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  1. Mental Health, Mental Illness, Risk, & Resilience
    It needs to be said that the way mental health and mental illness are perceived has changed over the years, and a broad range of concepts has been developed.
  2. Mental Illness History: Early Beliefs and Theories of Mental Health
    The theories of mental health have undergone a series of evolution over the ages. Psychologists have studied various facets of man’s character to develop a probable theory.
  3. Health and Illness in Miami
    The purpose of the paper is the investigation of the issues of stereotyping and inequality in the medical settings in Miami, Florida.
  4. Religion and Beliefs Regarding Illness
    The paper will explore three famous religious faiths and assess them against the values of providing care from the viewpoint of these beliefs with that of the Christian perception.
  5. Ethical, Legal, Moral Dilemmas of Terminal Illness
    The moral behavior of nurses has often been described as grounded in commitment to, and receptivity for, the experience of patients, and directed towards alleviating suffering.
  6. Affordable Care Act and Mental Health Illness
    The enactment of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 was a positive move toward mitigating mental health and substance abuse problems in the United States.
  7. Mental Health Illness: Affordable Care Act 2010
    This paper critically looks at the implications for mental health illnesses and substance abuse under the Affordable Care Act of 2010.
  8. Health and Illness Among African-Americans
    This paper focuses on the perception of health and illness among African-Americans in Miami. The capacity to access quality health care depends on a region’s economic status.
  9. Abnormality and Mental Illness in Social Psychology
    The first explanation of abnormality is nonconformity to social standards. The main problem with this definition is that social norms change quickly.
  10. Neurotransmitters Impact on Physical and Mental Illnesses
    Neurotransmitters are chemicals in the brain that have the power to regulate and control both emotional and physical processes in the body.
  11. Schizophrenia: Physiological Basis of a Mental Illness
    Schizophrenia is mental illness with a genetic basis and its complexity is presents in form of chronic psychosis and the cognitive ability of the individual becomes impaired.
  12. Vulnerable Population’s Health and Illnesses
    This paper reviews health of vulnerable populations focusing on differences in providing medical aid to dominant groups of the population and those who are considered vulnerable.
  13. What Is Mental Illness?
    Mental illness is a disorder of the brain, which may cause problems in coping with one’s own life. This medical condition may disrupt a person’s mood, a person’s feelings.
  14. Health and Illness in Community: Stereotypes
    Medical decision-making and the overall attitudes in healthcare settings are often impacted by stereotypes that create observable threats and risks to patients’ health.
  15. Communicable Illnesses in Miami
    This paper explores the initiatives that are in place in Miami, Florida, which are directed towards eradicating communicable illnesses.
  16. Mental Illness Stigmatization in Media and Literature
    The problem of labeling persons with mental illnesses is actively discussed by psychologists, sociologists, and other researchers in the context of making stigmas.
  17. Preventive vs. Illness Healthcare Financing
    While curing diseases helps to cope with the current issues, their prevention is capable of saving costs and efforts spent on health issues in the future.
  18. Homeless People with Mental Illness and Healthcare
    This study answers the question of how should homeless people with mental illness be addressed, adopting a systematic literature review approach.
  19. Patient Adaptation During Illness or Health
    The Roy Adaptation Model applied the holistic perspective to a client as a system, which is defined as a whole with parts that function as a unity.
  20. Chronic Illness Care and Evidence-Based Practices
    This discussion examines the impacts of chronic illnesses and how evidence-based practices and advanced practice nurses can alleviate this problem.

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  1. The Impact of Chronic Illness
    The results derived from the analysis of the person’s responses are generally consistent with the known barriers to coping with CKD.
  2. Nursing Role in Care of Chronic Illness Patient
    This literature review focuses on significant issues in nurse-led interventions for the management of chronic illnesses.
  3. Frailty: Geriatric Syndromes and Chronic Illnesses
    Experts are not able to state if geriatric syndromes underlie chronic illnesses or vice versa. Still, a belief exists that these issues are interconnected and affect one another.
  4. Chronic Illnesses and Nursing Interventions
    The effects of chronic diseases tend to exacerbate as a person ages and can result in a wide range of problems in various spheres of life of older people.
  5. HIV: The Impact of Chronic Illness
    The care plan should follow the goals and objectives of Healthy People 2020 program about HIV which are focused on HIV prevention.
  6. Human Experience Across the Health-Illness Continuum
    During the past decades, researchers have been questioning the regularities of human illness patterns in order to establish the main factors of disease development in the human body.
  7. The Problem of Perception and Adaptation of Mental Illness With Families by Wilson
    The academic questions for this article are related to the methods used by Wilson in his work concerning the problem of perception and adaptation of mental illness with families.
  8. Chronic Illness of Interest: HIV
    HIV, which is human immunodeficiency virus, is a burden for contemporary society and a challenge for healthcare.
  9. Cholecystitis: Review of the Illness
    The current work describes the illness called cholecystitis, its features, ways of treatment, and post-operational period.
  10. Return to Work After Mental Illness: Intervention Strategies
    The paper identified different levels and types of intervention strategies available for the individuals who return to work after the recovery from mental illness.
  11. Atypical Presentation of Illness: Diagnosing the Cause of Chest Pain
    The patient’s history was evaluated, with specific attention given to the location, duration, and quality of chest pain as well as both alleviating and aggravating factors.
  12. Experience of People With Mental Illness
    The passage outlined below deals with the experience of people with mental illness. Four groups, by name ‘focus groups’ have come forward with research programmes.
  13. Understanding the Terminal Illness in Children
    How techniques such as empathy and listening to the child’s perspective could help provide better a quality life to the terminally ill children, in addition to helping the family.
  14. Mental Illness and Work: Bipolar Disorder
    Bipolar disorder, previously termed manic depressive psychosis, is a serious mental illness characterized by mood swings with episodes of both elevated and depressed moods .
  15. Defining and Labeling Mental Illness
    The existence of mental-disorders has necessitated extensive studies for quite some time now. This owes to its undesirable impacts to the patient and the community.
  16. Cultural and Ethnic Variations of Different Illnesses
    Ignoring cultural or ethnic variations in biomedical research will not take them away or make them vanish, biomedical researchers definitely should employ them for advanced study.
  17. Improving Mental Health by Preventing Mental Illness
    Mental health is a broad concept used to refer to psychological well being. It entails the emotional or cognitive fitness and generally affects how people think or behave.

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  1. Anxiety Disorder Is the Most Common Mental Illness
  2. The Link Between Chronic Illness and Suicide
  3. Society Attitudes Towards Persons With Mental Illness
  4. Bipolar Disorder and Manic Depressive Illness
  5. Depression and Its Effects on Mental Illness
  6. Foodborne Illness and the Dietetics Profession
  7. Chronic Illness and Impact Upon Development and Growth
  8. Adolescent Attitudes Toward Mental Illness
  9. Foodborne Illness, Self-Protection, and the Marginal Value of Pasteurized Eggs
  10. Accidents, Illness, and Emergencies in the Early Years Setting
  11. The Relationship Between Culture, Health, and Illness in Singapore
  12. Relationship Between Inequality and Mental Illness Sociology
  13. The Implications and Impact of Spirituality in Mental Illness and Psychiatric Disability
  14. The Relationship Between Mental Illness and Offending
  15. Relationship Between the Criminal Justice System and Mental Illness
  16. Cognitive Impairment and Chronic Mental Illness
  17. Women and Illness During Victorian Era
  18. Accident, Illness and Emergency Policy for Childminders
  19. Understanding Patterns and Trends in Health and Illness
  20. The Biological Explanatory Model for Severe Mental Illness
  21. Schizophrenia and Causes for This Complex and Puzzling Illness
  22. The Relationship Between Mental Illness and Child Abuse
  23. Brain and Mental Illness: Major Depressive Disorder
  24. Attitudes Toward Mental Illness 18th and 19th Century England
  25. Understanding the Relationship Between Mental Illness and Ethnicity
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