89 Homer Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Homer

  1. “A Visit from the Old Mistress” by Winslow Homer
    “A Visit from the Old Mistress” by Winslow Homer depicts a group of former slaves facing the woman who used to be their owner, and that way, the name of the painting speaks for itself.
  2. Five Priorities for Wisest Life: “The Odyssey” by Homer
    This paper discusses five priorities for living the wisest possible life according to character and moral examples derived from Homer’s “The Odyssey”.
  3. Homer Biography
    Homer is known to be the founder of the written poetry in the Western cultural history. His works are the first fixed examples of Greek poems that are currently available to the historians.
  4. The Warrior Culture in “The Iliad” by Homer
    The essay will concentrate on Paris as one of the major characters in The Illiad whose role was to portray the level in which the society valued the warrior culture.
  5. Ethical Dilemma in Homer’s “The Odyssey”
    Homer’s Odysseus faced such an ethical dilemma when he and his crew approached the area between Charybdis and Scylla as they were sailing.
  6. Father-Son Relationships in “The Odyssey” by Homer
    Being one of the most famous Ancient Greek plays, “Odyssey” has entered the realm of global culture, having left its mark on countless artworks and generations of readers.
  7. Homer’s Penelope in “The Odyssey”
    As “The Odyssey” story progresses, Penelope is seen to have a strength of her own that has nothing to do with the physical strength prized by the men of her world.
  8. Penelope and Weaving in Homer’s “The Odyssey”
    The status of women in ancient Greece was not the same kind of freedom women experience in today’s republics, despite the rumors of Athens’ greatness and equality.
  9. Achilles and Hector in The Iliad by Homer: Comparison
    Achilles and Hector are two heroic characters in Homer’s classic Iliad and both these fearless warriors display honour and virtue in their characters.
  10. Heroic Code in Homer’s Iliad
    Homer’s Iliad is somewhat unique among the ancient tales because of its tendency to include human features in its heroes.
  11. The Troy Film Inspired by Homer’s Iliad
    The Troy film is based on Homer’s Iliad work, though it does not completely represent the original work in Homer’s literature the plot and characters seem to be similar.
  12. Good Wife Penelope in Homer’s “The Odyssey”
    The extraordinary zest displayed by Penelope in protecting her husband’s kingdom becomes the highlight of the book and many more characters have been inspired by her character.
  13. Coelho’s Alchemist and Homer’s Odyssey: Theme Comparison
    The book alchemist has the story of a boy who had a dream of finding treasures which he finally found. The book of Odyssey Odysseus as a hero who had a long journey back to his land.
  14. Father-Son Relationships in Homer’s “The Odyssey”
    By focusing on the father-son relationship, Homer reveals what was important to the ancient Greeks and what should still be important to us today.
  15. Gods in Homer’s “Odyssey”
    Analyzing Homer’s works, an interesting concept can be examined through the role of gods in his Odyssey and Iliad.
  16. Odysseus and Athena Relationship in Homer’s The Odyssey
    Odyssey is one of the major poems written by Homer. It has been translated to a number of modern languages and originally it was expected to be sung, rather than read.
  17. Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey — Comparison & Critique
    The stories of both have been repeated countless times and used in cultural references and in making big budget movies which speaks of their pervasive affect.
  18. Ancient Literature. Decision Making in Iliad by Homer
    The whole epic in ‘Iliad’ comes because of the Paris declaring the wrong goddess to be the most beautiful, which became the root cause of the war between Greeks and Trojans.
  19. Homer’s “Iliad”, Its Effect and Relevance
    This paper analyzes Homer’s poem and its effect as an object of comparison to modern life and values, stating that despite the apparent difference some aspects did not change.
  20. Greek Concept of the “Therapon” in the “Iliad” by Homer
    The Greek concept of “Therapon”, as one of the central in the Ancient Greek culture, plays an important historical and cultural role in the “Iliad” by Homer.
  21. “Iliad” by Homer and “A Thousand and One Nights”: Comparison
    The paper compares “Iliad” by Homer and “A Thousand and One Nights” by their main characteristics: supernatural power, theme-dream, use of symbols, and settings.
  22. The Concept of “Therapon” in Homer’s “Iliad”
    Homer’s poem “Iliad” uses a concept of “therapon” which is not typical for any of other writers of those times and of modern times as well.
  23. Homer, His Works and Homeric Culture
    Homer is known as the most significant Greek and Roman writer. In the olden days, the Romans and the Greeks only believed they were educated if they could quote his poems.
  24. Love in “The Odyssey” by Homer, St. Augustine’s “Confessions”, and in Dante’s “Inferno”
    The work investigates the interpretation of love in such works as The Odyssey by Homer, St. Augustine’s Confessions, and Dante’s Inferno.
  25. Women in Homer’s World
    Though the Homer’s world is patriarchal, there are some outstanding women like Andromache, Helen and Briseis who play very vital roles in the play.
  26. “The Iliad” by Homer: Using of Suppliancy
    Most ancient Greek writers used suppliancy in poetry and short stories and this became a unique identification mark amongst writers from various regions of the world.
  27. Glory of War in the Homer’s “Iliad”
    Homer forces the characters to choose war as a way of bringing fame to them thus ensuring that their names run down to future generations.
  28. Homer’s Portrayal of the Gods in the Iliad
    The paper aims at analyzing Homer’s portrayal of gods, their relationship to mortals and fate, and essential points of depicting the gods in the way they appear in the story.
  29. Analysis of the “Odyssey” by Homer
    The “Odyssey’s” modernity is revealed in the overarching themes explored in the text, the use of symbols, the complex characters, and the poem’s representation of women.

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  1. Homer, Plato, and Dante: Historical View on Women’s History
  2. Homer’s ‘The Odyssey’ and Mythical Monsters
  3. Destiny, Fate, Free Will, and Free Choice in Homer’s Iliad
  4. Homer’s Comparison and Contrast of the Gods in Homer’s Epics With the God of the Hebrews
  5. Greek Rhetoric and Argument in Homer’s Iliad
  6. Conflict Within the Mythology of the Iliad by Homer
  7. Homer’s ‘The Iliad From Achilles’ Point of View: Justifying His Actions and Attitude
  8. Did Homer’s Troy Exist?
  9. Achilles: The Great Warrior in Homer’s Iliad
  10. The Life and Work of Homer
  11. Homer Suggests That the Women Odysseus Important Penelope
  12. History and the Epic Poems of Homer
  13. Homer and His Impact on the Greek Culture
  14. Greek Culture and ‘The Iliad’ by Homer
  15. Comparing the Deceitful Women of Homer’s Odyssey and the Bible
  16. Classical Cannibalism: Personified Vice in Homer and Dante
  17. Divine Power and ‘The Iliad’ by Homer
  18. Ancient Greece and Roles for Women as Portrayed by Homer
  19. Continental Drift and Homer
  20. The Fates and the Gods and Goddesses in Homer’s Iliad
  21. Homer and Greek Classics
  22. Godlike and Human Characteristics of Odysseus in Odyssey by Homer
  23. Homer’s Women: Empowerment From an Unlikely Feminist
  24. Homer Simpson and Contemporary American Values of Fatherhood
  25. The Greek and Hebrew of the Bible and Homer’s The Odyssey
  26. Fate, Divinity, and Free Will as the Three Dimensions in Homer’s The Iliad
  27. Homer’s ‘The Odyssey’ and Substance Abuse
  28. Homer’s ‘The Odyssey’ and Women
  29. Homer’s ‘The Iliad’ and Classifications of Women
  30. Mortal Versus Immortal Women in the Odyssey, a Poem by Homer

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  1. Goddesses Calypso and Circe in Homer’s ‘The Odyssey’
  2. Revenge, Justice, and Destiny – The Major Themes in Homer’s Iliad
  3. Minor Characters Which Shift the Plot of Odyssey by Homer
  4. Loyalty Conflicts Between Family and State in Homer’s Odyssey
  5. Homer and William Shakespeare’s Portrayal of Women
  6. Homer Biography and Bibliography
  7. Odysseus’ Relationships With Women in Homer’s The Odyssey
  8. Discuss Similarities and Differences Between Homer’s Iliad and the Movie Troy
  9. Character Foils for Odysseus by Homer
  10. Relationships Between the Gods and Mortals in Homer’s ‘Iliad’
  11. Homer His Life and His Works
  12. Gladiator Compared With ‘The Odyssey’ by Homer
  13. Destiny, Fate, and Free Will in Homer’s Odyssey – Test for Destiny
  14. Odyssey: Homer’s Epic Poem Is the World’s Most Influential Story
  15. Symbolism, Imagery, and Diction in Homer’s Odyssey
  16. Divine Providence and Destiny in Homer’s Iliad
  17. Diomedes, the True Hero of Homer’s Iliad
  18. Homer: Iliad, Odyssey, Greek History
  19. Similarities Between the Underworld of Homer‘s Odyssey
  20. Hospitality Gives Diligent Care to Visitors in The Odyssey by Homer
  21. Homer: The Most Famous Greek Poet
  22. Ancient Greek Civilization Aspects Glimpsed in The Odyssey by Homer
  23. Aristotle’s Views and Comment on the Epic of Homer
  24. Homer’s Iliad and Greek Art
  25. The Cunning and Deceitful Women of Homer’s Odyssey
  26. Parental Care For the Sons and Sisyphean Challenge in the Works of Homer
  27. Gilgamesh and Homer: Motif Sets, Distinctions, and Similarities
  28. Homer and the Influence of Material Excess in Alexander Pope’s “The Rape of the Lock” and “The Dunciad”
  29. Joseph From the Bible, and Homer From the Odyssey
  30. Homer and the Trojan War
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