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  1. Socrates and His Philosophy
    Socrates was a philosopher from Athens. His moral and intellectual integrity is reflected in all aspects of his life.
  2. Socrates and Krishna Teachings
    One of the grounds of the comparison between Krishna and Socrates concerns the value of life as depicted in Socrates’ famous quote the unexamined life is not worth living.
  3. Socrates: Social and Moral Censor of Philosopher
    Socrates played a key role in promoting justice and fairness, he was found guilty of debasing the minds of the young Athenians and rejecting the gods.
  4. Socrates in Plato’s Works: Apology and Crito
    This paper portrays a critical appraisal of Plato’s confession by concentrating on the ethical limits of legal requirements that depict Socrates’ opposition to national unfairness.
  5. Civil Disobedience: Socrates vs. Martin Luther King
    The idea of civil disobedience and its credibility has been considered by philosophers, politicians, and activists since the formation of governmental systems.
  6. Civil Disobedience in Socrates’ and King’s Opinion
    The moral arguments for and against civil disobedience are illustrated by two important political and philosophical figures in human history – Socrates and Martin Luther King Jr.
  7. Socrates’ Decision to Stay in Prison
    Socrates was imprisoned for corrupting the youth’s minds in Athens as well as defying the gods that the state recognized.
  8. The Escape of Socrates in Plato’s “Crito”
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the strength of claims by Socrates, Crito, and Aquinas and examine whether Socrates should have disobeyed the terms of his conviction and escaped prison.
  9. Socrates’ Metaphors as an Inspiration
    Socrates’ dialogue with Glaucon about the darkness of the cave and puppet-like nature of the world was the primary inspiration to continue developing the ideas in this sphere.
  10. Socrates’ Innocence and Defense
    This paper presents a defense of Socrates by taking a position as a part of a jury in an Athenian court where Socrates stands accused of corrupting young minds.
  11. Socrates and Augustine on Choice and Virtue
    Philosophers’ views on such topics as virtue and choice are usually based on their overall attitudes towards ethics and sources of their beliefs: either religious or non-religious.
  12. Socrates’ Political Morality and Philosophy
    Socrates is the person to whom many people listen, and it is one of the main arguments against him is the encroachment on political morality.
  13. Socrates’ Apology Analysis: Historical Details
    Apology of Socrates is a work of Plato that contains a version of Socrates’ speech delivered by him in 399 BC in his defense.
  14. Antigone & Socrates’ Philosophy: Critical Analysis Essay
    Socrates believed that the most important pursuit in life was a search for the truth while Antigone felt that it was adherence to the moralities passed down to people by the gods.
  15. Socrates and His View on Happiness
    Philosophers and thinkers are always the rebels of their contemporary society. The foundations of their philosophy are laid on the basis of human welfare.
  16. The Factual Character of Socrates & the Fictional Character of Antigone: Comparison
    A great deal of what we know about Socrates the man, in fact, all of what we know of him, is what is written about him by others who may or may not have heard him speak.

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  1. “The Apology of Socrates” by Plato
    In Apology, Socrates reveals his own foreknowledge that he was acting in a way that contradicted the important values of his culture.
  2. Socrates in Phaedo: Equality and Justice
    One of the major questions of philosophy has always been the nature of the soul, what it is, where it resides, where it comes from, how it is developed, and for what purpose.
  3. Socrates and Plato: Ideas of the Great Philosophers
    The ideas of the ancient philosophers such as Socrates and Plato are often looked to for wisdom and an idea of the ‘right’ path one should take.
  4. Socrates’ Method and Philosophical Ideas
    The originality of Socrates’ method was that he never imposed his own opinion on the audience directly, but questioned and refuted the ideas of others, showing his own viewpoint.
  5. Socrates and Antigone: Philosophical Comparison
    Socrates and Antigone were tried and condemned according to the laws and rules of the society and the epoch they lived in.
  6. Socrates’ Belief About the Pursuit of Truths
    From Plato’s dialogues, we have known Socrates to be a person who contributed greatly to the field of ethics and the Socratic critical method of inquiry for seeking the truth.
  7. Socrates in Aristotle’s and Plato’s Works
    This paper discusses the depiction of Socrates in Aristophanes Clouds, Plato’s dialogues, and how Aristophanes Cloud’s depiction differs from Plato’s dialogues.
  8. Inconsistency of Socrates’ Arguments in Crito and Apology
    Socrates remains true to his principles wishing to stay a member of his society and obeying to its laws no matter how unjust they may seem.
  9. Inconsistency of Socrates’ Arguments
    It is often the case that philosophical judgments are self-contradictory. This can especially be seen from the arguments that Socrates makes in Crito and Apology.
  10. Self-knowledge in Oedipus, Socrates, and Achilles
    The characters of Oedipus, Socrates, and Achilles can all be examined from the point of view of the extent to which knowing or not knowing themselves led them to their troubles.
  11. Meno 88-c Socrates Summary & Analysis
    In Meno 88-c Socrates claims “all that the soul undertakes and endures, if directed by wisdom, ends in happiness, but if directed by ignorance, it ends in the opposite”.
  12. The Justice for Socrates: The Influence on the Development of the Philosophy
    The influence of Socrates on the development of philosophy could hardly be underestimated since his views provided a foundation for many philosophers to dwell upon.
  13. Whether Socrates Should Have Disobeyed the Terms of His Conviction and Escaped Prison?
    Socrates wanted to change manners and customs, he denounced the evil, deception, undeserved privileges, and thereby he aroused hatred among contemporaries and must pay for it.
  14. Comparison of Socrates’s, Epicurus’s, and Michel de Montaigne’s Views on Happiness
    At first sight, the philosophical views of Socrates, Epicurus, and de Montaigne are rather different. But they also proclaimed two similar ideas.
  15. Civil Disobedience: Socrates and Thoreau
    The civil disobedience movement was widely supported by philosophers of ancient times as well as modern thinkers. However, their views on the matter significantly differed.
  16. Ethical Relativism: Socrates and Appiah’s Theories
    The paper aims to dedicate the negative wisdom of Socratic metaphysics and reason, the relationship between racism and sardonic sense under the influence of Appiah’s cosmopolitanism.

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  1. The Life and Achievements of Greek Philosopher Socrates
  2. Ethics and Moral Reasoning: Socrates
  3. The Apology: The Accusations Against Socrates Leading to His Death
  4. Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle as Members of a Single Philosophical Movement
  5. The Charges the Men of Athens Have Formed Against Socrates
  6. Socrates and Confucius’ Classical Traditions of Education
  7. The Life and Work of Socrates, an Ancient Greek Philosopher
  8. Socrates Believed That Right Insight Leads to Right Action
  9. The Difference Between the Philosophies of Plato and Socrates
  10. Socrates Arguments Regarding Moral Conventionalism
  11. The Trial and Death of Socrates: Linking the Symposium and the Apology
  12. Sophocles, Aristotle, and Socrates on Political Man and Sense of Duty
  13. Philosophical Discussion Regarding Socrates’ Theory of Recollection
  14. The Life, Trial, and Influence of Socrates on the Athenian Youth
  15. Socrates and Civil Obedience or Disobedience
  16. The Argument Between Thrasymachus and Socrates on Justice
  17. Soul, Piety, Virtue, and Socrates’ Philosophy
  18. The Negative Effects Caused by the Death of Socrates in Athens
  19. Ancient Greece and Important Contribution Socrates
  20. Socrates: “The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living”
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