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Grammy Award for Best Artist: Speech Preparation

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First of all, I should say that it is a great honor for me to be here today and present the Grammy award for the best new artist of the year. Since 1959, when the first ceremony was held, the Grammy Award has aimed to recognize major annual achievements in the music industry, cultivate the highest standards of popular taste, and appreciate creative, ambitious, and hard-working people for their extraordinary efforts. It goes without saying that the nomination for Grammy, especially this year when a considerable number of immeasurably talented musicians had a chance to receive this award as well, reflects the incredible talent of this person. However, to win in the context of such strong competition means to leave no doubt that this singer not only meets the highest standards of the modern music industry but has captured the hearts of the audience all over the world. Standing on this stage, I currently feel incredibly proud and happy to be a part of this magnificent event and present this award for the most deserving nominee.

With this number of outstanding candidates, this year, the choice was difficult like never before. It goes without saying that the winner will thank all people who supported her throughout all way to this success in the most challenging periods that inevitably occur in the life of any creative person. It is immeasurably important to value family members and close friends who believe in you, your talent, and your future success despite all difficulties and every time find the right words to inspire you even when you are ready to give up in despair. However, from my side, I would like to thank all people who work very hard to organize this ceremony, thank them for their organizational skills, time, experience, and patience – without them, we would not be here right now.

And now I would like to say a couple of words about the winner. Music should not be regarded simply as a catching rhythm or a beautiful melody, and a singer is not only a person with an excellent vocal but a person who has a message to people. We are currently living in a considerably tough time when the world is changing forever. We start to understand that despite all freedoms there is still a lack of equality and justice. We see that such natural things as the color of skin, religion, and culture that are supposed to make us unique lead to misunderstanding, conflict, and even hatred. However, at the same, we start to remember and appreciate good things as well. Seeing people who suffer from the disease or shed tears over their passed beloved ones, we start to value life and learn to be compassionate and helpful in any way we can. Every day, through social networking websites, we see a substantial number of young people who are in need of help. They feel hopeless due to problems with peers or parents, self-distrust, loneliness caused by self-isolation, and fear of the coronavirus.

The person who will receive Grammy now, see these people every day too and has an immeasurably strong desire to help them through her creative work. I should say that she is doing a wonderful job as her songs inspire people all over the world and help them to become more self-confident and optimistic. There is a highly powerful message in these songs for all who feel desperate and lonely – “You are not alone.” I am sure that this reward that may be regarded as highly meaningful for any musician as it tells about their strengths and weaknesses, potential, and ways of improvement encourage this wonderful person to keep working and give emotions to all of us as the love of the audience is the best reward. Thank you, a lot, for your attention, and now we are going to know the name of the best new artist of this year. And the winner is …

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