Changing global geo-political and economic conditions have resulted in uncertainty for the resources sector over the last few years.

There is now a better balance between the supply and demand of commodities. This said, the pressure remains for mining companies to find ways to be more competitive in an ever-changing world.

With this as context, building a sustainable enterprise is paramount for survival. Companies are focused on decreasing unit costs and improving operational efficiencies. Successful, sustainable enterprises:

  • Understand the initial value of a mine project early on, and in order to extract the resources sustainably, find ways to protect and create additional value,
  • Take a holistic view to mine planning and, integrate life cycle thinking into existing assets to optimize the overall return on investment for all stakeholders,
  • Optimize the use of data and technology to better manage risks and opportunities,
  • Leverage existing resources and nearby communities to build high performance teams and partnerships,
  • Have an overriding commitment to Health and Safety that is effectively integrated throughout the business

ERM understands the challenges and implications companies face in this sector. Having been deeply involved in the sector for many decades, ERM has successfully assisted clients to navigate through and emerge quickly from multiple downturns. As a result, we can help you develop a clear strategy and associated tactics for your operations at Group, Division and Site levels so that you can protect and create value.