54 American Revolution Essay Topics

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  1. Main Historical Events of American Revolution
    After the conclusion (end) of the Seven Years War in 1763, British, facing no immediate threat from the French turned her interest to the colonies.
  2. French Intervention in the American Revolution
    The American Revolution happened between the years 1775 and 1783. The revolution involved the United States, France, the Great Britain, Spain, and the Netherlands.
  3. The Impact of the American Revolution on the French
    The American colonies were against the British authority over them especially British overseas rule, which denied them any form of representation in the parliament.
  4. The African American Soldiers in the American Revolution
    The slaves joined the military with a patriotic spirit. This revolutionary army also included free African-Americans who willingly joined the fighting force.
  5. American Civil War and Reconstruction Era
    This paper looks at the different aspects of the Civil War and the Reconstruction era including the major figures, the political, judicial, social, and economic changes.
  6. Radicalism Phenomenon During the American Revolution
    The main purpose of this article is to shed light on some of the aspects of the Revolution, which is typically viewed as a rebellion of the British colonies in North America.
  7. American Civil War and North-South Confrontation
    The paper is to discuss the causes of the conflict between the South and the North of the country, which has evolved into a war and reviews the ramifications of the confrontation
  8. American Civil War in Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address
    The American Civil War occurred between 1861 and 1865. Without a doubt, it is one of the darkest political upheavals in the history of the United States.
  9. American Civil War and Its Predetermination
    To date, the Civil War remains the greatest battle on the U.S. territory and one of the most significant events in the American history.
  10. American Revolution in Jonathan Boucher’s View
    The document provides the audience with the position of Jonathan Boucher regarding the situation in America as of 1775.
  11. North-South Gap as a Cause of American Civil War
    This paper discusses how the economic systems of the North and South contribute to a context of modernization that polarizes these societies and cause the American Civil War.
  12. American Revolution: Cultural Diversity
    In the course of history, the status of women underwent several dramatic changes. The American Revolution gave rise to the debate about the rights of women in the community.
  13. American Civil War, Its Main Figures and Events
    Henry Jackson Hunt, the Chief of Artillery during the Civil War helped shape the results of the war. He recorded several success measures.
  14. Battle of the Bull Run in American Civil War
    The first biggest land clash in the history of the American Civil War is the battle of the Bull Run also popularly known as the First Manassas.
  15. American Revolution and Its Justification
    The American Revolution was triggered by British taxation because the colonists were not willing to pay more for a wide range of products they required daily.
  16. American Revolution: The Coming of Independence
    This paper answers questions associated with the history of the United States in the revolution period and the coming of independence.
  17. Was the American Civil War Inevitable?
    The Civil War began in 1861, shortly after the inauguration of Abraham Lincoln, and lasted for over four years, leading to thousands of deaths.
  18. American Civil War and Its Complexities
    The Civil War remains the bloodiest in the history of the US. The losses of the northerners amounted to almost 360 thousand people killed and more than 275 thousand wounded.
  19. The American Civil War Between North and South
    The American Civil War is one of the most important events that played a significant role in the creation of the United States.
  20. Civil War: The Second American Revolution
    This essay describes the case of the American Civil War, the heroes created by it, a time of political, social, and economic chaos in a country.

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  1. American Civil War History and Review
    Between 1861 and 1865 the north and South America states engaged in battle against each other. According to many Americans, the American civil war remains the deadliest in history of America.
  2. American Civil War and Iraq Invasion Comparison
    The civil war had the Republican Party has been the dominant party which was mostly dominating this war headed by Abraham Lincoln.
  3. The American Revolution: Was it Inevitable?
    The period of the American Revolution was marked by great transformations in the social and political consciousness of states. It led to the formation of the state and the nation.
  4. Benedict Arnold as a Controversial Figure in the American Revolution
    In the article, the author highlights the role of Benedict Arnold in the American Revolution and tries to understand the reasons for his betrayal of the American side.
  5. The American Civil War: A History of the American Revolution
    The Southern states believed it is their right to own slaves and declared they do not want part of the Union. The government was forced to go to war to preserve the Union.
  6. American Civil War Reasons
    The war between the Confederacy and the Union in 1861 was the consequence of an expansion of slavery, different events, and crises, which helped to intensify sectional animosity.
  7. American Civil War Aftermath
    The Civil War appeared to be a sectional War which affected and weakened the position of American nation in general.
  8. America and Great Britain on American Revolution
    American Revolution refers to the war that was fought between Great Britain and its colonies between 1775 and 1783.
  9. The American Civil War: Effects and Consequences
    The American Civil War resulted in consequences as well as effects which are experienced by the American citizens presently.
  10. The American Civil War: Key Information
    The American Civil War was a battle of interests, way of life between the North and the South where each fought to protect their values, different cultural and social aspects.
  11. The History of American Revolution and Revolutionists
    The revolution war placed ill-equipped, ill-trained American continental and the rag-tag army under the leadership of General Washington against the well-equipped British Army.
  12. The American Revolution Influence on the World’s Political Course
    The colonial rule of England was overthrown; an independent, non-monarchical state was formed and further advancement to Western lands was permitted.
  13. Opposing the American Revolution
    The controversy of opinions regarding the American Revolution is due to different priorities and values ​​promoted by the warring parties.

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  1. Loyalist Perspective and the American Revolution
  2. Factors and Key Players in the American Revolution
  3. The American Revolution and Development of America’s Individual Culture
  4. Slavery During the American Revolution
  5. Did the American Revolution Produce a Christian Nation?
  6. The American Revolution and Effects on a Socioeconomic Situation
  7. American Revolution and the American Civil War
  8. Could the American Revolution Be Avoided?
  9. Robert Morris and His Influence on American Revolution
  10. The American Revolution and Black Freedom
  11. French Revolution More Radical Then the American Revolution
  12. Reasons for English Colonization and American Revolution
  13. Political Rhetoric During the American Revolution
  14. England’s Colonial Policy Brought on the American Revolution
  15. George Washington and the American Revolution
  16. How Did the American Revolution Affect Slaves and Women?
  17. Social Attitudes and the American Revolution
  18. Significant Leaders During the American Revolution
  19. American Revolution and Iraq Democratization
  20. The American Revolution and a Political and Social Partition
  21. Mercantilism: American Revolution and Colonies
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