86 Gun Control Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Gun Control

  1. Political Sciences: Gun Control in the United States
    This paper underlines the reasons why gun control should be tightened across the United States, because allowing increased access to guns means increased damage to society.
  2. Effects of Gun Control Measures in the United States
    Considerable research indicates that consistent gun control measures do not prevent criminals from possessing firearms.
  3. Why Gun Control Laws Should be Scrapped
    With all the facts available, we can confidently debunk statements that gun control can indeed reduce crime rates because there is no evidence to prove that claim.
  4. The Debate Over Gun Control
    The debate surrounding gun control has two differing sides: the pro-gun control and anti-gun control. This paper focuses on evaluating the two opinions in the gun control debate.
  5. Gun Control and School Shootings
    The adoption of stricter gun control laws can be useful for reducing the risk of shootings in various educational organizations.
  6. Gun Control: US Domestic Policy
    The paper reveals that the relationship between gun ownership and violence in the US is misleading, the government does not have a right to control gun ownership.
  7. Gun Control: New Restriction Laws
    New restricting laws to regulate the situation with gun violence can be discussed as effective legitimate steps because they respond to the public’s vision of the problem.
  8. Gun Control in the United States
    Gun control has become a popular, controversial term, especially in America that covers a broad range of obligations regarding firearms.
  9. American Gun Control Laws: Reasons to Implement
    Gun control laws can be a necessary precaution that can reduce the risk of homicide. Yet, policy-makers should develop the most optimal strategies for implementing this policy.
  10. US Gun Control Measures and Crime Rates Reduction
    Gun control is an essential step that will ensure people account for several security aspects as is evident in this discussion.
  11. Gun Control and Anti-Violence Programs in the USA
    The USA is known for its high levels of violent crime. The issue of gun control is brought up every time a school shooting or a violent robbery happens.
  12. Problem of the Gun Control Laws
    Many people die yearly due to handgun linked incidents. The number of casualties who die from gun related accidents, in the country, is much higher compared to other bordering countries.
  13. US Gun Control: Losing Freedom or Safeguarding?
    Gun control has long been among the chief sources of debate in the US. This polarizing topic presents a powerful political tool and extensively used by Democrats and Republicans.
  14. Gun Control History and Relevant Cases in the US
    The mass killing of 20 children in Newton, Connecticut and the killing of 9 worshipers at a church in Charleston, California prompted gun-control advocates to reawaken the debate.
  15. Gun Control Laws in the USA
    It is important to analyze the essays’ epistemology and to examine the used sources to focus on the discussion of such essay topics as the necessity of gun control laws.
  16. Gun Control Issues and Solution in the US
    The US is the only developed country with the highest cases of gun violence. Gun ownership is protected by the Constitution. Many states have enacted gun control rules.
  17. Gun Control Rebuttal in the United States
    The topic of gun control in the United States covers much more aspects of the social and legal life of the state than it might seem at first glance.
  18. No Gun Control: Dropping Ineffective Measures
    Gun control has become one of the most debated issues in American society, creating two irreconcilable groups for and against heightened firearm regulation.
  19. Emma Gonzalez Calling for Gun Control Legislation
    Emma Gonzalez advocates for the enactment of particular laws that will regulate gun sales properly, especially the policies related to effective wellness and background checkups.
  20. Gun Control and Safe Firearm Ownership
    The problem of gun ownership and control in the United States of America has been a controversial issue for many decades.
  21. The Gun Control Controversy in the Constitutional Context
    Gun control is a controversial subject. Some argue that U.S. citizens do not need firearms today in the way they did at the time of the country’s founding.
  22. The Position of Major Political Parties on Gun Control
    Gun politics and gun control has been one of the most controversial issues in the United States of America politics.
  23. Argument of Origin: Gun Control
    An individual carries many different emotional and physical responses to sociological and economical stress and these stresses can be affected by violence and probable chance of violence.
  24. Gun Control and Legalization in the USA
    While some individuals consider the issue of gun control to be a crime, others consider it a rights issue, in addition to being political issue, safety, and racial issue.
  25. Gun Control Laws Analysis
    The availability of guns is not the reason for the rise of violence and aggression. People use it for protecting themselves, relaxation.
  26. The Situation of Gun Control
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the issue associated with firearms regulation and examine the situation of gun control in different countries.

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  1. The Constitution and Gun Control
  2. Gun Control and Its Effects on Children
  3. Violence Policy Center Gun Control
  4. The Dichotomy Over Civilian Gun Control
  5. Gun Control Laws Should Not Be Regulated for Unnecessary Reasons
  6. The Current Loose Regulation of Gun Control Laws
  7. Gun Control and the State of Utah
  8. Federalists and Early American Gun Control
  9. Regulating the American Gun Control
  10. The National Rifle Association on Gun Control
  11. Liberals Love Gun Control
  12. Gun Control and the Issue of Violence Among Kids
  13. America Needs Criminal Control, Not Gun Control
  14. The Reasoning Behind Gun Control Laws
  15. Gun Control Firearms Firearm Crime
  16. Gun Control Pros and Cons in the United States
  17. The History, Politics, Stakeholders, and Legislation of Gun Control Laws
  18. Gun Control Laws Hurt the People
  19. The Need for Strict Gun Control in the United States
  20. The Gun Control and Ownership Battle in the United States
  21. The Stricter Gun Control Laws in the United States and Its Efficiency
  22. The Truth Behind the Demand for More Gun Control
  23. America Should Have Stricter Gun Control
  24. Gun Control Crime Rate Police
  25. The First Federal Gun Control Law
  26. Arguing Against New Jersey Gun Control Laws
  27. The Truth About Mass Shootings and Gun Control
  28. Gun Control Laws Take Guns Away From Law-Abiding Citizens
  29. American Federalism and Gun Control
  30. Louisiana Needs Gun Control Laws

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  1. The Three Arguments and Myths of Gun Control
  2. Gun Control Laws Are Not Strict Enough for Society
  3. Public Gun Control and the United States
  4. The Desperate Need for Gun Control
  5. Gun Control and the Crime Rate
  6. The Great Gun Control Debate
  7. Youth and Gun Control
  8. Opposing Gun Control With the Right to Bear Arms
  9. Gun Control and the Rights of the Second Amendment
  10. Gun Control, Good Idea or Bad Idea
  11. Gun Control and the Federal Government
  12. Laws, Loopholes, and Gun Control
  13. Gun Control Has Many Effects in the USA
  14. Gun Control Should Not Be the Issue in Canada
  15. The Government and Gun Control
  16. Gun Control Laws Will Not Reduce Crime
  17. The Risks and Threats of Carrying Handguns in Society and the Importance of Gun Control
  18. Gun Control Will Not Reduce Crime
  19. The Issue and Debate of Gun Control
  20. Gun Control and the Issue of Owning Firearms
  21. Too Many Homicides, Too Little Gun Control
  22. Gun Control and Linkage Mechanisms
  23. Updating Gun Control Laws
  24. The Ineffective Gun Control Laws
  25. The Second Amendment Versus the Idea of Gun Control
  26. Gun Control Firearms and Freedom
  27. The Reasons Why Being Pro-gun Control Is Effective in Achieving Peace
  28. The Argument for Stricter Gun Control Laws
  29. Gun Control Restricting Rights or Protecting People
  30. The Pros and Cons of Gun Control in the United States
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