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Industrial Revolution and Immigration

The outcomes of the US Industrial Revolution that took place in the 19th century had a recognizable influence on the consequent history of the country and of the world as a whole. The manifestation of the Industrial Revolution may be considered a serious step forward for the country that fought for the birth of a nation not so long ago. In other words, the outcomes of the Industrial Revolution transformed the way Americans lived. The revolution altered US society and its economic and political approaches. One of the most evident events that may be rightfully considered to be the most important highlight of the Industrial Revolution is a massive workforce migration from the rural areas to the large urban hubs such as New York City. Another event that is characteristic of the Industrial Revolution is an irrational growth of the number of unqualified workers. The initiation of industrial manufacturing eliminated professional training as a necessary employment attribute and allowed the workers to concentrate on the labor instead of various internships. The Industrial Revolution pulled the trigger and ended the survival-based lifestyle of the inhabitants of the rural areas using the appearance of cheap commodities. Several political events turned out to be inextricably linked to the Industrial Revolution. First, the United States was approved by other countries worldwide as an authoritative economic power. Second, the Industrial Revolution gave birth to labor-related legislation (Fair Labor Standards Act) and activated the modern progress of the country. It is really interesting how the outcomes of the Industrial Revolution affected several countries around the world and allowed the US to build a successful partnership with Japan.

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When it comes to the 19th-century immigration process, the US may consider it to be one of the most powerful impacts on the economic state of the country. All the economic shifts and transformations were contingent on the growing demand for workers. One of the most significant events of the 19th century connected to immigration was called the Expansion. It was called the “expansion” because numerous individuals (both Americans and non-Americans) moved out to the western part of the country in search of better opportunities. This resulted in a huge number of people who wanted to cross the US border, and the American politicians had to come up with many legislative acts which referred to the well-being of the newcomers. Due to the pressures of the process of immigration, a variety of crucial factors (such as societal, political, and economic) were transforming every region of the country. Nonetheless, the Expansion ended up triggering massive economic growth in the western regions of the United States. The rise in family incomes and a decline in the unemployment rates became the key events connected to the immigration process in the United States. It is safe to say that this natural process strengthened the economic state of the country and created numerous job opportunities for those in need. Nonetheless, it is also a well-known fact that some people did not like the idea of immigration. These people supposed that the immigrants came to take away jobs from the locals and refused to accept the changes. This event made the rich and the poor stand on the opposite sides and increased the gap between the two social layers.

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