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  1. The Supreme Court of the United States: Analysis
    The Supreme Court is the guardian of the Constitution, protecting its supremacy against the laws of the Centre or the State which conflict with or contravene with its provisions.
  2. Supreme Court Justice: Homosexual Marriages
    The question of homosexual relations and untraditional marriages remains to be open for a long period of time. It is hard to make all people choose the same position and stick to it all the time.
  3. Supreme Court’s and Habeas Corpus War on Terror
    Since the principles, which the war on terror is based by, are entirely against the postulates of habeas corpus, these postulates should be integrated into the process of combating the terrorists.
  4. The Supreme Court Justice Warren Earl Burger’ Biography
    This research paper covers the life and times of the Supreme court Justice Warren Earl Burger. This research paper is based on a literature review.
  5. Somalia v. Kenya: International Court of Justice
    The case that will be analyzed is Somalia v. Kenya. It is one of the contentious cases heard by the International Court of Justice.
  6. US Workplace and Race Discrimination Court Cases
    The present paper analyzes two court cases to demonstrate important concepts associated with workplace discrimination.
  7. Expert Testimony Usage in a Court of Law
    The present paper has used DNA and insider trading cases to illuminate important concepts associated with the use of expert testimony in a court of law.
  8. History of the U.S. Supreme Court
    The U.S Supreme Court came into existence as per the requirement of the constitution. The USA constitution required that a supreme court is enacted to provide judicial power.
  9. Supreme Court: Miranda vs. Arizona
    Miranda v. Arizona is among the most notable Supreme Court cases that were decided in the second half of the twentieth century.
  10. The Family Law Court System Functioning
    The operation of the judiciary in the sector of family law is crucial for the development of society. The complexity of family law is reflected in the absence of identical cases.
  11. Alternative Procedures Against Returns to Court
    The current use of bail needs to be revised with a focus on implementing updated procedures for controlling the return of defendants to courts.
  12. Puerto Rico Court System
    Puerto Rico’s judicial system currently comprises of the Supreme Court, which is the highest court in the region and also mandated to direct the entire judicial system.
  13. Judicial Activism on the Supreme Court of Canada
    The article “Measuring Judicial Activism on the Supreme Court of Canada” encompasses the available empirical and quantitative evidence on judicial activism.
  14. Veterans Court Designing: Three Crucial Stages
    The work discusses the types of treatment you to mandate, addressing problems with compliance, and other support you needed when designing Veterans court.
  15. The US Supreme Court Jurisdiction Evolvement
    The U.S. Supreme Court represents one of the three branches of power that ensures the effective work of the system of checks and balances.
  16. Life Terms and Limits of the Supreme Court Justice
    The paper concludes that the life terms practice should not be changed as it is integral to the existing political system and corresponds with the purpose of the Supreme Court.
  17. American Democracy and Landmark Supreme Court Cases
    This essay ponders the key values of American democracy and describes landmark Supreme Court cases that have contributed to the formation of the political system.
  18. Texas vs. Johnson: Landmark of US Supreme Court
    The Texas v Johnson case, considered by the US Supreme Court thirty years ago, is on the list of Supreme Court decisions that have had the greatest impact on American society.
  19. Supreme Court in Brown v. Board of Education Case
    The decision of the Supreme Court in “Brown v. Board of Education“ has given the way for the desegregation of white and black in schools.
  20. Supreme Court Decisions on First Amendment
    “Bill of Rights “is the first ten amendments made to the American constitution. However, the First Amendment is considered to be the most pivotal.
  21. The Court of Law: Merits and Difficulties
    The court of law is one of the pillars of the democratic system. This is why it is very important that the judges and other court members deliver the most justice they can.
  22. The United States Supreme Court Overview
    Congress and Justices of the Court are empowered by the constitution to develop the authorities and operations of the entire Judicial Branch of government.
  23. Crimes Against Humanity by International Criminal Court
    The paper will seek to analyze the issues surrounding crimes against humanity and the actions of the International Criminal Court and the transitional justice organizations.
  24. The American Supreme Court: Series of Evolution
    The American Supreme Court has gone through a series of evolutions over the years. Most of these evolutions have been on their composition, size and responsibilities.
  25. American Congress, President, and the Supreme Court
    In performing duties, Congress must keep in mind the interests of the people to ensure that the policies they make serve the best interest of the public.
  26. Thurgood Marshall and His Supreme Court Justice
    Thurgood Marshall was born in 1908 in Baltimore, Maryland to William Marshall who worked as a railroad porter and mother an elementary school teacher.
  27. American Psychological Association’s View on Court Judgments
    According to American Psychological Association, it is crucial for the court to determine the risk of prospect hostility of an individual claimed before passing of judgment.
  28. Psychologists’ Involvement in Civil Court Area
    Psychologists have varied interests within the civil court. Their involvement usually targets the examination of emotional elements associated with individual injury litigation.
  29. Dual Court System: Advantages and Disadvantages
    The Supreme Court has the power to limit the state and federal courts, which creates a balance in the system. If there is a conflict, the Supreme Court takes precedence.

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  1. Factors That Are Involved in the Nomination of Supreme Court Justices
  2. The Supreme Court and the Reproductive Rights
  3. New Jersey’s Court System – Examined at Every Level
  4. U.S. Supreme Court and the Death Penalty
  5. False Memories and Their Dangers in Court Cases
  6. European Court and Social Policy of the European Union
  7. The Supreme Court and American Society
  8. Bargaining and Opinion Assignment on the US Supreme Court
  9. Language Barriers and Lack of Interpreters in the Court Systems
  10. Judicial Review and the Role of the Court System
  11. U.S. Supreme Court and the Banking and Credit Union Conflict
  12. Immigration Reform and the Supreme Court Ruling
  13. Forensic Anthropology and the Criminal Court System
  14. Domestic Violence, Mental Health, and Family Court
  15. U.S. History and Government: Landmark Supreme Court Cases
  16. The Mandatory Mediation Program the Court Requires
  17. Campaign Finance Issues and the Us Supreme Court
  18. Discrimination and the War at Appomattox Court House
  19. Should the Supreme Court Legalized Gay Marriage
  20. Chief Justice John Marshall’s Supreme Court Influence
  21. The Potential Successes and Weaknesses of the African Court of Human Rights
  22. Newly Created Court System for Puerto Rico

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  1. Supreme Court Rights Override Legislative
  2. Universalizability and Philippine Supreme Court Cases
  3. Crime Victimization Survey and Juvenile Court Statistics
  4. The United States Lends Credibility to the International Criminal Court
  5. Social Work and the Juvenile Court System
  6. American Court System: Court Designs and Functions
  7. Abortion United States Supreme Court in 1973
  8. The State Court System in the State of Washington
  9. Gender Discrimination During the Supreme Court
  10. The Court System and the Law of Great Britain
  11. The Turkish Constitutional Court, Laicism and the Headscarf Issue
  12. Comparison and Critical Appraisal of the English Court System
  13. The Many Issues Surrounding the Supreme Court in the United States
  14. Political Influence Over Supreme Court Criminal Procedure Cases
  15. Analysis of the New Mexico Judiciary
  16. Health Care Reform and the Supreme Court
  17. Public Opinion and Supreme Court Decision
  18. The Criminal Law and the United States Supreme Court on the Case Atkins Versus Virginia in 2002
  19. Adversarial vs. Inquisitorial Court Systems
  20. Supreme Court Sentence Four to Death for Roger Whetmore’s Murder
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