Our purpose is the driving force behind the way ERM shows up for clients and society. “Shaping” means we are actively influencing, collaborating and co-creating; ‘a sustainable future” has been defined through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). And “with the world’s leading organizations” inspires collaboration with our clients and society’s most prominent changemakers alike in order to make a difference through our work.

In pursuit of our purpose, we draw on more than 50 years of environmental, health, safety, risk and social experience of partnering with our clients to define goals and translate them into action. Sustainability pioneers with a reputation for excellence since 1971, we continue to strive today to make a positive difference for our clients, for society, and for the planet.

We continue to innovate and invest to ensure we have up to date capabilities and the broadest set of skills to support our clients’ needs and deepen our impact at any level of their business. At the same time, ERM values remain constant – accountability, client focus, collaboration, empowerment, care for our people and transparency.

Our organizational structure is built around our Partnership model. Our Partners – trusted advisors to leading organizations across the globe – mobilize our team of experts across 40 countries in our continuous effort to remain the leader in sustainability consulting.