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Motivation to Lead: Communication Skills

In order for a person to improve his or her managerial skills, it is important to have a certain motivation to lead others. The given sense is the strongest during challenging situations when the team or organization heavily relies on a leader’s willingness to remain resilient and strong. Therefore, one of the most relevant and critical managerial skills that I wish to improve is interpersonal and communications skills. Being able to properly interact and communicate with other individuals plays a key role in ensuring that one is able to deliver his or her vision and perspective on issues at hand.

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Throughout the course, I wish to improve my communications skills in order to exhibit my motivation to lead others. The communicating leader should not just speak because he should inspire enthusiasm in people with his words. He does not need to transfer his own energy to them, and he must release the one that is hidden in them. To carry out all these functions, knowledge, skills, and abilities of effective leadership are required, one of the elements of which can be social communications. Thus, we consider leadership as a form of effective communication between the subject of management and its object.

Leadership is based on the informal influence of the leader. The leader has influence over followers, but this resource of impactfulness has a pronounced personal component. It is implausible to consider the categories of an effective or ineffective leader because one must also speak of a leader who can be effective in one situation and ineffective in another. To increase organizational and group effectiveness, it is necessary to learn not only to prepare leaders most effectively but also to create an organizational environment in which the leader can perform well (Johnson and Hackman 127).

An effective leader is characterized by such qualities as a high level of development of emotional intelligence, the ability to persuade, the talent for establishing positive relationships in a socio-psychological group and a large team, the ability to influence the behavior of control objects (Johnson and Hackman 231). An effective leader knows how to successfully use all types of communications, all communication channels, such as verbal, book, multimedia, and others.

For the formation of an effective leader, it is necessary that the social subject is a communicative personality. The theory of the communicative personality was studied by such related scientific disciplines as sociology, psychology, and linguistics. In many frameworks, leadership is considered as the process of organizing interpersonal relations in a group, and the leader is considered as the subject of managing this process (Johnson and Hackman 375).

The possibility of teaching leadership is allowed, the experience of leadership behavior can be formed, including in simulated situations, thereby developing the corresponding leadership qualities that are relevant in modern conditions (Johnson and Hackman 411). Leadership can be thought of as a sphere of interaction, and it is not so much personal as an interpersonal phenomenon. An important task for a leader is to build strong working relationships with others.

In conclusion, from these positions, the value theory of leadership is also interesting, where it is important to link the leadership process with the opportunity for all members of a group or organization, and not just for a certain person, to show their leadership abilities and build their value model on the basis of two basic provisions. Thus, communication is a process by which all diverse human relationships, symbols, and signs are carried out and developed, as well as means for their transmission in space and preservation in time.

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