53 Criminal Justice Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Criminal Justice

  1. The Code of Ethics in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice
    The Texas Department of Criminal Justice adheres to an elaborate code of conduct and code of ethics. The paper analyzes the standards from various perspectives.
  2. Concepts of Law Enforcement: Pursuing Criminal Justice
    Law enforcement plays a vital role in ensuring that all offenders receive proper punishment and victims receive justice.
  3. Criminal Justice Process: Felony Criminal Charge
    Criminal justice process is an important judicial process that involves arrest, trial and sentencing of criminal offenders in the society.
  4. Confessions in Saudi vs US Criminal Justice Systems
    The paper at hand aims at investigating issues related to confessions in Saudi Arabia and the US criminal justice systems.
  5. Racial Bias in Criminal Justice Systems and Workplaces
    African-Americans continue to face racial discrimination not only in the workplace but also in justice systems. The paper presents such racial bias as an unjustified move.
  6. Criminal Justice: Philosophies of Corrections
    This paper discusses the significance of the religious, mental health, and educational programs within the penal paradigm in the US, assessed through the lenses of philosophies of corrections.
  7. Professional Ethics in Criminal Justice: Singleton vs Norris
    The given paper is devoted to the investigation of a specific case that revolves around a person who suffers from a kind of mental disorder.
  8. False Confession in the Criminal Justice System
    A false confession is a problem of the 21st century. The modern criminal system takes multiple steps to avoid problems and achieve positive results.
  9. Plea-Bargaining Law Impact on Criminal Justice
    The Supreme Court’s decision on expanding the rights of the accused of do-overs and the main arguments regarding the issue have been discussed along with the possible outcomes.
  10. Pretrial Procedures in the Criminal Justice System
    The initiation of criminal proceedings is the first stage of the criminal process because it addresses the central question of whether to start criminal proceedings or not.
  11. Criminal Justice Security: Victimization in the US
    In this paper, the topics of crime, victimization, and reporting will be brought together to demonstrate how statistics can lead to positive social change and reduce victimization.
  12. Prison Reform in the US Criminal Justice System
    Prison reform should be implemented by ensuring public safety and improving the circumstances of incarceration to create a constructive culture.
  13. Criminal Justice System: Concepts and Practice
    Policing is one of the three main departments of the Criminal Justice system, other departments include courts and correction. Each department works independently from the other.
  14. Rawls vs. Nozick on Social Problems and Criminal Justice
    The essay reflects on the articles of Rawls and Nozick to compare their key points and determine whose theory is most applicable to social problems and criminal justice.
  15. Risk Management in Security and Criminal Justice
    As it is a process, risk management can draw up several strategies that may vary depending on the nature of the organization, including management style and organizational goals.
  16. Criminal Justice Leadership: Challenges in the Present and Improving for the Future
    Future research in criminal justice leadership will have to offer suggestions on how it can be nurtured to fulfill the organizational goals of criminal justice organizations.
  17. Criminal Justice Ethics: Police Corruption & Drug Sales
    The growth of police corruption instances involving drug sales is relatively easy to explain. The financial rewards offered by the sales of illegal drugs are enormous.
  18. Criminal Justice and Crime Control in the US
    If the criminal justice system is able to uphold the real essence of justice in every facet of its system, it is only then that people will learn to trust its system.
  19. Pursuing Criminal Justice Through Effective Organizational Behavior
    Organization Behavior should be emphasized within criminal justice organizations because it is linked to how cultures are created.
  20. Criminal Justice Sphere Consulting
    Consulting firms involved in the sphere of criminal justice affairs are interested in specialists to work in pretrial services, corrections, law enforcement and counseling.

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  1. Criminal Justice Ethics Analysis
    Theories describing the causes of crime whether genetic, social or psychological are mere rationalizations.
  2. Women in the UK Criminal Justice System
    The analysis of women in the UK criminal justice system disclosed the attitude to females in criminology perceiving them as workers, offenders and victims.
  3. Criminal Justice System: Drugs and Crime
    The main objective of the criminal justice system is ensuring delivery of justice for all. It mainly concentrates in detection of crime.
  4. Critical Incident Management in Criminal Justice
    Scenario-Based Planning is a widely used technique in the sphere of business planning and management. It is of great importance for police officers and criminal justice workers.
  5. Organization Behavior Within a Criminal Justice Setting
    Workers’ behavior, performance and attitude otherwise organization behavior highly determines the efficiency and the effectiveness of an organization.
  6. UK National Health Service and Criminal Justice Approaches
    Drug use has increased in the UK in recent times and there are an estimated five million regular users of illegal substances in the region.
  7. The Role of the Criminal Justice Administrator
    Criminal justice administrator needs to ensure that proper constitutional procedure was followed during the arrest and interrogation of the accused.
  8. Racial Disparity in Criminal Justice Systems
    This paper looks into issues to do with racial disparity in incarceration, criminal justice systems and, structured inequalities and, a recommendation for correcting the situation.
  9. Criminal Justice in America and Its Components
    The criminal justice in America has raised concern over time due to the high rates of incarceration that have been recorded in the country.
  10. Criminal Justice Policy and Constitutional Protections
    Criminal justice policies are always a delicate balance between personal liberty and the desire to reduce crime.
  11. False Confessions in the US Criminal Justice System
    False confessions present a major issue in any criminal justice system, the situation becomes even more complicated when the system is so decentralized as in the USA.
  12. The Criminal Justice System: Brandon Bledsoe Case
    Brandon Bledsoe’s arrest provides valuable information about the U.S criminal justice system, and it showcases all criminal justice system procedures concerning murder and arson.

🎓 Most Interesting Criminal Justice Research Titles

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  1. The New South Wale‘s Criminal Justice System
  2. Australia’s Criminal Justice System
  3. Christian Worldview and Criminal Justice
  4. The Romanian Criminal Justice System
  5. Criminal Crime and the Criminal Justice System
  6. The Mentally Ill and Their Effects on Our Criminal Justice System
  7. Beccaria’s Criminal Justice Theories
  8. The Plea Bargaining Process and the Criminal Justice System
  9. Crime and Criminal Justice in Italy
  10. United States Prison Population and the Criminal Justice Programme
  11. The Implementation and Monitoring of a Criminal Justice Programme
  12. Why the Criminal Justice System Is Unfair and How to Change It?
  13. British Criminal Justice System and Repeat Offenses
  14. Youth Criminal Justice: Not Punitive Enough
  15. White-Collar Crime and Criminal Justice
  16. The Media and Criminal Justice System
  17. Wrongful Convictions and the Criminal Justice System
  18. The Need for California to Rehabilitate Its Criminal Justice System
  19. Crime and Criminal Justice: Dilemmas of Social Control
  20. The U.S. Constitution and the Criminal Justice System
  21. Classical Theory and Its Effects on Criminal Justice Policy
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