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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Iliad

  1. The Aeneid, the Iliad and the Odyssey Literature Comparison
    Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey show that humans’ actions can lead to their sufferings. The works of Homer and Virgil refer to death of warriors and innocent individuals.
  2. The Warrior Culture in “The Iliad” by Homer
    The essay will concentrate on Paris as one of the major characters in The Illiad whose role was to portray the level in which the society valued the warrior culture.
  3. The Image of Epic Heroes in Gilgamesh, the Iliad, and Beowulf
    Gilgamesh from the Epic of Gilgamesh, Achilles and Agamemnon from The Iliad, and Beowulf from the epic Beowulf may serve as the best examples of epic characters, which represent the image of a hero.
  4. The Judgment of Paris in The Iliad: Analysis
    Numerous references present the work's characteristics, making it a popular research subject in cultural studies to Greek legends.
  5. Achilles and Hector in The Iliad by Homer: Comparison
    Achilles and Hector are two heroic characters in Homer’s classic Iliad and both these fearless warriors display honour and virtue in their characters.
  6. Heroic Code in Homer’s Iliad
    Homer’s Iliad is somewhat unique among the ancient tales because of its tendency to include human features in its heroes.
  7. Job’s God from the Bible and Greek Gods from Iliad
    n the Bible’s story about Job, God’s intervention is limited to allowing Satan destroy Job’s family and possessions, as well as Job’s physical well-being, while the Greek’s Iliad has several interventions from the Gods.
  8. Comparing Achilles and Hector in the Iliad
    Achilles is ruled by his uncontrollable passions which can be seen in his headstrong ways. But, Hector is motivated by his duty consciousness and this proves him as a noble leader.
  9. Andromache in the Iliad: Character Analysis
    The truth, however, is that women’s roles differed from one culture to another and a blanket statement simply cannot be made.
  10. The Epic of Gilgamesh and the Iliad: Comparison
    The “Epic of Gilgamesh” touches upon people’s nature profoundly and still stays actual in the matters of the torture of loss and death for all human beings.
  11. Agamemnon in the Iliad: Character Analysis
    Pride, ego, high self-esteem are all harbingers of dissatisfaction and clashes. In the classic Iliad by Homer, Agamemnon is shown to be a person with high of all of these.
  12. The Iliad and The Odyssey – Homeric Epics Analysis
    The reason that The Odyssey had to be perceived after reading The Iliad is rather ponderous argument. The poems were titled by one and the same author.
  13. Supplication in the Iliad
    In the Iliad there are many scenes of supplication. Two of the most important scenes are the supplication of Chryses to Agamemnon and the supplication of Priam to Achiles.
  14. Ancient Literature. Decision Making in Iliad by Homer
    The whole epic in ‘Iliad’ comes because of the Paris declaring the wrong goddess to be the most beautiful, which became the root cause of the war between Greeks and Trojans.
  15. The Iliad’s Oral Tradition
    There are several suggestions that perhaps Homer’s The Iliad is the product of a much longer oral tradition that Homer wrote down and passed along as an artist.
  16. Phoenix’s Speech in Book 9th of the Iliad
    The long speech of the phoenix in the ninth book of the Iliad is an important section in the vital subject of the poem. It is an ethical statement, and a minimum share of critical scrutiny is given in its opening part.
  17. Homer’s “Iliad”, Its Effect and Relevance
    This paper analyzes Homer’s poem and its effect as an object of comparison to modern life and values, stating that despite the apparent difference some aspects did not change.
  18. Decision Making in The Iliad
    Decision-making in ‘The Iliad’ by Homer is given by primary gods, as the most powerful creatures who could form peoples’ lives and change their destinies according to their fads.
  19. Greek Concept of the “Therapon” in the “Iliad” by Homer
    The Greek concept of “Therapon”, as one of the central in the Ancient Greek culture, plays an important historical and cultural role in the “Iliad” by Homer.
  20. “Iliad” by Homer and “A Thousand and One Nights”: Comparison
    The paper compares “Iliad” by Homer and “A Thousand and One Nights” by their main characteristics: supernatural power, theme-dream, use of symbols, and settings.
  21. The Concept of “Therapon” in Homer’s “Iliad”
    Homer’s poem “Iliad” uses a concept of “therapon” which is not typical for any of other writers of those times and of modern times as well.
  22. “The Iliad” by Homer: Using of Suppliancy
    Most ancient Greek writers used suppliancy in poetry and short stories and this became a unique identification mark amongst writers from various regions of the world.
  23. Glory of War in the Homer’s “Iliad”
    Homer forces the characters to choose war as a way of bringing fame to them thus ensuring that their names run down to future generations.
  24. Homer’s Portrayal of the Gods in the Iliad
    The paper aims at analyzing Homer’s portrayal of gods, their relationship to mortals and fate, and essential points of depicting the gods in the way they appear in the story.

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  1. Achilles’ Hero Behavior Cycle in the Iliad
  2. The Trojan War Between the Greeks and the Trojans in Homer’s The Iliad
  3. The Iliad vs. Today’s Standards
  4. Iliad Key Plot Points
  5. Divine Power and ‘The Iliad’ by Homer
  6. The Civic Law and How It Developed Through Time in Iliad
  7. Ransom: Iliad and Achilles’ Actions
  8. Homer’s Iliad and Greek Art
  9. God and Godlike Humans in the Bible and Iliad
  10. The Iliad: The Definition of a Tragic Hero
  11. Iliad and the Materialistic Views on Life
  12. Free Pride and Hubris in the Iliad
  13. The Main Female Characters in the Iliad and Their Relationship With the Male Characters
  14. Bible God vs. Iliad Gods
  15. Diomedes, the True Hero of Homer’s Iliad
  16. Revenge, Justice, and Destiny – The Major Themes in Homer’s Iliad
  17. How Ethical Are the Gods in the Iliad?
  18. Greek Rhetoric and Argument in Homer’s Iliad
  19. Achilles’ Influence and Morality in the Iliad
  20. The Created and Existent Gods in Homer’s Iliad
  21. Comparison Between Homer’s Iliad and Wolfgang Petersen’s Troy
  22. Love Issues and Romances in the Homer’s Iliad
  23. The Iliad: Tragedy and Miracle of Life and Mankind
  24. The Interaction Between Fate and Choice in the Iliad
  25. Epic Heroism and Values of the Iliad
  26. Egypt’s Burial Rites and Homer’s ‘The Iliad’
  27. Historical and Biographical Criticism of the Iliad by Homer
  28. Speech Development and Characters of Andromache and Nestor in Homer’s ‘The Iliad’
  29. The Kings Requests and Obedience of the Iliad
  30. Aeneid and Iliad: How They Relate to the Modern World

💡 Simple Iliad Essay Ideas

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  1. The Rage and Love of Achilles in the Iliad, a Poem by Homer
  2. The Importance and Role of Respect for Authority in The Iliad by Homer
  3. Which Warrior Best Encompasses the Idea of Kleos in the Iliad
  4. Oedipus Rex, the Iliad and the Odyssey and How These Works Relate to Gender
  5. The Competition for Power and Ultimate Victory Throughout the Iliad
  6. The Relationship Between the Gods and Mortals as Portrayed in the Iliad
  7. The Relationship Between Men and Women in Homers the Iliad
  8. Achilles: The Tragic Hero of the Iliad
  9. The Tragic Heroes and the Effect on Humankind in Homer’s The Iliad
  10. The Understanding and Concern of the Character of Telemonian Aias in Homer’s Iliad
  11. The Role and Influence of the Gods on the Conflict in the Iliad by Homer
  12. Achilles and Greek Heroism in Homer’s Iliad
  13. Conflict Within the Mythology of the Iliad by Homer
  14. The Conflict Between Hector and Achilles in the Iliad
  15. The Iliad: The Glory of War vs. Family Life
  16. Violence, Power, and Goals in the Hebrew Bible and the Iliad
  17. Critical Thinking About Fate and Free Will in Homers’ Iliad
  18. Sacred Rituality and Especially Hiketeia in the Iliad
  19. Ring Composition for Nestor’s Speech in Book XI of the Iliad
  20. The Battle Between Egoism and Altruism in the Iliad
  21. Male Issues and the Character of a Mediocre Man in the Iliad
  22. Humankind, Life, and Tragedy in ‘The Iliad’ by Homer
  23. Heroism Inthe Iliad: Achilles vs. Hector
  24. Literature and the Epic Nature of the Iliad by Homer and Gilgamesh
  25. The Trojan War Myth: Fact and Fiction of Homer’s The Iliad
  26. Trojan War, Homer and the Other Historical Embracements of the Iliad
  27. Imagery and Epic Simile in ‘The Iliad’ by Homer
  28. The Role and Importance of Achilles in the Iliad
  29. Homer’s ‘The Iliad’ and Classifications of Women
  30. Reasons Why the Iliad by Homer Is a Morality Play
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