57 Vaccination Essay Topics

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๐Ÿ† Best Essay Topics on Vaccination

  1. Vaccines: Should Parents Avoid Vaccinating Their Children?
    In this research paper, we will try to establish the benefits of damages of child vaccination and draw a conclusion whether parents should or should not avoid vaccinating their children.
  2. Childhood Vaccination as Healthcare Priority Policy Issue
    This essay presents the controversial issue of childhood vaccination as a healthcare priority policy issue that requires the immediate attention of legislators.
  3. Childhood Vaccination: Policy-Priority Issues
    The issue of vaccinations is often discussed on an international level. Governments do not underestimate the importance of immunization.
  4. Teaching Plan: Immunizations and Vaccinations
    In an immunization schedule, provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, eighteen diseases are marked as possible to prevent with the help of appropriate vaccinations.
  5. Childhood Vaccination Policy in Florida
    This paper discusses the policy issue of childhood vaccination in Florida where parents can exempt their children from vaccinations due to religious reasons.
  6. 2009 H1N1 Flu Pandemic, Vaccination and Rates
    Extensive studies of the virus confirmed that it possessed certain characteristics that had not been detected in similar viruses before.
  7. Vaccination as a Public Health Policy Issue
    The controversy surrounding vaccination of children is caused primarily by the miscommunication between the scientific community and the general public.
  8. Pharma Controversy Presentation: Vaccination and Autism
    Parents often associate MMR vaccination with autism. No qualitative evidence for the MMR vaccination-autism link.
  9. Vaccination Misconceptions in Old Adults
    This research focuses on the importance of education to improve the older populaceโ€™s willingness to get influenza vaccinated.
  10. Mandatory Vaccination of Children in the USA
    The issue of child immunization is particularly relevant to nursing, as nurses see the consequences of poor vaccination rates regularly.
  11. Flu Vaccination Side Effects as a Cause of Refusal
    Flu vaccinations are considered to be an important part of population health programs in most developed countries.
  12. Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Among Adolescents
    Human papillomavirus (HPV) represents a significant threat to global health, which points to the need for implementing effective interventions targeted at its elimination.
  13. Vaccinations for Children: Issues and Recommendations for Positive Change
    This paper discusses vaccinations for childrens, in particular, security, privacy, and confidentiality regulations, laws, and principles related to data management and access.
  14. Childhood Vaccination: Ethical Case Study
    The problem of moral behavior of nurses in situations of a difficult choice, decision-making, or conflict is actively discussed in the scholarly medical literature.
  15. Health of Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Children
    The article by Mawson et al. evaluates the effectiveness of vaccination concerning improving the health of children when compared to infants who did not receive immunization.
  16. The Views on HPV Vaccination in Sweeden
    The purpose of this article is to outline the research on the views on HPV vaccination assessed by school nurses in Sweeden.
  17. Vaccination Challenges and New Disease Outbreaks
    Vaccinations are the subject of heated debate in society because of their effectiveness, philosophical rationale, and religious relevance.
  18. Why Vaccination Is So Discussed Now?
    Vaccination is one of the most debatable topics since many arguments for and against immunization confuse young parents who want to take the right decision.
  19. An Outbreak of the Irrational: Refusion from Measles Disease Vaccination
    Today people do not face measles disease and its consequences, and for this reason, they are not afraid of it enough. The paper discusses the reasons for refuse from vaccination.
  20. The H1N1 Influenza Virus: Benefits of Vaccination
    The basic structure of an effective vaccine and the characteristics of virus mutations will help find a way to immunize against a new flu strain and prevent another epidemic.
  21. Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccination
    The swine flu vaccine is a vaccine that was developed to control the spread of the swine flu pandemic. These vaccines include Pandemix and Celvapan manufactured by Baxter.
  22. The Benefits of Vaccination Outweigh the Risks
    Medical researchers have succeeded in producing vaccines to help bodies fight pathogens that might overwhelm them.
  23. Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Program
    The following paper is focused on the Center for Disease Control (CDC) vaccination program on seasonal influenza.
  24. Compulsory Vaccination for Staff of Nursing Homes
    Because the COVID-19 vaccine will soon be available for the public, officials must make getting it compulsory for the staff of nursing homes and long-term care facilities.
  25. Advantages and Disadvantages of Vaccination
    Vaccinations have been in use for a very long time now and they have helped save millions of lives and changed the endings of many life stories.
  26. COVID-19: Information About Vaccination
    This work investigates the phenomenon of vaccine development in the context of a coronavirus pandemic and discusses the progress already achieved.
  27. Vaccination: Child Immunization on the Government Level
    The experts say that the hesitancy to vaccinate children is one of the biggest threats to public health and the most dangerous mistakes a person can make.

๐ŸŽ“ Most Interesting Vaccination Research Titles

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  1. Vaccination and Its Effects on the Health Care System
  2. Targeting Head and Neck Cancer by Vaccination
  3. HPV Vaccination and Cancer Prevention
  4. Mandatory Vaccination Requirements for School Children
  5. Vaccination Programs and Its Impact on Public Health
  6. The Humoral Immune Response to BCG Vaccination
  7. Renaissance Island Anthrax Test Vaccination
  8. The Benefits and Effects of the Gardasil Vaccination in Children
  9. Social Psychological Reasons for Increasing Vaccination Rates
  10. Ethics, Mandatory Vaccination, and the HPV Vaccine
  11. Vaccination Crisis and Controversies of Africa
  12. The MMR Vaccination and Autism
  13. Anti Vaccination Movement and Its Effects on Childrenโ€˜s Well
  14. Vaccination Against Lyme Disease: Past, Present, and Future
  15. The Ethical Theories and Issues Surrounding Vaccination in America

๐Ÿ’ก Simple Vaccination Essay Ideas

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  1. The Issues Preventing the Proper Vaccination of Children in America
  2. Measles Dynamics and Vaccination Diffusion
  3. Smallpox Vaccination for Critical Public Service Workers
  4. Vaccination Myths and Its Effects on the Public Eye
  5. Childhood Immunizations and Universal Vaccination
  6. State Required Vaccination and Its Effects on Children
  7. The Anti Vaccination Movement Decreasing Child Safety
  8. Vaccination and Effective Smallpox Vaccine
  9. Prevnar Vaccination Production Process
  10. Vaccination for Babies 0-6 Months
  11. Disease Eradication: Private Versus Public Vaccination
  12. The Ethical Issues and Morality of Flu Vaccination
  13. Cultural and Social Factors of Vaccination
  14. Vaccination Can Save the Nation
  15. Service Members Anthrax Vaccine Vaccination
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