It is widely recognised that more than 80% of industrial incidents are attributable to human and organizational failures. Safety performance is a continuing source of risk to business and an increasing focus of business leadership. In many organizations, comprehensive safety processes, procedures and trainings are in place, and various audit programs indicate compliance. Yet serious injuries and fatalities persist. Despite the significant investment in safety management controls, the primary factors found to contribute to fatal and serious incidents are poor hazard identification or risk assessment, unintentional violations, inadequate supervision, improper decision-making or lack of judgment.

Achieving a sustainable step change in safety performance and culture does not require more processes – it requires breathing new life into your existing safety programs through equipping leaders and empowering the workforce with the practical skills to effect change. Unleashing the potential in your organisation and through your people will have a positive impact on your safety performance and will create the engagement, enthusiasm and skills amongst your people to sustain progress.

At the heart of delivering a transformation in safety performance and culture is informed, visible and active leadership. In ERM’s experience, leaders, the culture they create, the processes they use and how their actions drive the behaviours of others, that lie at the heart of creating sustainable safety.