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American Dreams of Successful Life

Each one of us dreams of having a successful life. Historically Americans have been seeking to achieve the American dream of fame, success and immense wealth through changes and much effort. Achieving American dream depends on one’s understanding of the dream and there have been many dreams in history. Martin Luther, Jr. and Langston Hughes dreamed of racial equality and Elizabeth Candy envisioned gender equality in America.

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All the three individuals yearned for equality in the society. Although, those dreams in quest for American excellence have differing concepts, the quest for money, one of the dreams components appear common to all. Many will agree with me that, many Americans are after their dollar. Today the capability to buy a new car and own a big house differentiates between those deemed to have and have not. Then the big question is how one would achieve such dreams. Martin Luther, Langston and Elizabeth viewed American quest for excellence in different way. They believed that American dreams would only be realized through recognition of the rights of the marginalized groups in the society (U.S Constitution.Com.)

In mid 20th century, the Americans had not realized the equality of man as declared in time of independence. Black, Asian and Hispanics people in America were being discriminated in many sectors of life. Martin Luther king become the driving factor in fight against racial segregation in America in 1950s and 60s. He organized non-violent protest in various states, to make their cry for their civil rights heard by the president. In his ‘I have a dream’ speech, he noted that; “we hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.”(U.S God created all men equal no matter their skin color or race.

Martin Luther was justified to fight for the civil rights, liberty and pursuit of happiness of the black Americans. Langston in his story ‘One Friday morning’ presents a picture of how discrimination against the black had deep rooted in American society. In his story a girl by the name Nancy Lee, an African-American had just won the City’s schools Artist award but unfortunately could not receive it because she was a Negro.

I am angered by such incidence and I totally disagree with the deputy principal move to fight for the right of the Negroes. Nancy dreamed of “–one indivisible nation, with liberty and justice for all.” (Hughes) The move by the awarding committee not to award Nancy on basis of her color was discrimination of high class because achievement of somebody does not depend on skin color neither races but personal effort. Injustice was done to her because the culture of liberty and justice for all had not been instilled in American society at that time.

The ‘Declaration of Sentiments’ written by Elizabeth, was a signed document aimed at granting equal rights for both men and women. For long time the government failed to recognize the rights of women in the society. The document was the basis for recognizing political, civil, social and religious rights of the American women. The document declared that “all men and women are created equal and nature has granted them equal right to liberty, life and pursuit of happiness.” (Mathew) I agree that men and women were created equally by God and both have equal rights and government if formed to protect them. Whenever the government destructs such right, it is the right of the subjects to refuse allegiance to such authority and establish an institution that shall recognized their rights and happiness.

At certain period of time, rights and freedom of marginalized groups in America have been violated in one way or the other. As result civil activist group championing for equality emerged during these periods. In one hand I agree with the actions taken by the groups as well as disagreeing with others. The ideas of Martin Luther king of fighting for civil rights of the blacks was justified in one end while on other end not.

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It is clear that due to his action, the American government started to recognize and respect civil rights of the Negroes, but in the process many black people were brutally beaten and killed. Proclamation made in the Declaration of Sediments could be supported or rejected. According to holly Bible we were all created by the Almighty God and He entrusted us with right to life, liberty and happiness. Then in order to protect such rights we set up government. The mode of doing away with authority which does not respect right of the governed suggested by the document is sometime too disastrous and might lead to many deaths. I agree that we should not tolerate such authorities but in process of removing them we should consider the consequences it will bring.

Americans have had varying dreams in the American history; there are those who dreamed of having a prosperous America where every one had accumulated a lot of wealth. But one of great dreams has been dreamed by the group of people who advocated for gender and racial equality in America. for many years Americans of African origin have been segregated from the American society until the 1960s when martin Luther king and other fought for the rights of black American. Today many of those dreams have been realized because as at now all Americans are equal.

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