ERM has prepared a guidance booklet to share up-to-date research, case studies and current best practices related to the characterisation and risk-based management of industrial sites impacted by Mercury (Hg). The booklet was prepared on behalf of the Network for Industrially Contaminated Land in Europe (NICOLE) Mercury Working Group, in response to recent regulatory developments that restrict the industrial use of Hg in Europe, ban the export of metallic Hg outside the EU, require safe storage of metallic Hg, and that will undoubtedly lead to the closure and redevelopment of some industrial operations using Hg.

The booklet draws upon over 50 published references, including governmental guidelines and research papers, together with technical papers, publications and case studies prepared by industrial operators and service providers. It provides an overview of recent legislative developments and Hg fate and transport, followed by the presentation of best practices for characterisation, risk assessment, remediation and long-term risk management.

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