78 Discovery Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Discovery

  1. Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention
    Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is a renowned professor of psychology and the author of the book “Flow and Psychology of Discovery and Invention” and is the latest book by the professor.
  2. Archeological Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls
    William Albright, who is one of the popular archaeologists claimed that the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls was one of the chief breakthroughs in the 20th century.
  3. Christopher Columbus and His Discoveries
    The paper considers the persona of Christopher Columbus, his travels, discoveries, and fascinating facts related to them.
  4. Discovering Texas History: What Influenced Texas and Native Texans?
    The native Texans mostly influenced both the Americans and the Europeans who came to spread Christianity and to seek for land.
  5. Role Cortes and Columbus in the Discovery of the New World
    Cortes and Columbus played a significant role in the discovery of the New World. Despite having positive intentions, discovery turns into a curse to the native population.
  6. Californian Gold Discovery and Migration to West
    People migrate from one end to the other with varied motives. The discovery of gold in California led to massive migration of people to the country.
  7. Evolution History and Scientific Discoveries
    Evolution is the theory that stipulates how changes occur among living organisms through the method that proves that all life is connected.
  8. Discovery in Law and Its Four Types
    Discovery can be defined as the procedure that allows obtaining crucial evidence from other parties involved in a legal process by means of interrogation and other techniques.
  9. Language and the Brain: Speech Mechanics Discovering
    The ability of the human brain to correlate different aspects of language ability with specific locations in it can be defined as a localization view.
  10. Discover Canada: Potential Citizens and Immigrants
    The citizens should be ready to participate in the community by contributing their abilities, skills, and knowledge to make Canada a better country.
  11. Christopher Columbus: Voyage to Asia’s Discover Trade Routes
    Christopher Columbus wants to attempt to find new trade routes to Asia by sailing westward. This desire is motivated by dangerous waters in the East, and high cost of shipping.
  12. “How America Was Discovered” Analysis
    The essay analyzes “How America was discovered” by Handsome Lake that that bears more ideological and precaution character for a reader.
  13. Discoveries of Galileo and William Herschel
    Astronomy as a discipline has experienced major development in instruments or gadgets that make it easy to compile data and do meaningful research.
  14. Columbus Discoveries and the Outbreak of the Smallpox Connection
    Columbus opened the New World in 1492, when the world was not researched till the end and most continents were not explored.
  15. Discovery of America: The Land of Opportunities and Resources
    The discovery of the Americas was a part of the global tendencies in the technological and scientific progress of the Old World.
  16. Age of Discovery as Age of Destruction: Expansion Cost
    This article examines the detrimental effects of territorial expansion on the life and culture of indigenous peoples.
  17. Eco-Friendly Cruising: Discovery Voyage Example
    Discovery Voyage implements the travel of tourists to valuable and unique natural areas, provided the integrity is preserved, which is the principle of sustainable development.
  18. Pythagorean Theorem: Significant Discovery of Humankind
    Pythagorean theorem is one of the most significant discoveries of humankind since it is simple to understand, and with its help, one can derive many theorems of geometry.

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  1. Socio-Cultural Factors That Influence the Direction of Scientific Discovery
  2. Fluorescence-Based Detection Methods for Drug Discovery
  3. Equilibrium Discovery and Preopening Mechanisms in an Experimental Market
  4. Epiphytic Plants and the Discovery of Seed Dispersal Mechanisms
  5. Marie Curie and the Discovery of the X-Ray
  6. Modern Medicine Must Not Be Possible Without the Discovery
  7. Dr. Richard Dimarchi and the Discovery of Insulin Lispro
  8. The Discovery and Background Information on Nitrogen Gas
  9. Photosynthesis and Its Discovery
  10. Space Discovery and Exploration Program
  11. Antibiotics and the Discovery of Penicillin
  12. Discovery and Historical Development of Radiation Oncology
  13. Chemoinformatics Strategies for Leishmaniasis Drug Discovery
  14. Learning and Ivan Pavlov‘s Discovery of Classical
  15. Resource Discovery and the Politics of Fiscal Decentralization
  16. Drug Discovery and Development of New Medicine
  17. European Exploration and Trade During the Age of Discovery
  18. Colonial Exchange During the Age of Discovery
  19. Action Plan For Developing Discovery Skills
  20. Jonas Salk Announces Discovery of Polio Vaccine
  21. The Dead Sea Scrolls: An Enlightening Archaeological Discovery
  22. Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski and His Discovery of Cancer Treatment
  23. Prior Knowledge and the Discovery of Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  24. Proteins Therapy for Drug Discovery
  25. Ocean Discovery Teaches Animal Cruelty
  26. Christopher Columbus and His Discovery of the New World
  27. Oil Discovery and Macroeconomic Management: The Recent Ghanaian Experience
  28. Bioactive Compounds From Medicinal Plants and Their Importance in Drug Discovery in Pakistan
  29. Scientific Discovery and Topological Transitions in Collaboration Networks
  30. Intelligent Technologies for Knowledge Discoveries

💡 Simple Discovery Essay Ideas

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  1. Haloperidol: Discovery, Structure, and Mechanisms
  2. Computational Chemistry for Drug Discovery
  3. Mental Representation and the Discovery of New Strategies
  4. The Cause-Effect Relationship of Discovery of Electricity
  5. Prudhoe Bay Oil Field: Discovery, Formation, and Impacts
  6. Exchange, Specialization, and Property as a Discovery Process
  7. Pantoprazole Compound Discovery and Development
  8. Evolutionary Community Structure Discovery in Dynamic Weighted Networks
  9. Targeted Drug Discovery for Pediatric Leukemia
  10. Research Expenditures and the Discovery of New Drugs
  11. Peptide Array-Based Discovery of Synthetic Antimicrobial Peptides
  12. Native American Society, Racism’s Roots, and America’s ‘Discovery’
  13. Oil Stock Discovery and Dutch Disease
  14. Recycling Discovery and Its Impact on the Environment
  15. Rational Drug Discovery for the Pharmaceutical World
  16. European Exploration and the Consequences of Discovery
  17. Curiosity and Bravery Led to the Discovery of the American Nation
  18. Geography and the Discovery of the Uruguay Republic
  19. Learning Asymmetries and the Discovery of Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  20. History: How the Discovery of the New World Affected Europe
  21. Archaeologists Reveal New Discovery in the Mayan Civilization
  22. The Discovery and Controversy Over the First Use of Surgical
  23. Discuss How Yolen’s Perspective on Personal Discovery Is Conveyed in Briar Rose
  24. Astronomical Discovery and Spectroscopy
  25. Discovery and Applying Radioactive Physics
  26. Atlantic Revolutions and the Age of Discovery
  27. Carbon Dots Cdots Have Been a Recent Discovery in the Last Decade
  28. The Computer: Humankind’s Greatest Scientific Discovery
  29. Scientific Discovery, Causal Explanation, and Process Model Induction
  30. Recent Discovery About the Parasite Leishmania
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