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Ronald Reagan’s Presidential Career

Illinois-born Ronald Reagan is considered one of the most influential presidents in the history of the United States. He started his career in public media but eventually pursued a political career. His success as a politician can be proven by viewing public approval ratings after he left the presidential office. Reagan holds one of the highest ratings among the presidents of the contemporary United States. He was the leader of the conservatism movement and dedicated his career to improving the economic state in the country and alleviating the foreign communist impact.

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Reagan’s experience as a media person helped him significantly when he became president. He spoke confidently and had a unique style that influenced the public. Ronald’s inauguration marked the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the United States (Kidd, 2019). The president established a strategy aimed at economic prosperity and spending, and these ideas were communicated effectively to the population. Crouse (2018) suggests that Reagan came when the country’s economy was failing, and Americans needed him most. He integrated the ideas of Keynesian economics into the context of American society successfully, which elevated his chances of completely removing communism within the country’s borders.

Reagan was an optimistic person, and he ensured Americans that increased spending is necessary. Ronald was an advocate of lavish life and believed that living with less was not a promising strategy. Instead, he concentrated on increasing the economic capacity of the country by deregulating the economy and lowering taxes (Kidd, 2019). The results of his two presidential terms can be summarized as the significant decrease in inflation and the stable growth in the value of the gross domestic product.

Despite becoming president when he was 69 years old, Reagan emitted the passion and energy of a young man. When his presidential career concluded, he wanted to continue to participate in the sociopolitical life of the country. However, his health condition did not allow Ronald to implement all of his ideas. Reagan spent the rest of his time beyond public life and eventually passed away in 2004. He was an important person in both the political and economic history of the United States.


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