89 Abortion Essay Topics

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  1. Abortion’s Physical and Psychological Effects
    A quantitative research study has been carried out in order to determine the negative physical and psychological effects of abortion.
  2. Should Abortions be Legal?
    The paper discusses the legality of abortion and how illegalizing abortion contravenes the very laws that protect the rights of women.
  3. Abortion: Women’s Health as Their Integral Right
    This paper will elaborate on the thesis that a woman should have the right to abortion as the best ethical decision to ensure her physical and psychological health.
  4. Possible Effects After Abortion
    Abortion is dangerous and unethical procedure which can damage health and psyche of a person and that is why it should be prohibited and used only in some cases of emergency.
  5. Abortion as a Controversy
    This paper relooks at the debate surrounding the topic of abortion to the extent that when views on either side are considered, then whose right should be used to make a ruling.
  6. Abortion: An Ethical Dilemma
    There are many reasons as to why abortion poses an ethical dilemma for most women. Reasons such as religious beliefs, medical concerns are easily resolved by reason and need.
  7. Should Abortion be Legal or Illegal?
    The right to privacy and the choice for abortion is solely dependent on the person(s) involved and should not be rescinded by a superior authority.
  8. Moral Argument in Support of Abortion
    Abortion has been a hotly debated topic. Normally, you have to either be pro-life or anti-abortion. No gray area here.
  9. A Defense on Abortion: Ethical Issues
    Abortion is considered the intended action to expel a fetus from the womb of a woman. The expulsion of a fetus leads to death, the intentional expulsion of a fetus is murder.
  10. Abortion: Legal, Ethical and Professional Evidence
    Some members of society strongly recent abortion. In this paper, the researcher will evaluate the ethical arguments for abortion.
  11. The Ethics of Abortion: Women’s Rights
    The argument about the legitimacy of abortion has been in existence for quite a while. The proponents of prohibiting abortions are nowadays labeled as the pro-life movement.
  12. Fetal Abnormality and Abortion: Ideal and Discretionary Theories
    In the case study of fetal abnormality, the individuals use ideal and discretionary theories to express various points on the grounds of a fetus’s life, sentience, and personhood.
  13. Abortion: Judith Thomson’s Ethical Perspective
    This work looks into the issue of abortion, a situation will be discussed based on what has been said about abortion with much emphasis on Judith Thomson’s perspective.
  14. Fetal Abnormality and Ethical Dilemms of Abortion
    In the case study “Fetal Abnormality,” four characters face the same problem: an abnormal condition of a fetus and the necessity to decide if to save a child or consider abortion.
  15. Canadian Abortion Laws and Women’s Rights
    Section 251.9 of Canada’s Criminal Code prohibited abortions and was not constitutional since it violated women’s right as spelt out in the Charter of Human Rights and Freedom.
  16. Anti-Abortion Advocacy of Pro-Life Movement
    This paper analyses the claim of the pro-life group that advocates against abortion, its legal, ethical, and moral implications as well as its rhetoric and existing research.
  17. Abortion as a Public Issue: The New York Times Views
    The paper discusses 3 articles from The New York Times to understand whether it is possible to create one attitude to the idea of abortion and its effects on human life.
  18. Debate on Abortion: Ethics and Principals
    This paper relooks at the debate surrounding the topic of abortion to the extent that when views on either side are considered, then whose right should be used to make a ruling.
  19. Abortion: Reasons and Issues
    There are many people who share a neutral perspective on the issue of abortion in the United States. These people are particularly inclined toward refraining from judging women.
  20. “A Defense of Abortion” by Judith Jarvis Thomson
    According to Thomson, abortion is not killing as a human fetus is not a living person. She says that it is impossible to love a child that does not exist.
  21. Policy Analysis: Abortion Clinic Access
    The purpose of this analysis is to investigate the accessibility and rates of abortion at the national level. The study will look at the ease with which the services are available to the public.

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  1. Abortion and Its Moral Status
    Sometimes, our decisions inevitably affect other people’s lives and therefore involve a wide range of moral issues. This is the case with abortion.
  2. The Need for Abortion and the Moral Status of the Fetus
    The people who rely on religious postulates are likely to see a fetus as a creature that is supposed to have the same rights as the child that is already born.
  3. Florida Abortion Policies and Health Insurance
    Health plans that are provided in the Florida state’s health exchange by ACA may only cover abortion in the cases when the life of the woman is at risk.
  4. Abortions and Rights of a Fetus in the US
    Although a fetus is a living being, it should only be provided with rights, particularly, the right to live, starting from the third trimester.
  5. Abortion as a Moral Controversy in the US
    The availability of abortions and the morality of this operation are recurring themes in American society and many countries around the globe.
  6. Abortion in Case of Down Disease in Fetus
    Abortion has always been an ongoing issue for society as it touches upon one of the most disputable questions that are related to the nature of human life.
  7. The Issue of Abortion: Ethics Challenges
    The debate about abortion in terms of ethics has been in place for decades ever since this medical procedure was first legalized by the government.
  8. Abortion Clinic Access Policy and Women’s Health
    The purpose of this paper is to determine the impact of abortion clinic access policies on the health of Florida women. The policy targets the public health system.
  9. Is Abortion Beneficial or Harmful To a Teenager?
    Abortion is the removal of a pregnancy before it is due. It is the elimination of a fetus or embryo from the mother’s uterus before it is due for birth.
  10. Ethics of Abortion and Over-the-Counter Drugs
    The widely disputed argument about abortion being wrong has been a subject of heated debates. The use of various substances without a prescription also encourages many arguments.
  11. Abortion in Texas as a Political Issue
    The debate about abortion in Texas is very sensitive and must be approached with caution. This paper looks at abortion in Texas as a political issue and presents arguments from two opposing sides.
  12. President Obama’s Fallacy in Abortion Arguments
    There is a need for more states in the United States to embrace policies that protect the lives, especially by limiting the number of abortions.
  13. Ethics in Practice: Abortion Choice
    Abortion has been a subject of debate in the world with some groups arguing that it infringes human rights while others advocates that it should be legalized.
  14. Abortion and Maternal Health: the Global Health Crisis
    Ever since abortion became legal as a procedure, it started to attract social attention as one of the major issues of ethical, public health, civil rights, political, and worldview character.
  15. Abortion in Marquis’, Bentham’s, Biblical Theories
    Some people believe that abortion is impermissible under any circumstances, even if the child is ill or if it was conceived as a result of rape.
  16. Abortion Nursing Care and Patient’s Rights
    The U.S. has many abortion laws and limitations; furthermore, the procedure is widely frowned-upon in the American society.
  17. Abortion in Feminist and Care Ethics
    Abortion is one of the most discussed topics of bioethics. It is one of the oldest topics and, at the same time, one of the most divisive.
  18. Abortion from Legal and Public Health Perspectives
    Abortion should be legalized to safeguard the health, reputation and status of women in need of abortion services.
  19. The Moral and Legal Status of Abortion
    This paper discusses Warren’s work “On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion,” which raises a question about the status of any given fetus and whether it made the latter a person.
  20. Abortion: Legal, Medical, Moral, Religious Issues
    As an ethical dilemma, the decision of whether to permit or forbid abortion deals with a variety of justifications grounding on several arguments.
  21. Abortion as a Woman’s Choice and Right
    The ability to make a decision is the foundation of democracy and abortion with all its negative consequences should stay a matter of choice.

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  1. Abortions in Australia Discussed in Media
    Abortion, as a social and political concept, has to be properly discussed in media, thus determining its impact and significance.
  2. The Dilemma of Abortions: Consequentialist and Deontological Points of View
    Despite numerous discussions and studies regarding the advantages and disadvantages of abortions from the issue remains a problematic area that requires additional analysis.
  3. Abortion in the US: Human Behavior and Social Environment
    A vast majority of the US population consider abortion to be a private process of decision-making between a woman and her doctor.
  4. Utilitarianism and Abortion: Mill’s Principle of Utility and Bentham’s Felicific Calculus
    The issue of abortion is often approached from spiritual or religious standpoints, and utilitarianism arguably has the potential to provide a refreshing perspective.
  5. “Why Abortion Is Immoral” the Article by Don Marquis
    The selected text for analysis relates to the ethical issue of abortion since its title is “Why Abortion is Immoral” by Don Marquis.
  6. Abortion Policy in the United States
    The paper analyzes the trends in abortion policies and regulations within the US, its implications for female wellbeing and healthcare professionals, and observes recommendations.
  7. Health Insurance Abortion Ban in South Dakota
    The policymakers of South Dakota should strive to ensure that the Health Insurance Abortion ban is more inclusive by considering rape and incest-related pregnancies.
  8. Debate on Abortion Insurance in South Dakota
    The Healthcare Insurance Ban health policy in South Dakota is a public health concern and a direct violation of federal law.
  9. Abortion and Moral Theory
    This paper includes an analysis of the case with the focus on theories used by the stakeholders and the outcomes of each theoretical frameworks.
  10. Abortion: Pros and Cons
    Abortion should be illegal because unborn babies are considered human beings by the US Government, making abortion murder.
  11. Abortion and Moral Status of Fetus with Abnormality
    This paper uses the case “Fetal Abnormality” to discuss various theories of moral status that all people should take seriously when addressing the question of abortion.
  12. Abortion: G. Marino’s Controversial Points of View
    Marino considers the different points of view and designs a situation from which one can conclude that abortion can be allowed under certain circumstances
  13. Abnormal Fetus, Its Moral Status and Abortion Ethics
    Abortion is a medical procedure that involves the surgical elimination of the fetus from a female’s womb with the purpose of ending a pregnancy.
  14. Debate of the Dangerous Consequences of Abortion
    In order to cope with the various problems resulting from abortion, it is mandatory to create an awareness campaign that informs people of the dangerous consequences of abortion.
  15. The Problem of Abortion
    The problem of abortion is considered to be a very controversial issue and it is really so. First of all here the opposite views of science and religion should be mentioned.
  16. Abortion as a Legal Women’s Right
    Abortion has become a very sensitive issue in society because of the impact it has on most societies, especially in matters relating to morality and public health.
  17. Ethics in Society. Abortion Debates: Different Sides
    The history of abortion witnessed that “millions of women suffered injury or death at the hands of abortionists operating illegally”.
  18. Abortion: Arguments for and Against
    The issue of abortion and its ready availability for any woman who seeks it is very controversial and has caused a lot of debate. There exist two positions – for and against abortion.
  19. The Issue Of Abortion in the United States: Arguments For and Against
    Abortion is one of the most debated issues in the modern United States. Liberals tend to view abortion in terms of privacy.
  20. The Abortion Law in Ireland and Canada
    There are political, religious and societal issues that impacts on abortion, for both the republic of Ireland and Canada.
  21. Pro-Abortion Ethics Case and Argument
    The abortion issue will still remain a hotly contested debate. It is crucial for anti-abortionists to consider both the life of a pregnant woman and that of the fetus.
  22. Abortion: Negative Impacts on Women
    Abortion is an issue that evokes controversy, with those opposed to it invoking moral and religious ground as to why it should not be allowed.
  23. Legality of Abortion in the USA: Discussion
    Abortion is a hot issue in the US public debate. This is how it has been for a long time. Political leaders, church leaders and members of the public have all aired their opinions as far as the issue is concerned.

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  1. What Does the Bible Say About Abortion?
  2. What Kind of Connection Exist Between Abortion and Mental Health?
  3. Does Abortion Relieve Overpopulation?
  4. Why Many Christians Oppose Abortion
  5. What Similar Features Are Seen Between Abortion and Slavery?
  6. Does Male Age Have an Influence on the Risk of Spontaneous Abortion?
  7. What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Abortion?
  8. Why Abortion Should Remain Legal?
  9. What Are the Reasons for the Choice of Abortion in American Women?
  10. What Are the Pros and Cons of Abortion, Prostitution and Gun Control?
  11. What Are Opposition and Conflicting Feelings on Abortion?
  12. Does Rape Justify Abortion?
  13. What Are the Ethical Issues Raised With Abortion?
  14. Who Should Decide the Legality of Abortion?
  15. Does Abortion Have Severe Psychological Effects?
  16. Why Abortion Attitudes Will Always Be Controversial?
  17. Does Abortion Affect Subsequent Pregnancy?
  18. Why the Abortion Controversy Is Often So Bitter Essay
  19. Why the Government Should Ban Abortion Essay
  20. Why Has Abortion Become Such a Political Issue? Who Should Have the Final Say?
  21. Why Doctors Should Not Perform Induced Abortion?
  22. What Are the Religious Arguments Concerning Contraception and Abortion?
  23. What Social, Moral and Ethical Dilemma Causes Abortion?
  24. Why Abortion Laws Should Be Changed for Teens?
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