaches intersectional point in medical practice, with specific reference to the intensive care unit.

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  1. Psychological Flexibility and Its Relationship to Distress and Work Engagement Among Intensive Care Medical Staff
  2. Intensive Care Unit Related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  3. Pain, Parental Involvement, and Oxytocin in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  4. Pediatric Intensive Care: Immunomodulation With Activated Protein C Ex Vivo
  5. Preventing Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infections in Intensive Care Unit
  6. Moral Distress Among European Intensive Care Nurses
  7. Intensive Care Nurses and Technology BSC
  8. Nurse Burnout and Stress in Neonatal Intensive Care
  9. Preventing Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia in the Intensive Care Unit
  10. Intensive Care Nurse’s Views and Practices for Eye Care: An International Comparison
  11. Prevention, Identification, and Treatment of Sepsis in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Patients
  12. Premature Triplets: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Cook Children’s Hospital
  13. Abuse of Drugs and Alcohol in Intensive Care Unit
  14. Medical Imaging During Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  15. The Assessment Process Of Patients In Intensive Care

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  1. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Evacuation and Care During a Natural Disaster: The Experience of Cyclone Idai in Beira, Mozambique
  2. Nursing and the Importance of Intensive Care and Critical Care Skills
  3. Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the Inclusion of a Child Life Therapist
  4. Physician Scheduling for Continuity: An Application in Pediatric Intensive Care
  5. Intensive Care Unit: Stress Meeting Needs of Family and Coping
  6. Nosocomial Infections and the Infant Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
  7. Horizontal Violence Experienced During Orientation in Intensive Care Units
  8. Risk Factors for Intensive Care Unit Admission in Patients With Autoimmune Encephalitis
  9. Intensive Care Admission and Early Neuro-Rehabilitation
  10. Simulating Neonatal Intensive Care Capacity in British Columbia
  11. Safety Score Improvement Plan For By-Faith Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  12. Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy in the Intensive Care Unit
  13. Care for Critical Ill Patients With COVID-19: Establishment of a Temporary Intensive Care Unit in an Isolated Hospital
  14. Modeling the Requirement for Supplementary Nurses in an Intensive Care Unit
  15. Preventing and Assessing Intensive Care Unit Delirium
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