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African-American Studies: Diversity Scholarship

Although in the XXI century, ethnic and national minorities have been provided with ample opportunities in terms of higher education, retention rates among the latter are truly drastic. Unless minorities receive high-quality support from a professional, they will not be able to fight the culture clash, which they will be a part of once they encounter the representatives of the dominant culture. The problem seems especially large in the light of the fact that the XXI century employers search mostly for the staff with a Master or at the very least Bachelor diploma.

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However, this deplorable situation can and must be changed. With the introduction of the services that help national and ethnic minorities, including African American people, the education process will be simplified considerably. To be more exact, it is expected that a range of obstacles standing in the way of ethnic and national minorities, especially African American people, to receive solid education are going to be removed.

Though the idea of creating an institution, which will assist ethnic and national minorities in their educational endeavors, might sound somewhat half-baked, it, in fact, has already been tested, and quite efficiently at that. As it has been stressed above, the counseling business, which provides services for the minorities willing to obtain a higher education degree, has already been started and arranged properly; as of now, seven people have completed their higher education owing to the assistance provided by the center.

To be more exact, seven women of African American and Asian descent have managed to get a Master’s Degree in the field of their choice with the help of the counseling services specified above. The scholarship will provide the financial support that I will need to continue the exploration of the issue. It is necessary to keep in mind that further researches will include an entirely new methodology and require a range of supporting material, including social media and other technological advances. In addition, the research will have to embrace several educational establishments; consequently, the study will have to embrace the analyses of data sets acquired from several different schools. Hence, the need for financial support emerges.

Apart from the significance of the scholarship, the degree is also of huge importance. Attaining a degree will mean having an opportunity for an even more thorough exploration of the problem; as a result, the chances for eliminating it and improving the current education system considerably become much higher.

In the course of my work as the member of support for the students belonging to national and/or ethnic minorities, I have noticed that most of the issues, which such students usually encounter during their scholarly experience, concern the clash between their culture and the culture foisted onto them in higher education establishments. To make the matter worse, students are rarely ready to face the aforementioned conflict between their culture and the one accepted in the higher education establishment in question.

Whence the key mission of a coach for students belonging to ethnic and national minorities stems from – it is imperative that the students-to-be should be able to focus on learning instead of getting involved in intercultural conflicts. With the help of a resourceful and competent coach, African American women, as well as women of any other descent, will be able to enroll into a higher education establishment and, more importantly, will be capable of excelling in their academic endeavors.

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Since in the realm of the XXI century, academic achievements often predispose the opportunity for obtaining a good job and receiving decent payment for it, it is crucial that African American women, as well as female representatives of any other ethnicities, should be able to get the education that they need in order to grow professionally. However, without support from a mentor, most ethnic or national minorities are doomed to academic failure. What such applicants and students need is the support and assistance of an experienced coach, who will be able to provide them with the methods for faster and more efficient acculturation in the new environment.

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