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Leadership Changes and Their Consequences

Steven Jobs

Tim Cook

One of the most striking leadership changes was the replacement of Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple by Tim Cook in 2011. After Jobs’ death, Apple was in crisis, and its stock was rapidly losing value. Cook was able to remedy the situation by maintaining a culture of innovation, changing the direction of product design, and developing a branch of portable electronic devices. Areas that were not considered promising under Steve Jobs (Apple Watch, AirPods, HomePod) received a carte blanche for development under the new CEO. In ten years, Tim Cook led Apple to triple its stock price and make it the most valuable firm in the world.

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Steve Ballmer

Satya Nadella

A change in Microsoft’s general management took place in 2014, and over the past seven years, the company has changed not only in terms of its financial reputation but also in terms of its strategic development. Nadella’s priority was to create a favorable corporate culture, realized through a complete reorganization of operational processes. Thousands of ineffective employees were laid off, and key engineers left, but the result was a high recognition of Microsoft in today’s market. The renewed corporate culture focuses on experimentation and attempt, encouraging employees to do their best to develop even if the result proves to be little success. In addition, Nadella has changed the perception of the company’s products in consumers’ eyes: from a conservative universal to a cross-platform approach of using.

Martin Eberhard

Elon Musk

Finally, one of the most recognizable geniuses of our time is Elon Musk, who became CEO of Tesla in 2008, replacing Martin Eberhard. First of all, the new CEO changed the orientation model from niche to broad, making electric cars available to the middle class. This required a change in operational processes, as the current capacity was insufficient to strengthen production. In addition, Musk aimed to change the company’s corporate culture, as more staff, expansion into markets in other countries, and the promotion of diversity could not help but become new priorities.

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