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  1. Human Trafficking – Modern-Day Slavery
    Modern-day slavery is one of the outcomes of globalization; it affects millions of people and brings immense revenue to the criminals.
  2. Documentary: Slavery and the Making of America by Betty Wood
    Slavery and the making of America (2013) is an interesting documentary which tells different stories. Thus, it depicts the way people became slaves and the way they were sold and resold.
  3. Defending Slavery: Termination of Slavery and Slave Trade in South America
    The United States amended its constitution in 1865 in an attempt to abolish the slave trade. However, the amendment only led to a decline in slavery.
  4. Views on Slavery by F.Douglass and B.Washington
    Douglass and Washington draw the readers’ attention to the fact that their situations and descriptions of slave life are the reflections of the conditions typical for the period.
  5. Slavery Emancipation in Cuba, Haiti, and Brazil
    Slavery was viewed as both an infringement of human rights in addition to the existence of forced labor. Numerous differences existed in the manner in which slaves were treated across the globe.
  6. Slavery in the American Society
    Slavery is one of the historical events that characterize the American society since many people lost their lives in trying to prevent it while others decided to shift to other places.
  7. The Theme of Slavery in the Novel ‘Beloved’ by Toni Morrison
    The theme of slavery has been discussed throughout the paper about the novel ‘Beloved’ by Toni Morrison since it shapes the destiny of the victims highlighted in the story.
  8. William Lloyd Garrison and Slavery in America
    William Lloyd Garrison made a significant contribution to the anti-slavery movement through his idealism. Garrison took both moral and practical approach to issues.
  9. Slavery in Women’s and Men’s Narratives
    H. Jacobs’ “Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl” tells one of the perverted cases of sexual harassment. F. Douglas wanted to shoot down some pro-slavery arguments.
  10. History of Slavery and Its Impact on the Society
    Slavery emerged together with the rise of the first civilization as the most primitive form of relationships between different members of the ancient society.
  11. Human Trafficking as a Modern-Day Slavery Problem
    The paper discusses the anti-trafficking measures of international organizations, such as UN, UNICEF, and UNESCO. The laws enacted by these organizations are further mentioned.
  12. History of Slavery and Its Impacts on Society
    The role of the history of slavery cannot be neglected. It introduces several lessons and much information about the mistakes that have been already made and the opportunities.
  13. History of Slavery and Its Impact on Contemporary Society
    Slavery is the period that cannot be forgotten, and the relations that were developed between people during the slavery period influenced the way of how people treat each other today.
  14. The History of Slavery and Contemporary Society
    Slavery is one of the most harmful concepts devised by humans. This paper will provide an overview of the history of slavery, as well as the effects it has on modern society.
  15. History of Slavery and Its Impacts
    The concept of slavery in the contemporary society has undergone a gradual transformation. Modern forms of slavery include forced labor, child exploitation, sexual abuse, and human trafficking.
  16. Contemporary Slavery: Sex Trafficking
    Sex trafficking is an outlawed business practised by several countries around the globe. Sex trafficking immensely contributes to both local and international migrations.
  17. Modern Slavery, Its Consequences and Countermeasures
    The relevance of the problem of slavery is statistically confirmed, and certain measures and interventions can help society to stop this danger.
  18. Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking and Poverty
    Be it through the sexual enslavement of girls or trafficking of males for forced labor, slavery has had a tremendous impact on modern society.
  19. Slavery in Different Periods of American History
    The paper investigates the history of slavery in the United State by analyzing E. Berenson’s textbook, Cabet’s voyage to Icaria, and K. Marx ‘The American Civil War’.
  20. Slavery’s Impact on Contemporary Society
    This study reveals that the history of slavery influences the politics of the United States, the identity of African-Americans, and the education system.
  21. The History of Slavery: Impacts on Contemporary Society
    Slavery is one of the most harmful concepts devised by humans. This paper will provide an overview of the history of slavery, as well as the effects it has on the modern society.
  22. Slavery Impact on the United States’ Development
    Slavery is an alien concept to the modern citizens of the United States of America. Since late 19th century, this undemocratic institution has been abolished in the US.
  23. Development of the Northern Slavery System in America
    In one form or another slavery had been existing in any part of the world. There is hardly a nation that has managed to avoid this terrible form of a social development.
  24. The Slavery Question: Destiny and Sectional Discord
    The nation was split into those who believed that the slavery question had been successfully resolved and those who saw its threat to American society.
  25. Thomas Jefferson and the Concept of Slavery
    Jefferson stated that Native Americans were unspoiled by the sins of the developed world despite advocating for their extinction.

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  1. The Impact of Slavery on the Development of the USA
    In this paper, the researcher analyzes the history of slavery in order to identify the impact it had on the development of the US. Slavery is an alien concept to the modern citizens of the USA.
  2. Slavery in the Novel “Satyricon” by Gaius Petronius
    The excellent Roman novel, Satyricon, by Gaius Petronius, offers modern readers a way to delve into the class structure in the twilight of Roman society by depicting characters from all levels.
  3. The History of Slavery and Its Impacts
    This paper argues that a majority of the stated discriminatory issues that are witnessed in contemporary society are the effects of slavery.
  4. The Issue of Slavery and the State’s Rights
    This paper seeks to find out whether the issue of slavery and the state’s rights were important in the secession process and the role of the northern abolition movement.
  5. How Frederick Douglass Escaped Slavery?
    When Douglas managed to escape from slavery and safely landed in New York, he felt that he had come to a completely new world. He compares a day in New York to a year in slavery.
  6. Slavery and Civil War: American History
    American history is defined by slavery. The founding fathers of America, in the 17th and 18th century, grew the economy through slave labor.
  7. Colonialism and Slavery in American History
    This essay discusses reasons for colonization by the European countries and compares the slave experience in the upper South and the lower South.
  8. The Impact of Slavery
    Slavery had a massive impact upon the development of the United States of America and on the transformation of the African-American ethnic group into the way it currently is.
  9. Race and Slavery in the “Clotel” Novel by Brown
    In “Clotel,” Brown explores the aspect of race through the ravaging effects of slavery and uses a number of female characters who undergo suffering as a result of the slave trade.
  10. Slavery in “The Satyricon” Novel by Petronius
    The excellent Roman novel, Satyricon, by Gaius Petronius, is a suitable platform, from which the subject of slavery gets a different approach.
  11. Modern Slavery: Consequences and Countermeasures
    The relevance of the problem of slavery is statistically confirmed, and certain measures and interventions can help society to stop this danger.
  12. History: Transnational Labor, Slavery, and Revolt
    Slavery is a tragedy and one of the darkest pages of human history. At present, slavery is officially prohibited in all countries of the world.
  13. Slavery in African vs. European Countries
    In historical time, slavery in Africa had various forms which sometimes did not correspond to the concept of slavery adopted in the rest of the world.
  14. Slavery Practices of Africans vs. Europeans
    Even though slavery had existed among African peoples prior to the European slave trade, its conditions were significantly different when comparing these two regions.
  15. Slavery in Africa and British American Colonies
    In the middle of the seventeenth century, the British American colonies were strongly connected to and ruled by the motherland.
  16. Slavery in Africa After European Colonization
    Slavery existed among most modern societies, including African. Even before the European colonization and the onset of the slave trade, it was a part of the culture.
  17. Slavery Impact on Modern American Society
    Slavery casts a dark shadow on the history of the US, and knowing about the devastating impact is fundamental. The paper investigates the impact of slavery on modern society.
  18. Slavery vs. Indentured Servitude in North America
    The first Europeans settled in North America began to buy Africans in order to provide farm labor. Such individuals or plantation owners treated them as servants.
  19. Slavery Concepts in Africa
    Slavery existed in Africa in the form of servitude long before Europeans landed on the continent and commercialized the practice.
  20. Concepts of Pro-Slavery and Anti-Slavery
    Fighting class inequality is one of the most controversial topics in American history, and the role of some human rights defenders in eradicating this dangerous trend is significant.
  21. Slavery in “Parable of the Sower” by Octavia Butler
    Although slavery is considered to be an issue of the past, in the novel Parable of the Sower, Octavia Butler imagines that this social phenomenon may acquire a new form soon.
  22. Transformations in Slavery and Effects of Slavery on Society
    In order to provide an adequate periodization of slavery, it is critical to distinguish between incidental and systematic slavery.
  23. Impact of Slavery on Modern Society
    Slavery casts a dark shadow on the history of the United States, and knowing about the devastating impact it had on generations of people is fundamental.
  24. Slavery and Its Impact on Modern Social Relations
    Slavery used to be a part of the history of many countries. This paper aims at investigating the history of slavery and its influence on modern social relations.
  25. Slavery in “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” the Novel by Mark Twain
    Mark Twain was a true trailblazer of his era by writing a bold and courageous novel about the problems of slavery.

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  1. Slavery and Its Religious and Moral Aspects
    The letter by Foster included in “The Brotherhood of Thieves” and the work “Slavery and the Bible” by an unknown author discuss the religious and moral aspects of slavery.
  2. Slavery in Hispaniola and Mexico
    This paper analyzes the history of slavery in Hispaniola and Mexico, its evolution, abolition, and similar malpractices encountered in the region today.
  3. Transnational Labour, Slavery, and Revolt Nowadays
    The theory of class conflict paints history as a never-ending series of struggles between different classes in order to achieve political and economic dominance.
  4. Economics and Slavery in Frederick Douglass’ Narrative
    This work discusses Frederick Douglass’s Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave and the author’s view on the way economics affects slavery.
  5. The Slavery Debate Between 1820 and 1850
    The work is aimed to provide a historical overview of the slavery debate between 1820 and 1850, which meant the conflict between North and South of the USA.
  6. Major Slavery Events Between 1850-1860
    The essay describes the crucial historical events that caused the complete slavery abolition that took place between 1850 and 1860.
  7. Slavery and Literacy. The Triumph of a Poor Slave
    Olaudah Equiano begins his story by telling readers how he was being kidnapped by the members of rivaling tribe in his native Africa while still a child and turned into a slave.
  8. Labor Exploitation and Slavery
    Employment mistreatment is associated with remorseless communal relations where a fastidious cluster is treated unjustly to profit the other revelry.
  9. “Up from Slavery” by Booker T. Washington Analysis
    The value of “Up from Slavery” can hardly be overestimated – this book contains answers to just about any questions of social importance, which remain fully valid even today.
  10. “The Escape, Or: A Leap for Freedom”, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”: The Need for Social Action on Slavery
    Stowe and Brown wrote plays with different intentions, but both shared a single purpose – to convince their white audiences that the practice of slavery was an inhuman practice.
  11. Slavery and the House Divided: Dred Scott Case
    Dred Scott case was argued twice and the last term argument brought about differences of opinion among the members of the court.
  12. Comparison of the Slavery Systems in Ancient Rome and Ottoman
    This research defines how slavery was carried out in the two empires and compares and contrasts some of the activities that were involved in the practice of slavery in the two empires.
  13. International Child Trafficking: The Modern Slavery
    The modern-day slavery represented by the millions of children who cross borders as sex slaves should turn the blot into a wound.
  14. The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and Slavery Abolishment
    Slave trade carried out mostly in the 17th-18th centuries encompassed the capturing, selling, and purchase of people for the sole purpose of forced labor.
  15. The North and South of America and a Slavery
    Revealition of the sub-regional diffrences between the North and the South due to the opposing points of view as to abolishment of slavery.
  16. Slavery in the South: Definite or Indefinite?
    This paper will try to explore what doomed slavery in the South by the eve of the Civil War. It will try to discuss whether the institution could have been maintained indefinitely.
  17. Slavery as a Peculiar Institution
    When slavery was defined as a peculiar institution, it was thought to mean a distinctive aspect of the people of the US who had embraced it.
  18. Readings on Slavery and Racial Segregation in the US
    Certain themes expressed in the readings are too surprising to be true. Many years after slavery was abandoned, the black generation still suffered its consequences.
  19. Abraham Lincoln’s Policies on Slavery in 1861-1863
    Abraham Lincoln was one the most powerful presidents of the United States. The essay explains the evolution of Lincoln’s policies on slavery from July 1861 to November 1863.
  20. Child Slavery and Sexual Trafficking
    Child slavery is a business, which brings milliards of dollars to its owners, a reality of our world. Many people believe that it happens somewhere far away and not in our community.
  21. Slavery Operation Institution and Its Impacts to Slaves
    Slavery was indeed the worst crime against humanity in that era, a lot of people suffered from mistreatment some even dying.
  22. Sectionalism and Slavery in American History
    Sectionalism and slavery are important topics in American history. Sectionalism refers to the divide that was created between the northern and southern territories.
  23. America: A Culture Around Slavery
    American cultural background, reflected in the practice of sending Africans and blacks into slavery, as well as the position of women in slavery and the sale of their bodies.
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